Our Pastoral Council


The Parish Council shall be concerned in all matters of the Parish

including, but not limited to spiritual, financial and educational

matters, except where specifically limited by Church Law. The

decision of the Council shall be made by consensus.

Ideally, the Pastor and Council members will work together

in harmony, however, the Pastor shall have veto power over

all decisions of the Council.


The Council will support the day-to-day administrative 

decisions made by the Pastor or the Parish staff, and will

strive to be of assistance to the Pastor whenever possible.

We share in the mission of Jesus Christ to build the Kingdom

of God by being faithful stewards and proclaiming the Gospel.

Parish Council Members:

Pastor - Msgr. Jim King

Joe Roscoe - President

Cathy Dehn - Vice President

Donna Stephens - Secretary

Richard Lucero

Theresa Zanotelli

John Komaroski

Kathy Bell 

Ray Aguilera

Janae Passalaqua


A Message from Parish Pastoral Council

We are blessed to have a beautiful worship space at Our

Lady of the Meadows. Please be mindful of the area around

you - hold the kneelers as you raise and lower them, gently

place the Gather books in the wooden holders, and

pick up used kleenex, spilled Cheerios, etc., before you

leave. These small acts of respect ensure that our sacred

space remains a clean and well maintained liturgical environment

of which we can all be proud.