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JULY 1999 TO JULY 2000


8-24-99                    Stewardship Committee: Jim Wilson -

                                                15 on the committee but only 8 active

                                                Jim and Phyllis Wilson and Gay Myscofski to attend the National Stewardship Conference in Minneapolis

                                Worship Committee: Diane Eickelman: Had two training sessions

                                Capital Campaign: John Carleo - moving focus, home visits going relatively successful, door-to-door not going well. To restructure and try a one Sunday blitz on non-responders

                                                Have $527,000 so far - letters sent to 42 volunteers asking each to get three recruits for Blitz Sunday

                                Schmitt Park: Condemned equipment removed, to notify neighbors for plans; suggest split water meter from the Rectory, Duff to present to Finance Committee.

                                Sunday Mass Schedule: Voted to change Mass schedule to 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. starting Oct. 3

                                Council Retreat: At home of John and Debbie Carleo

                                Church Dedication: to be Nov. 5th at 6 p.m. with Vesper Services

                                                Bishop Tafoya to come

                                                For the weekend suggest a Mariachi Mass, a Polka Mass and a Church Choir Mass

                                Fellowship Volunteers based on participation on committee

                                Sr. Jeanne has special interest in health and fitness - to start a wellness group

                                Tim Lenzmeier - Ministry Fair needs same support as last year

                                                Need Stewardship blurbs reinstated in prayers of the Faithful at Mass

                                Council vacancies need to be addressed. Has Dr. Driscoll’s term expired?


9-28-99                    Capital Campaign: John Carleo -

                                                Brochure/gift giving guide redone

                                                Now have 1,083 families- 310 pledges- only 25 volunteers signed up for Blitz Sunday

                                Schmitt Park: Tim Vinci - 12 families met, seem willing to work with the parish, maybe form a Neighborhood Association to maintain it

                                                Three options - sell the lot, develop it, maintain as a park

                                Dedication of Gathering Place: Sr; Scott Uhernik   and Diane Eickelman involved in the planning- have a pick-up supper following the service

                                Retreat: Revisit goals

                                                New Committees to be considered

                                                Evaluate goals, themes and mission

                                                Dick Sellers suggested a survey to get parishioners input

                                Church on the Move: Sr. Jeanne - discussed Diocesan Pastoral Plan

                                                Council into small groups to discuss ministry, worship and spiritual life, social justice, catechesis and stewardship. Asked for feedback to be forwarded to Deanery Meeting at OLM

                                Fr. : Distributed article in America entitled ‘Good Enough’ which speaks of establishing a reasonable workload for the Pastor

                                Council: has 3 vacant seats -Lee Sellers agreed to serve

                                                All seats should be three years

                                                Schedule should be developed for committee report rotation

                                                                Those completed - Worship - May

                                                                                                        Finance - January and May

                                                                                                        Stewardship- June

                                                                                                        Formation - April

                                Logistics for coffee/donuts need to be worked out


10-26-99                 Stewardship Committee: Jim Wilson - reported on the National Stewardship Conference

                                                Accountability very important, publish the financial report before the annual drive

                                                30 professional fund raisers at the Conference

                                                To invite Nilon Elliott of Resources Services to address the Council

                                Faith Formation: Sr. Jeanne -needs clerical and program help - 10 hrs/wk already budgeted - start interviews

                                Pastoral Council Retreat: John Lenhart - cancelled the retreat - need workshops before the retreat

                                Council New Members:

                                                Lee Sellers

                                                Names submitted:                 Judy Chandler

                                                                                                Becky Poutaski

                                                                                                Blase Giltner

                                                                                                Patti Benfatti

                                                                                                Tom Gribben

                                                                                                Bob Labenberg

                                                To draw out of hat Nov. 14 at work session

                                                Dick Sellers Vice-President

                                New Year’s Eve Party; John Carleo - Chair Paul Depatie, John Lenhart food

                                                Rick Oresky to help with security

                                                D.J. Rip Avina under contract

                                Finance Committee: Jim Duff - some investments liquidated to pay for building - otherwise O.K.

                                Disciples in Mission: Sr. Jeanne - spoke on Disciples in Mission, focus of evangelization; develop small neighborhood groups

                                Fr.: - leadership and ownership go hand in hand

                                                Council needs shared vision to achieve success

                                Diane Eickelman:- Daughters of the King and the Altar Society do not belong under the Worship Committee

                                                Doing O.K. on own and report to staff person


11-14-99 Work Session:

                                Council Members:

                                                  One member at-large - draw name Nov 23

                                                Only the office of president may be taken out of sequence

                                                Notice (first Sunday of Lent) soliciting people interested in serving on the Council should include the requirements:

                                                                Registered in the Parish at least two years

                                                                18 years old or older

                                                                Fully initiated (Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation)

                                                                Submit letter to Council Vice-President via parish office

                                                Nominations close last Sunday in April

                                                Names drawn first weekend of May by a member of the Council, the Pastor and a member of the assembly. Number of names drawn will equal the number of vacancies

                                                Term of office effective Jul 1 for three years

                                                If elected President the term maybe extended for two years to fulfill the office of president and past president

                                                Names drawn in May are asked to attend the May and June Meetings

                                                New members receive a handbook

                                                Vice-President voted by members in April meeting and has the right of succession of President and Past-President

                                Composition of the Council:


                                                Pastoral Associate

                                                Other staff

                                                5 at-large members

                                                Chair of each recognized/designated committee- term of chair determined by each committee

                                Visibility of Council:

                                                Names of Pastoral Council including office or committee representative to appear on the front of the Parish Bulletin

                                                Name tags to be worn at weekend liturgies

                                                Announcement in Bulletin of Council meetings and that they are open

                                                Have brief resume of the main issues published in the Bulletin

                                Discussed the appropriateness of Altar Society and Daughters of the King being under the Worship Committee. Suggest a new committee of Parish Organizations to include the two above, the Knights of Columbus, Boy Scouts etc and report to Business Manager


11-28-99 Missing


12-5-99                    Council: John Lenhart -   one at-large position open - Tom Gribbens name drawn

                                                Sr. Jeanne/John Lenhart -discussed qualifications for at-large member

                                                Increase visibility of members with group picture plus on web page

                                                Invite Lousie Driscoll, chair Altar Society, to speak to Council

                                                May need an attendance requirement

                                                Selling of items - parishioners bombarded by sales at the end   of Mass limit to parish groups/functions

                                Location of Hospitality: Hold in Parish Hall and not in the Commons

                                Unlocking church during the day: Have open during the day when security system in place, cameras in place by Lent 2000

                                Future Meetings:
                                                Holiday Party to be hosted by Tim and Mae Vinci

                                                Work session

                                                Regular meeting

                                                Retreat at John and Debbie Carleo’s

                                Review Pastoral   Council Guidelines - no Bylaws exist.

                                Recording Secretary - Sr. Jeanne Wiest, O.P.


1-25-2000                 Stewardship Committee: Tim Lenzmeier - Mary Jo Pocius consented co-chair   committee until new leadership is established

                                Strategic Planning Committee: Chair currently vacant

                                Altar Society: Louise Drsicoll -   provided Council with report, mission and function of Society.

                                Goal is to build community and foster goodwill. Society has served as hostess for receptions for new members, Father’s Day Luncheon, a fashion show, card party, Bishop Buswell’s reception, Father’s anniversary reception etc.

                                Work Session Report: Sr. Jeanne -Discussed Council election process; those interested in serving are to submit a letter of interest then person is chosen by lot from the letters submitted. All new members to receive a handbook

                                                Fr. spoke on the Council in general - believes it has become too large - should not be a management team, seems to have lost its sense of wholeness, too many parts, too splintered; to change agenda for upcoming retreat and have a facilitator to look at the situation of the Council

                                                John Lenhart reported that name tags have been made

                                Construction/Finance Report: John Carleo -

                                                Total construction of new building $813,000

                                                Loan $324,000 secured

                                                An extra principle of $50,000 being made

                                                Direction from Council needed regarding Capital Construction

                                                Campaign at standstill at about $600,000

                                Budget: Jim Duff - budget close

                                                BDF for 2000   $102,000 vs $86,000 in 1999   Income $13,000 short

                                Appreciation Dinner cancelled - not enough room.   Instead have an open house to honor the volunteers, do raffle drawing and culminate with a May crowning

                                New Year’s Eve Party: John Lenhart - 41 tickets sold    profit $69

                                Recording Secretary: Patty DeGrasse


2-22-2000                 Pastor’s Report:

                                                190 BDF pledges in - average $200 for total about $38,000

                                                Concerned about:


                                                                Young people of the Parish

                                                                Goals of the Council

                                                                Education of parishioners

                                                                Council needs to take the lead but need a plan

                                                Council discussed focused on :

                                                                Adult catechesis

                                                                Children’s program

                                                                Health and wellness

                                                                Parish commitment - team approach may be the answer

                                                                Education of the people of prime concern of all

                                Data Collection: John Lenhart - information sheet from Council collated for the facilitator

                                Agenda for Retreat:

                                                In Parish Center

                                                Rev. Wm. J. Jarema, Facilitator

                                                To get permission to tape

                                John Carleo : Check on digital cameras

                                Insulation for Parish Center for sound proofing

                                Building Fund pledges still coming in

                                Paid one $50,000 principle payment, hope for another

                                Sr. Jeanne and Rick Oresky checking safety aspects of closing church building at night, writing guidelines for safe use.


3-27-2000                 Ginger Lenzmeier resigned from Family Faith Formation

                                Work Session Review: John Lenhart -

                                                Agree a plan is needed - positive, pro-active, futuristic

                                                                Start by knowing each other - create family environment

                                                                Someone at ambo and introduce self and family - then parishioners to those around them

                                                                To do April 1 5 p.m. Mass Kathleen Croshal

                                                                                       2 8:30 a.m. Mass John Lenhart

                                                                                                10:30 a.m. Mass Dick Sellers

                                                                                       8    5 p.m. Mass   Tim Vinci

                                                                                         9    8:30 a.m. Mass   Mary Jo Pocius

                                                                                                  10:30 a.m. Mass Debbie Carleo

                                                                Fr.   Possibly eliminate processing into Mass- check in fall

                                                                Decided to purchase “fish” video   for $600

                                                                Fr. liked Fr. Jarema’s model for a service Council

                                                                                Model called for evangelization of people - so not left out; take parts of the model that suits us

                                                                Mary Jo Pocius thought Council should be involved in Stewardship; Sr. Jeanne thought all committees should be involved

                                Budget: John Carleo - presented budget

                                                Dick Sellers thought administrative costs too far out of line, various ministries not truly reflected

                                                                Reallocate salaries for more accurate picture

                                Wellness Committee: Sr. Jeanne - only three came

                                Sr. Jeanne and John Lenhart to organize raffle drawing

                                Pancake Dinner - get people to come to The Stations and proceeds for Building Fund

                                Knights of Columbus: Spaghetti dinner profit $2500 - served 450 plates

                                Music: Scott Uhernik - received donation of choir robes from   High School

                                Paid $100,000 toward principle on loan at Minnequa Bank through February and plan to pay   $25,000 at end of March

                                Child Care: Sr. Jeanne - discontinue as only 0-3 children per Sunday

                                Music: Scott Uhernik - requested approval for “The Celebrants” group last of June; cost to book group is $200 plus housing and hot meals. Group of 25 at 5 p.m.   Mass then perform concert;   Then at 8:30 and 10:30 Masses

                                Recording Secretary Eva R. Knittel in absence of Patty Degrasse


4-25-2000                 Pastoral Plan: Number for a quorum? Where do we start? Who organize the Think Tank? Agree to begin at Council level; Council offers measure of wisdom and experience; need time line

                                                Dick Sellers: First step is a survey of the Parishioners

                                                                Chair the Think Tank

                                                                Planning for the next 4 months

                                                                Purpose is to motivate the Parish- what are wishes and concerns, keep people informed

                                                                Review of ten steps involved:

                                                                                Assess primary needs

                                                                                Assemble steering committee (5-7 people)

                                                                                Develop theme

                                                                                Identify resources

                                                                                Consult with other committees

                                                                                Set up timeline

                                                                                Create questionnaire

                                                                                Promote process - communication

                                                                                Prayer Committee

                                                                                Actual event

                                                                Follow -up   assessment and report to the Parish

                                Suspension of Council: Discussed whether to keep intact, temporarily suspend ? Contact all Council members

                                Further brief discussion included Tri-Parish Youth Ministry, Socialization, Introduction at Mass, Appreciation Day, Parish Picnic, Fellowship, Parish History, Parish Directory


5-23-2000                 Notebooks “Creating a Parish Think Tank!” handed out

                                Discussed “Think Tank” and dissolution of the Council in the present format

                                Dick Sellers handed out page of notes on the “Think Tank” which he agreed to facilitate or be a resource person for

                                                Groups/Committees to have contact person on executive staff; each committee to follow own guidelines

                                                Voted to suspend the Bylaws and develop a pastoral model and can reinstate Bylaws by a majority vote of quorum of steering committee, thus from the Council format to steering Committee format; All agreed except Jim Duff

                                Financial Report: Jim Duff - Budget doing O.K.

                                Utilities may be 25% more next year and insurance could be up 40%

                                Members to read first two sections of notebook on “Think Tank” for next meeting


6-30-2000                 Total Revenue: $558,649    Tithing- $459,677

                                Expenses:   Salaries and Benefits- $196,218; Utilities - $21,000; Building and Grounds Maintenance - $9160; BDF - $97,709; Worship $22,570; Family Formation - $9950; Tri-Parish Ministry - $27,500; Parish Life Activities - $14,050; Social Concerns - $6250; Stewardship - $10,000; Lay Education   $3000; Capital Projects - $10,000; Other Diocesan Assessments - $26, 150

                                Total Expenses: $558,649

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