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JULY 1998 TO JULY 1999


8-18-98    Council Elections: John Lenhart voted Vice-president

                                Finance Committee : Jim Duff - ended the year with excess of $56,000

                                Council Retreat: Jim Duff to lead the Friday discussion on role of the Council and responsibilities

                                                Dick Sellers/ Kathleen Croshal Saturday discussion   on long/short term goals

                                                John   Lenhart/ Kathleen Croshal on Saturday discuss Social and Team Building

                                                Diane Eickelman discuss Committee Council cooperation

                                                Fr./ Scott Uhernik discuss prayer

                                                Debbie Carleo, Ruth Brandt and Carol Albo in charge of food

                                                Sr. Jan would like to see each committee submit long/short term goals for discussion at the retreat

                                                Everyone provided a time line

                                                Members volunteered to bring goodies for breaks

                                Committee Reports:

                                                Formation Committee- Ginger Lenzmeier

                                                Stewardship: Tim Lenzmeier - planning a supplemental time and talent

                                                Debbie Carleo: School supplies program in full swing and Social Justice and Worship   part has been set

                                                Strategic Planning Committee: Paul Depatie- architect a bit behind with drawings for expansion

                                                Finance Committee: Jim Duff - would like to expand its membership to 7 plus Fr.

                                                Diane Eickelman provided the July minutes for Worship Committee

                                New Ministries: Jim Duff -Daughters of the King call the new ministry to the sick ‘Ministry of Bethany’

                                                Four new groups being formed:

                                                                Altar Society

                                                                Building Maintenance Committee

                                                                Parish Newsletter group

                                                                Sacristan Ministry

                                                Rick Oresky to conduct in-service for Sacristan group

                                Moved to change Council monthly meetings from 3rd Tuesday to 4th Tuesday so Finance Committee can present timely reports

                                Parish Park: Fr.

                                                Park gathering place for gangs, maintenance costs high, equipment unsafe. Jim Duff asked neighborhood parishioners to form a committee to evaluate park and report

                                Kathleen Croshal recommended Council members read information on Pastoral Councils


9-15-98   Retreat September 19 to replace regular Council Meeting

                                Strategic Planning Committee: Paul Depatie- Fr., Barbara Duff and Depatie met with the architect; discussion included handicap ramps, entry to bride’s room, memorial wall, west courtyard, site development, cabinets, material for flooring/walls and doors, switching rest rooms and sacristy, natural gas fireplace, and lighting

                                No date for groundbreaking

                                Family Formation Committee: Ginger Lenzmeier -   Asked for clarification of terms of members - at discretion of committee

                                                Jim Duff asked if have guidelines

                                Mary Jane Mauro resigning from Youth Committee

                                Jim Duff- Council has room for expansion- suggested at-large position be filled by drawing similar to drawing of Sellers

                                Voted for those persons not selected in previous drawings be contacted for continued interest and for at-large vacancies filled by lot

                                Personnel Committee:

                                                Be strictly ad hoc, convene as needed; consensus not needed for actual Council position

                                Finance Committee: Jim Duff - 25% of year gone and budget on target

                                                Two years ago drafted an investment policy- need to revisit policy to see if Parishioners concur

                                Worship Committee: Barbara Duff - consider computer for Scott Uhernik

                                Park Update: Barbara Duff -spoke with Philene Alfonso who contacted neighbors of the park, Fr. and Barbara to meet with the neighbors

                                Stewardship Committee: Tim Lenzmeier - commended Jim Duff and Carol Albo on presentations; Pavlik’s and Myscofski’s to do yet

                                                Barbara Duff designed new Parish logo; old stationary to be used first

                                Faith Formation Committee: Sr. Jan -

                                                Questions whether Tri-Parish the best process; what faith experiences are we giving our youth?

                                                Fr. suggest we develop our own program

                                                                Now there is no accountability and too many inconsistencies in the program

                                Upcoming Events:

                                                Halloween Party cancelled

                                                Thanksgiving Dinner date set

                                                Christmas - Pageant is in progress

                                                Council Christmas Party - date changed

                                                New Year’s Eve Dinner/Dance - Paul Depatie working on

                                Retreat: Kathleen Croshal suggested another work session to   finish tasks from the retreat

                                                Tasks include: identifying areas where committees might be needed and Council seats that might need to be added

                                Tim Vinci objected to only one side of Amendment 17 being included in Bulletin, to address opposite viewpoint in next Bulletin


11-24-98                 Stewardship Committee: Tim Lenzmeier - check on alternate location to hold Appreciation Dinner due to construction on basement

                                                Fr. - ramps to be completed by then

                                                Asking second reader to carry out offertory basket

                                Strategic Planning: Paul Depatie -   Remodel plans received

                                                Next need to obtain permits, estimates, bids

                                                Fr. suggested symbolism of holding groundbreaking either New Year’s Eve or day which could be significant that the coming year is the last year of the old millennium

                                Worship Committee: Diane Eickelman - Southwest Liturgical Conference will be in Texas- theme is ‘Liturgy in Small Communities’

                                                Problem with people not showing up for ministries - why?

                                                Fr. One theory is too many Masses

                                                                  This Sunday a new communion station to be added

                                                Discussed adult acolytes - job to coordinate all ministries and see that everything is done

                                                Worship Committee call all those who signed up for ministries and list in the Bulletin

                                Personnel Committee: Jim Duff - Wilma Carsella no longer to attend Council meetings - voted to remove seat on Council and made Committee ad hoc

                                Family Formation Committee: Ginger Lenzmeier -   Presented a list of questions for discussion on Tri-Parish Youth Ministry process and participation

                                                                Want answers to:

                                                                                Satisfaction level

                                                                                What kids think/feel?

                                                                                What parents feel and have concerns on?

                                                                                Is Director willing to stay another year?

                                                                                What are priorities of the Parish?

                                                                                What models for instruction should be considered?

                                Finance Committee: Jim Duff - a little behind, expenditures on track at 31%

                                                BDF share next year up to about $90,000

                                Raffle: Barbara Duff- sold $11,677 in tickets, expenses $3049   Profit $8628

                                                $400 off of last year

                                                Split between scholarship and capital improvements

                                Council Christmas Party : Tim Vinci offered home for the party

                                New Year’s Eve Dinner/Dance: Paul Depatie -   John Lenhart volunteered to cook

                                                Fr. suggested plan with all parishes in the city and OLM coordinate it

                                                                Congratulated Tim Lenzmeier and Stewardship committee-

                                                                OLM experienced the greatest growth in Stewardship in the Diocese; need continuous commitment to Stewardship

                                                Kids to be one of the top priorities as they are the future of the parish

                                Diane Eickleman: will new Altar Society be separate or under a current committee? Both Altar Society and Knights of Columbus have large memberships, should there be liaison with Council?

                                                Consensus - there must be communication between the groups and the Council


12-98                        Missing


1-26-99                    Worship Committee: Diane Eickleman -   tabled having second reader carry out offertory basket until construction done. Won’t call the volunteers but put all names in Bulletin

                                Web Page:   Guest Jerry Carleo   said Parish is online. He created the web page OLM@olm-parish.com. He is tracking new construction through photos each day

                                Strategic Planning Committee: Paul Depatie- Construction has begun - working with pricing aspects of the job with subcontractors

                                                Fr. thinks some additional graphics to show parishioners

                                Worship Committee: Diane Eickelman - met with architect and helped select wall paper, carpet, color of slate

                                                Seeking new coordinator for servers

                                                5th communion station working - should be used consistently

                                Social Concerns Committee: Debbie Carleo -

                                                64 baskets distributed for Thanksgiving

                                                200 gifts distributed at Christmas and extra gifts to nursing home

                                                Adopted University Park Care Center for this year

                                                November received anonymous gift of $2000 for 5 $1000 scholarships

                                                Boulse’s give $1000 scholarship each year

                                Finance Committee: Jim Duff - 1/2 way through year with $33,600 surplus

                                                Revenues   at 51%, expenditures at 45%        

                                                BDF assessment $86,911, last year $77,276

                                                Hope to collapse BDF into annual Stewardship Drive in next two years

                                Tri-Parish Youth Ministry: Sr. Jan - Other parishes are committed for another year; OLM needs more information before committing

                                                OLM has the largest number of children, mentors and team leaders

                                                                Is the process a good idea?

                                                                Is a fourth parish being created?

                                                                Is parish inviting the youth to become involved in Parish Life?

                                                Council wants youth to identify with own parish

                                                Tri-Parish has done its job, Parish to keep the youth involved at the parish level

                                Council Work Sessions: Sessions set

                                Fr.: The push for the millennium is evangelization, stressing confirmation for adult community. Only 50% of active adults have been confirmed.


2-23-99    OLM Capital Campaign:   Construction underway on new entrance

                                                1st phase to be done by June

                                                Draw plans for the next phase

                                                Barbara Duff: - 1025 active families now - planning a goal sheet delineating 40-40-20 rule to achieve $1.5 million plus capital gift profile

                                                Dr. Dennis Drsicoll and John Carleo chair the Capital Campaign 3 year project

                                Finance Committee: Jim Duff - 55% of BDF pledged

                                Tri-Parish Youth Ministry: Sr. Jan -

                                                Trenna Brody not renewing contract for next year

                                                Sr. Jan volunteered to take over Tri-Parish so need to replace Sr. as head of Family Formation

                                                Sr. Jeanne Wiest, O.P. interested and to be interviewed, her background is biophysical medicine and she wants to Pastoral Ministry

                                Worship Committee: Diane Eickelman - who is responsible for the 5th communion station for Eucharistic Minister

                                                Need clarification on new organizational structure - Altar Society, Knights of Columbus, Daughters of the King -- until assigned a ‘home’ to report to administration

                                Strategic Planning Committee: Paul Depatie - 2/3 foundation poured, structure to be started, fire sprinkler system has begun

                                Kathleen Croshal asked for volunteers for ad hoc committee to look at bylaws- serving on the committee Jim Duff, Carol Albo, Tim Lenzmeier and Croshal

                                Council short one member at-large - to filled from interested candidates from last selection process


3-30-99                 Stewardship Committee: Tim Lenzmeier - 252 invitations mailed for Appreciation Dinner; All Season’s Catering do @ $7.95/plate

                                                Committees visiting other committees, did Altar Society and invited to come to Worship Committee

                                Social Concerns Committee; Debbie Carleo - reviewing scholarship application

                                Family Formation Committee; Sr. Jeanne Wiest interviewed

                                Finance Committee: Jim Duff- $45,000 over expenses

                                                $412,000 pledged by 514 families

                                Strategic Planning Committee: Paul Depatie - working on ramps

                                                West Plains Energy to do a power consumption survey

                                Capital Campaign Committee: Fr. - made 5 home visits, 200 invitations sent, with 25% response; Dick Sellers had meeting at home, to re-invite, other hosts to do the same

                                Proposed Social Committee: Kathleen Croshal -

                                                Three new committees - Social Committee be a standing committee with chair having seat on the Council- ad hoc committee made up of Ginger Lenzmeier, Sr. Jan, John Lenhart and to define responsibilities and possible candidate for the chair

                                                Evangelization and Communications Committees on hold

                                Sr. Jeanne Wiest offered position - contract mailed to Notre Dame for summer study of Parish Ministry

                                Mother’s Day Breakfast : Paul Depatie - Depatie to spearhead, Sr. Jan do tickets, flowers and banner, $2/adults; $1/ children

                                Fr.: - Sr. Jan recognized Scott Uhernik for his work

                                                Ruth Brandt asked about Tri-Parish musical - was very good

                                                Dick Sellers asked about number for confirmation - 23 interested

                                Ad hoc Parish Life Committee to be established July 1999


4-27-99                    Stewardship Committee: Kathleen Croshal -Croshal asked for report to be at top   so guest can leave if they choose

                                                Mrs. Gay Myskofski says mission is to communicate and educate Parish about and how to be good stewards- Stewardship is not an option, Committee asked to meet with other committees and make presentations

                                Strategic Planning Committee: Paul Depatie - ramp done; memorial tower taking shape; setting window frames and framework for entry; looking for light fixtures

                                Worship Committee: Diane Eickleman - Stewardship Committee coming to meeting; need server coordinator

                                Finance Committee: Jim Duff - met with all other committees

                                OLM Captial Campaign: Home visitations started , 3-4 each week; 53 pledges for $161,000; North extension   requires $1 million on hand

                                Altar Society: Agreed status to remain as is

                                Faith Formation Committee:

                                                Sr. Jeanne offered position

                                                Sr. Jan offered Tri-Parish position

                                                                aim to develop more Parish focus

                                                                best last year was the mentoring

                                                                budget needs to be reviewed and require accountability

                                                                Jim Duff and Russ Travalla offered to help with the budget

                                                                Eventually would like to go to per capita assessment

                                                                Stewardship for young people?

                                                Sr. Jan said she is expanding child care

                                Fr.: -to be traveling to Houston and Washington, D.C. plus one week vacation

                                                Barbara Duff took position with Diocese leaving a void in office administrator

                                Social Concerns Committee: focus to find leadership

                                Ad Hoc Bylaws Committee:   Concerns about bylaws to go to Carol Albo, Kathleen Croshal, Jim Duff or Tim Lenzmeier

                                Discussed process to replace member on Council; Sr. Jan said ought to be associated with a particular committee to give sense of purpose

                                Kathleen Croshal   presented goals from Work Sessions

                                Barbara Duff spoke about new role with the Diocese


5-25-99                    Social Concerns Committee:Debbie Carleo -

                                                Scholarship Awars : Adam Pocius, Kristin Mauro, Amy Diaz, Eric Hoffman

                                                Boulse Scholarship to David Tye

                                OLM Capital Campaign: Dick Sellers - Campaign is slow

                                                18 gatherings, 1293 invitations, 125 attended, 100 pledged for $173,000

                                                Put barometer at church door

                                                1100 more people need to be contacted

                                                Biggest challenge is to convince people they are the Parish

                                                Fr. : $50,000 needed to begin plan for the next stage- complete by 2000

                                                Ad Hoc Committee for Social Committee: Ginger Lenzmeier -   have seat on the Council and develop list of people for the committee

                                                  Father’s Day Breakfast/Altar Society: Diane Eickelman -

                                                                Plan burrito breakfast @ $3/per

                                                Finance Committee: Jim Duff - Good shape. Tithe more than expected

                                                                BDF projected to be $100,000 next year with an estimate of 70% pledged

                                                                OLM commitment to Tri-Parish to go to $30,000 next year

                                                Business Manager: Kathleen Croshal -

                                                                What is the process for replacing business manager?

                                                                Council not involved. Finance has input

                                                                5 interested, 3 from the parish, Fr. make final selection

                                                                Fr. hopes to have new business manager in 2 weeks

                                                Dick Sellers: Playground equipment condemned- needs removed


6-30-99                    Total Revenue: $508,830 - Stewardship $431,650

                                Expenses: Salaries/Benefits - $183,863; Utilities -$19,340; Building/Grounds Maintenance -$11,050; Worship - $14,470; Family Formation - $7108; Tri-Parish Youth Ministry - $27,500; Parish Life Activities - $9900;Social Concerns - $10,500;Capital Projects - $21,414; Other Diocesan assessments - $20,680

                                Total Expenses: $505,830       Excess $3000


Again, another reporting system

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