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JULY 1997 TO JULY 1998


8-19-97                    Council Vice-President nominees: Debbie Carleo and Kathleen Hearn Croshal

                                                Kathleen Croshal new Vice-President

                                Worship Committee:

                                                Diane Eickelman to head Committee to replace Jodee Bueno

                                                Doing survey to decide which Mass to eliminate

                                                Big issues on Personnel and space

                                Strategic Panning Committee: Paul Depatie:

                                                1st - need to prioritize needs

                                                2nd - need to evaluate use of   space

                                                Need more room and parking

                                                Current problem - gutter around eaves too small causing problem with stucco

                                Council Members-at-large: Can be more active by joining a committee or volunteering for a project

                                Personnel Committee: Job descriptions written for Parish Program Coordinator, Parish Secretary and Parish Receptionist

                                                In future maybe a Parish Business Administrator can be created

                                                Sr. Jan needs a secretary

                                                John Lenhart: District high school students do intern work and administration building and credit union for the district. Interview students for the needed positions. Sr. Jan to call Patty Benfatti who is in charge of the program.

                                Stewardship Committee: Tim Lenzmeier- Appreciation dinner held; Fr. presented the awards

                                Finance Committee: Jim Duff- Budget is $422,000 and balanced

                                                New Diocesan policy is that there will be an audit in each parish

                                                Cost of $4000 to OLM - not previously discussed with the parishes

                                                Will review policy and meet with Virginia Jimenez, Business Manager for Catholic Pastoral Center

                                Family Formation:   97-98 schedule sent out

                                Tri-Parish: Trenna Brody new Director

                                Fr. : Need to talk about Vocation Committee

                                Jim Duff: Proposed revision of ByLaws so past president has authority at meetings - now attends but can’t say anything


9-16-97                    Stewardship Committee: Tim Lenzmeier - 230 invitations sent for Thanksgiving Dinner (Appreciation Dinner); Barbara Duff in charge of decorating; music by Danny Masterson’s string quartet

                                Strategic Planning Committee: Paul Depatie - Repairs for church need to be done before winter will cost $4000-5000 including gutters, drains, spouts, stucco repair and landscape that is sinking

                                Updates: Sr. Jan -reported 12 persons in over 50 group

                                                1st Mass with childcare had nine with 2 adults and 1 youth supervising

                                                Sr. Jan provided Parish Social Events with chair for each

                                Personnel Committee: Wilma Carsella - Judy Stefano quit her position in the office; Fr. asked Sr. Jan and Charlotte Plutt to write down activities prior to her resignation then the Committee, Fr.   Sr. Jan and Charlotte Plutt need to determine responsibilities, salary etc regarding the position - maybe combine secretary and receptionist

                                                Amber Garcia, South High School student, helping 10 hr/wk

                                                May need a temp until job is filled

                                Bylaws: Ruth Brandt - Change on the past president status:

                                                Members shall consist of the following: Past-president, 5 at-large members, Chairperson of each committee authorized by the guidelines. Each member shall have 1 vote. Pastor/staff members non-voting ex-officio members. Pastor has veto power over the Council resolution. The last sentence under meetings deleted.

                                Ruth Brandt presented outgoing president with a Dorothy Mendoza print.

                                Chuck Alarid resigned - schedule changes at job and commitments at home.

                                                Carol Albo next in line


10-21-97 Parish Council In-service: Sr. Jan presented a brief in-service

                                                Fr. spoke on the logistics of the Diocese and how evolving into a clergy-less clergy.

                                                Discussed the Mission Statement, structure of the Council and 5 year goals/objectives

                                Finance Committee: Jim Duff - tithing at 26%

                                                Paperwork for basis of OLM BDF assessment forwarded to Diocese

                                Personnel Committee: Wilma Carsella - 16 applications for Parish office position

                                                Committee present 3 or 4 candidates for interview; want a Council member at interviews; Carol Albo volunteered questions to interview committee to ask candidates

                                Stewardship Committee/Thanksgiving Dinner: Was great. Fr. to do Stewardship Homily Nov 9

                                                Michelle Prado-Landreth from Shrine to do testimonial Nov 16

                                                Jim and Barbara Duff to do lay testimonial Nov 23

                                Christmas Bazaar: Chair Carol Kuhns, Elaine Pusedu head kitchen crew

                                Christmas: Scott Uhernik will guide the Children’s Choir, Sr. Jan in charge of pageant

                                Fr. - asked each committee to buy into the pyramid of 5 year goals/ objectives


11-18-97 Council Christmas Party: Short meeting then dinner

                                                Mary Jane Mauro   in charge of meat; Kathleen Croshal do baked potatoes with all the fixings; Debbie Carleo do salad; Ruth Brandt bring bread and vegetables; Shirley bring dessert

                                New Year’s Eve Dinner/Dance: Paul Depatie - Fr. and Sr. cook; D.J. Rip Avena; Holman Security hired; 75 couples/$30/couple; committee members in charge John Lenhart and Mindy Driscoll

                                Personnel Committee: Wilma Carsella -from pool of 17 Fran Consinero was hired with principle duties to deal with BDF matters

                                Short Range/Long Range Capital Improvement Planning: Fr. -

                                                Parish offered a restricted gift of $157,000 to build entrance to church incorporating a gathering area, a sacristy and rest rooms

                                                Total for the addition about $240,000, so hopefully get more donations

                                                Proposal would help update floors and improve seating capacity

                                                An extensive project, need full backing before going to Diocese

                                                Stewardship Committee: Tim Lenzmeier- to provide monthly status to Council

                                                Ruth Brandt: Halloween Party a success


12-16-97                 Christmas Bazaar: Sr. Jan - Waiting list of 74 vendors - to use both buildings - chair Carol Kuhns next year

                                                Decided to keep number of scholarships constant

                                                More surplus revenue to go to capital improvement

                                Stewardship Committee: Fr. - 356 pledges to date totaling $260,000 - less than last year

                                Strategic Planning Committee: Fr/ Pual Depatie - want all preliminary work done on new building so construction can begin July 1

                                                Planning needs to be done before it can be presented the Diocese

                                                Another $80,000 to 100,000 needed to complete the project


1-20-98                    Ruth Brandt asked for clarification from Faith Formation Committee on workshop funding - need to plan for workshops to educate the parishioners

                                New Year’s Eve Dinner/Dance Committee: Paul Depatie -   Went well. To have Rip Avena for 1998

                                                Started a file to help next year’s people. Sr. will add to it. John Lenhart to do barbecued beef for next year

                                Christmas Bazaar: Carol Kuhns and committee to help   plan next year’s bazaar; expand to Parish Center next year for additional vendors

                                Social Event: Next to have Valentine Party to be headed by Dave and Kathy Dehn

                                                Mary Jane Mauro in charge of St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

                                                Mindy Driscoll and Sr. Jan thinking about Easter egg hunt

                                Scholarship Trust:

                                                Boulse family offering a restricted gift of $20,000 for one additional $1000 scholarship to be presented each year in memory of Anthony and Sally Boulse

                                                One member of the Boulse family would like to be on the selection committee for that particular scholarship

                                                Capital Improvement Planning: Paul Depatie - met with designer Michael Dorcy to look for possible modifications

                                                Committee is planning in stages

                                                Want to restructure the loan with Minnequa Bank into one loan and pay off Buswell Trust Fund

                                                Vocations Ad Hoc Committee:

                                                                Bishop wants each parish to establish a vocations committee

                                                Sr. Jan and the Daughters of the King to help with the program

                                                To be a subcommittee of Faith Formation Committee

                                Stewardship Committee:   Tim Lenzmeier- Pledges down 430 to date for $50,000 more than last year

                                                Parish members now from 900 up to 1200 families

                                                Social Concerns wants to sponsor a fundraising breakfast

                                1998 BDF Campaign: Assessment increase $78,000

                                Fr. - Happy with Stewardship Committee efforts, not optimistic about BDF

                                                Deacon Bob Myskofski’s assignment changed - now serving two parishes

                                                Consider professional parish management; additional compensation for employees; youth ministry

                                                Fr. to make trip to the Holy Land- hopes to have adequate coverage


2-17-98                    Cancelled


3-17-98                    Stewardship Committee: Tim Lenzmeier - draft done on handbook, to be completed by Ministry Fair

                                                Theme “Celebrate the Spirit” for informational fair; booth workers to have I.D. buttons; breakfast served by Social Concerns Committee

                                                Brochure to include the Mission Goals, duties of members and number of members

                                                At-large members to be in charge of the Booth

                                Finance Committee: Jim Duff- finances good, revenues up, expenses down

                                                Current figures show Stewardship Campaign successful

                                Staffing for 1998-99: Fr. - Barbara Duff just completed training to be a Parish Manager to be Pastoral Associate with emphasis on Parish Management

                                                Other staff to remain the same for 98-99

                                                Trenna Brody committed to work one more year as Tri-Parish Youth Director with some revisions to the job descriptions

                                Strategic Planning Committee: Paul Depatie-Showed sketches of proposed addition; includes 40 X 40 greeting room, vestibule, bride’s room, rest rooms, baptistry, fireplace and patio

                                                Fr.’s brother Michael prepared the designs

                                                Committee to meet with Jim Gardner, architect

                                                Renovation to add 2500 sq.ft. at a cost of $100-125/sq.ft.

                                Parish Council Elections: Kathleen Croshal   assume presidency   July 1,   need replacement

                                Mother’s Day Breakfast: Paul Depatie - about 200 served each year- same arrangements as last year and needs 8-10 volunteers

                                Ministry to the Homebound: Diane Eickleman - Worship Committee working with the grieving; asked Daughters of the King for assistance

                                                Theresa Wood of Diocese asked about training

                                                Diane Eicklemen to serve as liaison between the two groups

                                Ad Hoc Vocation Committee:

                                                Bishop Tafoya mandated this committee, natural extension of Family Formation

                                                Sr. Jan to address vocations Sunday May 3

                                Adult Sports League: Ruth Brandt- asked to organize an adult softball league- cost $280

                                Deanery Presentation for April Meeting: Mary Santi making the presentation. Council members attending to bring questions regarding parish transitions

                                Mindy Drsicoll reported the Easter Egg Hunt theme is “New Life”       

                                Current maintenance staff is inadequate for such a large facility


4-98          Missing


5-19-98                    Worship Committee: Chair Diane Eickelman noted that the Daughters of the King working with Homebound Ministry with Mary Ann Roldan serving as liaison between Worship and the Daughters.

                                                Theresa Wood will do some training

                                                Sr. Jan has names of interested parties to work with this Ministry

                                                Set standards for Lectors? Diane Eickleman reported two lector workshops already

                                Parish Picnic: mass inside with Fr. Ron a Dominican presiding

                                Council Vacancies:

                                                Kathleen Croshal’s remaining two year term needs filled

                                                Voted that the name of new Council memmbers be randomly drawn at 5 p.m. Mass

                                Futurizing Retreat:   Have had none for several years - plan   1- 5 years and direction

                                Strategic Planning: Fr. - Presented the expansion plan of $350,000 to Diocesan Financial Committee

                                                Bishop requested a private meeting with Fr.

                                                                Fr. thought the Bishop would talk about

                                                                                1) project not ambitious enough for the future

                                                                                2) if parish not willing to look at additional expansion then the Bishop propose alternate plan , that is, suppress the growth at OLM and encourage growth at Holy Family and the Shrine

                                                                Council consensus that the 2nd option NOT an option; Council agreed additional   and serious planning needed, know challenges and accept and DO NOT want to be moved elsewhere

                                                                Voted three phases of development:

                                                                                1) expansion of existing church facility

                                                                                2) acquisition to add property

                                                                                3) expansion of Parish Center

                                                                Parish has the support of major finance institutions in the city

                                                                Council to do what it takes to show 100% commitment to expansion project, thus keeping Parish a viable community - closing or moving OLM unacceptable

                                Staff Position:

                                                John Skerjanec leaving June 1

                                                Betsy Nardini resigned as sacristan

                                                Worship Committee asked to address Betsy Nardini’s resignation

                                Fr. - said he improperly handled Babrar Duff’s hiring. Some misunderstanding occurred about the position. She specializes in management and fund raising.

                                                Have future staffing dilemma - need Pastoral Associate to work with all ministries

                                Budget: Jim Duff - Significant growth in stewardship

                                                Have budget excess of $3000 - to use for educational purposes

                                Fr. - need to change Mass schedule within 1 year

                                Mother’s Day Breakfast: Paul Depatie - 265 attended

                                Ruth Brandt: Not enough interest in softball team

                                Scholarship Winners: Debbie Carleo-

                                                Matthew (Watson) Mejia

                                                Nathan Mutz

                                                Gina Nogare

                                                Laurel Timbrook

                                                Christopher Vialpando

                                                Anthony and Sally Boulse Scholarship - Katrina Palumbo


6-16-98                    Council President: Kathleen Croshal

                                                Sr. Jan presented Ruth Brandt, outgoing president, with watercolor by local artist

                                New Council Members:

                                                Dick Sellers to serve remaining 2 years of Croshal’s term

                                                Barbara Duff welcomes as Pastoral Associate/Business Manager

                                Expansion Project: Paul Depatie/Fr.- To meet with architect

                                                Lots of ideas for a memorial wall

                                                Plan for groundbreaking in August

                                                Fr. would the church project to be without a capital drive - parish agrees

                                                Have follow-up session to Fr.’s slide show for questions and answers

                                                Houston Construction will head the project

                                Budget: Jim Duff - Excess $3000 educational fund to be used for someone serving the Parish in some capacity in the future

                                Vision: Barabara Duff- spoke on her vision for the Parish -was at Assumption for 4 years and the Shrine for 3 years

                                                Task-oriented, committed with strong communication skills

                                Formation Vision: Sr. Jan -   Doing Formation registration

                                                Adult topics for the coming year sent to Sr. Jan

                                                Kevin McCarthy unable to speak on funeral planning, reschedule

                                                Sr. Provided possible themes for 98-99, list of parish events for coming year, and would like a committee for each event vs a couple

                                Parish Picnic and ‘Fun in the Sun”: Sr. Jan

                                                Fun in the Sun expanded to include preschoolers   $10/child

                                Committee Reports: - Kathleen Croshal suggested brief verbal summary of each committee meeting be made at Council meetings- written still disbursed monthly

                                Council Retreat: In Beulah; topics the Council’s role in Parish Community plus planning and goals


7-17-98                    Current Assets: Cash $86,429; Investments $266,714; Property $1,225,826; Total assets: $1,578,970

                                Total Income:   $31,266; Tithing $20,251;

                                Expenses: Salaries: custodian - $10,500;   Deacon-$4945; extra clergy - $1605; Family Formation Secretary -$2000; Pastoral Associate Administrator - $25,956; Music Coordinator - $10,712;Pastor - $15,579; Program Coordinator -$22,950; Sacristan -5,240; Secretary -$18,348; clergy continuing education -pastor retirement- $1375; diaconate-$1255;                 office supplies -$7998; postage - $7514; workshops office - $3138, maintenance- $9851; Family Formation $4429; Parish Life -$11,892; Social Concern -$4122; Stewardship -$4224;Worship -$12,399;Youth Ministry/Tri-Parish- $27,500; total Diocesan Assessments-$83,862

                                Church and Center: Electricity -$8730; gas -$2078; phone -$3419; water - $735

                                Rectory: Cable - $359; Electricity-$297; gas - $558; phone - $907; water house and park - $764

                                Total Expenditures: $382,512


Note: Not all items entered so won’t total out correctly

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