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JULY 1996 TO JULY 1997


7-16-96                    New Parish Council Members: Chuck Alarid , Mary Jane Mauro and Ginger Lenzmeier(Council member at-large)

                                Worship Committee: Limit servers to grades 5 and up, no recruitment this year as have many

                                                Vacancy in Sacristan   position

                                Tri-Parish Youth Ministry: Ad placed nationally for full-time replacement for Director position

                                                Linda Davis, Shrine of St. Therese,   to serve as Interim Director with Cheryl Tavar coordinating the middle school program and Mary Jane Mauro   coordinating the high school program. Coordinator for confirmation component needed.

                                Parish Christian Formation: Age span changes from 5-10 years to K-5 grade

                                                Parishioners have opportunity to vote on day and time for formation classes

                                                1 class pre month for 12 months, no tuition as part of Scholarship

                                                Age guidelines for Eucharistic classes - 2nd grade

                                                                         Confirmation               7th    

                                Liturgical/Music: Scott Uhernik - training instrumentalists and cantors; plans to form an adult choir for Christmas and do liturgies 1 x / mo   

                                                Then form Children’s Choir

                                                Has recruited 15 cantors and 7 instrumentalists and 10 vocalists who will be part of the choir but not cantors- need paid cantors and instrumentalists

                                                Need upgrade of the sound system, currently only one microphone jack, need more jacks; can upgrade the organ with external speakers

                                Diaconate Program: Rick Oresky in program, Worship Committee to give him monetary assistance

                                Computer Update: Charlotte Plutt - 4 terminals are networked with Windows 95 and Microsoft   software; 2 complete systems taken in                 burglary; delaying loading and training PDS for 7-10 days. Replacements ordered. Data is possible to download from PIC

                                                                Payroll is not included

                                                Have buyer for old monitors and terminals and maybe CPU’s

                                                New system very speedy; Jim Duff said with the PDS software the budget can be entered, can track BDF, Stewardship etc, record on budget as checks are written

                                Altar Dedication and Appreciation Dinner 9-14-96. Bishop Tafoya unavailable. Fr. Dorcy or Bishop Buswell will preside

                                Contract/Job Descriptions: Jim Duff - need to get job descriptions done plus one for sacristan, need Personnel Committee in place

                                Financial Report: Jim Duff - $25,000 moved from Minnequa Bank to Dain Bosworth; Committee completing questions for development of investment profile

                                                Savings from last year’s budget to be used to renovate rectory

                                Sr. Jan provided copies of delineation of Pastoral Responsibilities

                                Elaine Pusedu: Rosary Sunday - OLM lead one decade and provide 20 dozen cookies

                                Parish Directory: Many are making appointments for pictures

                                Discussed selling grocery certificates

                                $8000 for computers (covered by insurance); doors replaced; locks rekeyed; all keys accounted for; alarm on automatic. An additional alarm placed in the basement in 2 zones

                                                Interview to newspaper and on Crimestoppers

                                Charlotte Plutt asked Committee chairs to submit meeting schedules for 96-97 so they can be entered in the Master Schedule

                                Jodee Bueno, Acting Recording Secretary


8-20-96                    Resignation: Diane Baker, OLM representative to Tri-Parish Council; Sr. Jan to represent until another is appointed

                                Formation Process: Sr. Jan - theme for September is “The Trinity”

                                Music Update: Scott Uhernik - Attended National Association Pastoral Musicians

                                                Music area redesigned and piano near the organ, more room for choir; hopes for 4 microphones in the area

                                                Discussed cassette and C.D . system

                                                Has recruited 50-60 for the music ministry

                                Break-in: Charlotte Plutt: Detective on the case said a 17 year old suspect confessed and implicated an adult

                                Social Committee: Sr. Jan - looking for volunteers and a chairperson for coffee and donuts each Sunday

                                                Elaine Pusedu requested Social Committee be evaluated; Fr., Sr. Jan and Elaine Pusedu   will do

                                Finance Committee: Jim Duff - Dave Cardinal helping to draft investment strategy.

                                                $2200 to Rick Orsky with expenses for this year in Deaconate Program

                                Project Development Status: Paul Depatie -Structural engineer determined no major problems with the rectory; basement needs bridging; low spots in window wells; amount budgeted not enough; to prepare report of all repairs and cost and then do in phases

                                                Sr. Jan asked if parish has a five year plan- does not

                                Ruth Brandt: Softball fee will be refunded

                                Jim Duff: ad for Tri-Parish Director getting little response

                                                Communication in Tri-Parish needs improvement

                                Need to reorganize the Social Committee

                                Regional Diocesan   Congress to be October 18-19

                                Jodee Bueno: Lots of complaints about the music


9-17-96                    Social Life Activities:

                                Fr., Sr. Jan , Charlotte Plutt, and Elaine Pesudu reviewed the total concept of Social Activities- not feasible for one committee to handle it. Pusedu would like to do the Christmas Bazaar. Sr. Jan to continue the coffee and rolls. Council do the New Year’s Eve Party, Mother’s Day Breakfast, Thanksgiving Dinner/raffle, summer picnic. Other social events to organize under special committees. Sr. Jan would like the parents of Communion/Reconciliation program to help with coffee and rolls. Council members at-large may be asked to chair special events.   Robin Birch to work on Halloween Party.

                                                Committee to be reorganized.

                                New Year’s Eve Party: Rip Avina (band) back, Fr.and Shirley Filer cook the dinner. $30/couple. 60 tickets for parishioners and then open to the public. Beer, mixers and favors provided by the parish.

                                Tri-Parish Update: Sr. Jan - Diane Baker resigned.   Barbara Duff, Mark Jesik, and Bob Donovan interested.

                                                1 person interviewed for Director position.

                                Project Development: Paul Depatie - #1 priority to remodel the rectory

                                                Fr. doing sketches for remodeling kitchen

                                                Depatie obtaining prices for completion of project

                                                Depatie wants to establish priorities for other parish projects

                                                Fr. - advisable to develop a six year plan   - match his term at OLM

                                Finance Report: Investment financial profile done , Cardinal will recommend portfolio to be reviewed annually.

                                                Special events budget depleted by $3000 for raffle start-up

                                Personnel Committee: Jim Duff - Duff can no longer be chair. Sr. Jan asked about presence of evaluation process for employees. Evaluation tool to be the priority of the committee.

                                Ministry Fair: Social Concerns do the food - pancake/supper/breakfast

                                                $3 for adults, $2 for children

                                Church on the Move: Fr. -Program at St Pius on workings of Diocese

                                Ruth Brandt voted as new Vice-President/President elect.

                                Scott Uhernik: Man from Denver to evaluate organ, clean and service it and

                                                evaluate the sound system

                                                Start using the new song books


10-15-96 Guest Loretta Opferman reported on Family Formation, 387 attended on Sunday and 89 on Tuesday, people still registering, considering getting another teacher

                                Ministry Fair: Debbie Carleo - served 150 persons, made $300

                                Tri-Parish Update: 75-80 students signed for Sunday, keeping a profile on each student

                                Parish Dinner: Collette’s prepare the chicken

                                Garage Sale: Parishioners have first choice on items

                                                New decorative paint in small hall

                                John Powers League:   New Director being sought. Bill Pershing in charge last year, may do again

                                Finance: Paul Depatie: Charlotte Plutt and Judy Stefano getting training on new computer system

                                Five Year Goals: Fr. -

                                                Strengthen worship

                                                Family Formation

                                                Social Justice Commitment


                                                Plan/expand the worship space

                                                Outreach to singles, divorced, widowed, empty nesters, couples, kids, unchurched, seniors

                                                Spoke about Parish Mission Statement:

                                                                To: Form Christian Community of Families and Individuals; Learn the gospel of Jesus Christ and integrate its values into our lives; Become responsible steward’s of God’s Gifts to us; Share from our abundance with those less fortunate than we are. To revisit the Mission Statement in preparation for the Bishop’s visit

                                                Diocesan Pastoral Plan Evaluation                           

                                                October 19/20 a Quaker Missionary will visit all Masses to speak about work in Central America

                                                Rick Oresky, Barbara Duff to wtiness Stewarship at all Masses.


11-19-96 Parish Dinner: Pasta Cottage doing chicken and “drumettes” for kids. Parishioners paying for chicken

                                Yard Sale: Tables $20, Chairs $5 from basement

                                Finance: Jim Duff - to do all the needed repairs to rectory will need $50 to 100,000

                                Administrative Support/ Personnel: Jim Duff -

                                                Need to reestablish Personnel Committee- possible members are Wilma Carsella, Ted Bueno, Jim McKissick

                                                Have need for greater efficiency and better use of personnel

                                                Jim Duff offered to facilitate reorganization of the committee

                                                Need accountability

                                                Mary Ann Valentine helping with accounting

                                                Need evaluation and accountability of personnel

                                Christmas Dinner: Mary Jane Mauro cook dinner


12-17-96 Worship Committee: Need interim chair until Jodee Bueno well enough to return; Diane Eickleman to do

                                Raffle/Yard Sale: Expenses including prizes ($2700), Net sales $12,000

                                                Social Concerns and Pastoral Council to share the profits

                                                All tables /chairs sold for $2200 profit

                                Bazaar: Table rental $1080; profit $1602; cleared $1400 on cookbooks and bake sale

                                New Year’s Eve Party: 89 tickets sold; Sr. Jan and Fr. prepare the food;

                                New Processes/Programs: Sr. Jan- Spoke aboout Family Formation and Adult Programs

                                                Arlene Weimer to speak in January on Grieving Process

                                                Sr. met with Formation Committee for evaluation of the program to date

                                BDF for 1997 will be $67,000 - $9000 over last year


1-21-97                    Tri-Parish Update: Jim Duff - concern exists about quality of program this year, lack of leadership, discussion has been on disbanding or hire new Director, ad hoc committee created to get a replacement

                                                Council Concerns: poor quality of program, some volunteers inexperienced, requirements for students vague, communication practically nonexistent

                                                Council Suggestions: adhere to structural curriculum, provide training and support for volunteers/teachers, improve the schedule, improve communication with parents, schedule guest speakers

                                                Jim Duff presented a suggested New Model for Tri-Parish

                                Parish Visitation:   Looked at the Mission Statement and Goals, evaluate the 5 year goals for what accomplished and make changes as needed

                                                Ask Bishop Tafoya what he expects of the parish

                                Stewardship: Rick Oresky - Committee too large - just need core committee of eight, wants program to be multigenerational including youth

                                Finance Update: Jim Duff - now $19,000 behind, report seems much easier to read

                                Fr. Dorcy gone for month of February.

                                Shirley Filer suggested having one person or one family chair a particular social event.


2-11-97                    Pastoral Visit: To be March 7-9.

                                                Need to strengthen outreach to the sick

                                                Since the last visitation parish has grown by 300 families

                                                For future decrease the number of Masses and increase worship space

                                                Consider ADA

                                                Must present a positive attitude toward expansion of program and physical facilities

                                                Make Bishop aware of accomplishments since last visit:

                                                                Payment of debt

                                                                Children’s liturgy of the Word


                                                                Adoption of Springfield Parish

                                                                Avondale Program for migrants

                                                                Deacon Bob Myscofski

                                Social Events: Holy Thursday Seder Meal   for Worhisp Committee to do

                                                St. Patrick’s Day Event: Mary Jane Mauro Chair the Committee

                                Finances: Jim Duff - barely in the black- monthly expenses $40,000

                                Stewardship Committee: Rick Oresky - wants the 8 member committee to set objectives and goals

                                Tri-Parish: Need strong director, Sr. Jan thought the biggest challenge was huge number of kids from OLM

                                Bob Rick : Thought it might be appropriate for cantors/music ministers to have a dress code


3-11-97    Worship Committee: Palm Sunday 5 p.m. Mass procession from Schmitt Park

                                                Beginning Palm Sunday Eucharist to be distributed at back of church on Choir side (east)

                                                Potluck Seder Meal Holy Thursday at 6.p.m. - two readings in the basement then procession to church. Three people from the Parish to carry the sacred oils

                                Stewardship Committee: Rick Oresky - too busy, have someone head the committee.   Feasible to make a paid position?

                                Spring Cleanup: Spread over three days - Day 1 - ceilings, walls and pews;

                                                Day 2 - cry room, statues, stations, more walls

                                                Day 3 - vacuuming and windows

                                                Shirley Filer in charge, Lenzmeier supervise Tuesday, Chuck Alarid and Ruth Brandt help Saturday

                                                Do outside cleanup later

                                St. Patrick’s Day Dinner: Jane Mauro - corned beef and cabbage, 4 helpers

                                Estate Planning Seminar: Fr. - Speaker Ron Schwartz, Attorney. Well attended

                                Pastoral Parish Visitation: Fr. - Spoke of Bishop’s visit

                                                As of July 1 will have six years left at OLM

                                                Need timeline with extensive planning with expansion 60% needed up front

                                                96-97 budget about $400,000, stewarship pledges $285,000, need stewardship increase to $600,000

                                                Need strategic planning plus day-to-day operation. Need part-time volunteer with gung-ho positive attitude for campaign

                                                Personal approach is best when asking a volunteer for time

                                Parish Directory: Shirley Filer - on hold, needs proofed

                                Finance Committee: Jim Duff - money from theft insurance not released yet

                                Ruth Brandt and Georgia Alfonso in charge of the Faith Family Style Retreat at the Shrine

                                Chuck Alarid to check into the Gift Certificate program

                                Sr. Jan and other Tri-Parish directors put together a proposal for Tri-Parish program but was unacceptable to Pastor at the Shrine


4-15-97                    Stewardship Committee: Tim Lenzmeier volunteered to replace Rick Oresky as Chair - little experience so will work   with Tom Weaver

                                About 200 served for Mother’s Day Breakfast

                                Family Formation: Sr. Jan - Passed evaluation of   program

                                                Children’s Liturgy huge success

                                                Have two lead couples for sacramental process - hope to have 3rd

                                                Mortician will be asked to present a program

                                                Bible School set for August   - 120 families come every month

                                                Tri-Parish:   Sr. Jan in charge of curriculum

                                                                Linda Davis in charge of activities

                                                                Joe        ?                          spiritual

                                                                Theresa Wood                         marraige prep

                                                                OLM has 9 lead couples, the most in the Diocese

                                Finance Committee: Jim Duff - looks like will break even , little room for growth next year, put explanation of finances and Stewardship philosophy in Bulletin and volunteers speak at Masses on State of the Parish

                                Pastoral Council Elections:

                                                Shirley Filer appointed Chuck Alarid and Mary Jane Mauro as Nominating Committee

                                                Three positions to fill including at-large seats of Bob Rick and Ruth Brandt

                                Debbie Carleo reported Ladies Luncheon nice but poorly attended

                                Rectory: $14,000 spent for appliances and cabinets, windows installed

                                Fr. Dorcy: Father’s status at OLM in question, has been assigned to Montrose, doesn’t know if he will be allowed to stay for 6 more years

                                Fr.: Sought comments on diocesan planning and budgeting for future Programming:

                                                Diocesan Pastoral Plan includes:

                                                                Worship and Spiritual Life

                                                                Christian Formation



                                                                Social Justice

                                                                Shared Ministry

                                                Council suggestions to Diocese:

                                                                Update resources

                                                                Development of Lay Leadership

                                                                Deanery-wide education

                                                                Leadership concerning ethical issues including Living Wills

                                                                Explanation of shared ministry

                                                                Development of more positive attitude around the Diocese, need more vision and direction


5-20-97                    Ministry Overview: Sr. Jan - survey ministries to see which are most successful

                                Fr. Roger:   Diocesan crisis about clergy numbers

                                                Growth is a crisis to face - rate of 200-300 families/yr

                                                Council needs to talk about ‘dream world’, ‘hope world’, to begin futurizing

                                                Fr.’s position still tenuous

                                Stewardship Committee:   Tim Lenzmeier - met with Tom Weaver

                                                Nucleus Committee: Gay Myscofski, Mickey Oresky, Jan Weaver

                                                Agreeing to help - Barbara Duff, Michelle Oresky, Judy Montera, Bob Miller and Bob Moore, trying to contact Ron Ragulsky

                                                Stewardship first training session Jun 3 at St Pius X Parish Hall

                                Pastoral Elections:

                                                Mary Jane Mauro moving to representative of Youth Minnistry

                                                Tim Vinci and Connie Beck interested in Council positions

                                Parish Picnic: three couples in charge of organizing

                                                Chuck Alarid charge of games committee

                                                Debbie Carleo -   obtain grill from Boy’s Ranch

                                                Bob Rick -   help set-up

                                Paul Depatie reported Collette’s made big donation to Mother’s Day Breakfast - 210 tickets sold @ $6/ea

                                Sr. Jan: Trenna Brody hired as new Director of Youth Ministry for the Tri-Parish. Sr. Jan remain OLM representative

                                                Linda Davis represent the Shrine and Fr. Jessie represent Holy Family

                                Ruth Brandt - no softball league this year


6-17-97                    Scholarship Recipients: Jacqueline Kottenstette, Kristine Mauro, Nathan Mutz, Gina Nogare, Christopher Vialpando

                                New Council Members:

                                                                Ginger Lenzmeier represent Family Formation

                                                                Mindy Driscoll

                                                                Kathleen Hearn Croshal

                                                                John Lenhart Jr.

                                                                Tim Vinci

                                Stewardship: Tim Lenzmeier- nine members at meeting, using booklet “Creating Stewardship Council “

                                                                Planning to develop a common vision for 5-10-15 years in the future

                                                                Tasks to be addressed:

                                                                                Prepare Stewardship information for Tri-Parish by August

                                                                                Continue to provide information to parishioners   per Bulletin

                                                                                Develop annual plan

                                                                                Determine what parish community needs

                                                                                Work with Finance Committee

                                                                                Determine expectations of Pastoral Council

                                                                Meet every two weeks during the summer

                                Parish Picninc: Sr. Jan - Chuck Alarid head of games, Charlotte Plutt with Foods

                                                Child Care: Sr. Jan - Labor Day Child Care program at 9:30 a.m. Mass for 6 mo to 5 years; parent in charge each Sunday , some high school students may help. Sr. to check with Diocesan Legal Department

                                Council Membership and Committees: (By Laws)

                                                Chuck Alarid asked for clarification of duties of at-large members

                                                Bylaws only require attendance at meetings, not involved on a specific committee but could focus on a specific project

                                Budget/Finances: Jim Duff - 61% of parishes BDF allotment pledged and half of the $41,700 pledged already received

                                                97-98 budget is a no frills one

                                                Workshop funds increased

                                                Capital improvements only $1000

                                                By end of the summer will provide State of the Parish message

                                Personnel Committee: Carol Carsella - Has job descriptions for all positions

                                                Met with Fr. who rejected the committee’s suggestion for Secretary position, to relook and spell   out duties, realigned or split

                                Fr. First floor rectory done by May 21, 2nd floor later

                                Trenna Brody, new Tri-Parish Youth Ministry Director to arrive August 1

                                Mary Jane Mauro - Tri-Parish needs Youth Representative from OLM


6-17-97                    Total Income: $421,164; Tithing $330,280

                                Expenses: Salaries $124,920, Extra Clergy $875; Pastor Continuing Education $1100; Retirement $471; Diaconate $800 (Oresky); Office supplies $8000; Postage $4500;   Workshops (office) $5000;  

                                Church and Center: Electricity $9600; gas $1700; phone $3300; water $700.00

                                Rectory: Electricity - $320; cable $325; gas $450; phone $1200; water $900

                                Maintenance: $12,100

                                Family Formation -$5060; Council $1300; Parish Life $8750; Social Concerns $4900;   Stewardship $5500; Worship $13,710; Youth Ministry/Tri-Parish $27,500;

                                Diocesan Assessments: BDF 97 $39,570; BDF 98 $30,000;

                                Total Expenditures: $420,041


Note: New accounting categories. Not all items entered here so can’t use figures to add up

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