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JULY 1995 TO JULY 1996


7-18-95                   RE Committee: 163 students preregistered

                                New Staff: Anne Marie and Marcus Cunnigham new Directors of Tri-Parish Youth Program  as of 7-1; he involved 11 years in Youth Ministry, past 4 years with retreat house for high school juniors/seniors in Chicago; Anne Marie worked with junior/senior students past few years; goal to make a holistic program, evangelization program, with peer ministry and family involvement.

                                Council Seat Vacancies: Candidate Mary Jane Mauro  has been involved with parish work for many years - to fill the at-large vacancy and be member of Council for balance of the fiscal year with eligibility for election in spring

                                Budget: Jim Duff - to talk with Virginia in Diocesan office on how to handle the growth in Dain Bosworth account; the balance is approximately $70,000. Also to check with her on the BDF format

                                Stewardship Committee; Fr. -Rose Marie Masterantonio  to be part of Committee; to be multifaceted program with development of spirituality and personal commitment. Fr. broke Council into three groups to discuss what constitutes a good parish and what are the obstacles to the development of a good parish. Groups remerged to discuss “What if we had unlimited resources, what would we like to do with our Parish?” Discussed a vision for the parish. Suggested doing a survey of parishioners with the same questions.


8-10-95                   Letter from Jonna Lee Adamich (69 Fordham Cr) concerned about a break into the church which could do lots of damage. Also concerned about lack of respect for Deacon Bob Myscofski and mentioned all he had done


8-15-95                   RE Committee: Byron Antonioni - have a drop in registrations

                                Social Committee: Have a parish appreciation dinner in conjunction with St. Patrick’s Day vs in conjunction with annual parish Dinner at Thanksgiving?

                                Tri-Parish Youth: 391 registered, 189 from OLM, 127 Holy Family and 75 from the Shrine; expect 500 total

                                Council Vacancy: Karen and  Rod Ortiz decline to serve on the Council - will be head of the Baptismal program for the parish

                                Burglary Report: August 1 or 2, entry was made through the rear window, spent about 2-3 hours in the building causing $20,000 damage and theft; Doors, carpets, desks damaged; safe containing parish records, cash, checks etc stolen. Also stolen vacuum cleaners, cleaning supplies, plants. Insurance to cover most of it. Bishop sent memo warning parishes that a number of churches in Pueblo have been burglarized

                                Security Alarm System: Fr./Oresky: Bids on automated systems - infrared system $1800 installation with $30/mo maintenance fee. Vanise Security Systems Inc. cost $3500 with motion sensors.

                                                Claire DeChellis and Pickards each donated $1000 toward purchase of a system

                                                Rick Oresky gave details of the infrared and effectiveness - have 6 zones - 1 in rectory, 2 in church, 3 Parish Center, works through the phone levels and can be installed in a day. Chose the system- Oresky to check warranty and other liabilities. To pursue development of security group to investigate such issues.

                                                Stewardship Committee: Rick Oresky met with Fr. John Beno- formation of the committee must come from the Council, not from Fr. or the parish office; suggested holding dinner for prospective committee members; Tom Weaver willing to explain the concept; Chairperson or couple to be sent to annual Stewardship conference in Chicago

                                                Dr. Dennis Driscoll reported that a few members of the Parish lack confidence in Deacon Bob Myscofski which probably surfaced over communion services conducted by Deacon Bob when no priest available for Mass. Drafted affirmation of support for Deacon Bob.

                                                Maybe Worship Committee needs to initiate an educational program on the deaconate program- do in Bulletin.

                                                Fr.: Bishop wants to increase the Diocesan Pastoral Council which meets 4 times/yr

                                                Diocesan Ministerial Program  needs scholarship funds for “Level 2” - a project for  Social Concerns


9-13-95                   Formal letter to Bishop supporting Deacon Bob Myscofski.


10-1-95                   Letter from the bishop in support of Deacon Bob Myscofski


9-19-95                   Social Concerns: Debbie Carleo working with  Shirley Filer and Social Committee to organize Ministry Fair with Food; each committee to have own table, decorate it. Debbie in charge of the posters

                                Speak on the Diaconate at all Maasses

                                Council Vacancy: Rick Oresky  spoke to Debbie Sagma about the vacancy, term to run until next election

                                Security System: Fr. - alarm system working better - to be installed in the rectory. Total amount of all claims filed equal $19,000. No word from insurance company.  All repair work not yet completed. Still interested in forming a security committee.

                                Stewardship Committee: Lot of interest in committee itself but no response to leadership for it. Fr. to Chicago for the conference and the need of the parish to develop attitude of ownership of parish.

                                Family Style Retreat: Georgia Alfonso - spoke about development of a new program called Family Life Ministry designed to pull family into church. Asked for Council to send team to retreat in March 96 with a cost of $200. Georgia would like to be on the team and Ruth Brandt might be interested.

                                Parish Raffle: Fr. To continue to split the proceeds from the raffle between the capital campaign and scholarships

                                John Powers Basketball League: Bob Rick- cost for the team is $125. Checking on the use of two professional referees being a waste of money. Use high school students.

                                Annual Report: Jim Duff - would like a synopsis of accomplishments for 95 and goals for 96

                                Pastoral Council Christmas Dinner: Bob Rick - have one regular meeting night

                                New Eve’s Party -  voted not to have for this year

                                Shirley Filer reported that 29 signed up for Cripple Creek trip

                                Shirley Filer suggested rethinking Coffee and Donuts- have once a month

                                Fr. going on retreat with Diocesan priests

                                Time to investigate surrounding properties for expansion

                                32 adults came to first scripture class

                                Fr. - Organize  dessert follow-up to Stewardship dinner

                                Worship Committee: Have a movable lectern?

                                                 Croshal family donated funds as a memorial to mother; get parishioner to build the lectern; will need to replace fixtures and rug in next few years

                                Jim Duff: Need to think about hiring pastoral assistant or parish administrator at cost of $20-30,000 depending on experience.


10-17-95 Shirley Filer resigned as co-chair of Social Concerns: Co-Chair  Elaine Pusedu to continue

                                RE: Byron Antonioni - forming committee to evaluate the program and                 check new books; need to get the entire family involved

                                Social Concerns: Debbie Carleo -  no longer sponsoring Share Colorado Program

                                Diaconate: Rick Oresky -  Letter from Bishop on Deacon Bob Myscofski

                                                Diocese will begin a Deacon Program in about a year - to be a five year training program- first class will be ordained in 2001. Must be 35 years old and interviewed by the Pastoral Council

                                Burglary Insurance Settlement: Fr. - final stages with Catholic Mutual Society of Omaha - $18,000. Fr. filed complaint (protest) on out-of-pocket expenses of $3500.

                                                Local doctor donated desk to replace destroyed one

                                Security System: - up and running

                                John Powers Basketball League: Regis Opferman - to have one official plus one high school student to cut expenses- numbers down this year

                                Stewardship Committee: Dessert social has 8 reservations - should be 25. Fr. reported on trip to Chicago - focus on being grateful for gifts and being involved in the parish. 3 parishes purchased the tapes.

                                                Fr. asked Rick Oresky to chair the committee.

                                                Oresky wants to be part of the development of vision for the parish

                                Rick Oresky asked Dr. Dennis Driscoll to fill the remainder of the year as Council President- Oresky stay until replacement found

                                Fr. - Goal is to hire Pastoral Associate or Parish Administrator - Pastor needs more freedom to do pastoral work

                                Fr. noted that Mae Vinci to be retiring so need new RE administrator

                                Fr. interested in having a monthly Parish Newsletter

                                Debbie Carleo estimated 200 attended the Ministry Fair

                                Jim Duff asked Diane Baker to have Tri-Parish get an update on total expenditures


11-21-95 Tri-Parish: Diane Baker - miscommunication on Tri-Parish Council Meetings-  Diane representing OLM.  Shared the “Reimaging Confirmation” plan by Anne Marie Cunningham

                                Social Committee: Elaine Pusedu - Pickards donated food for Halloween Party, profit $76

                                                Kiebasa supplied by Frank Youhouse for Bazaar, other donations $600

                                Finance Committee: Jim Duff - revenues and expenditures on track - in future look at investments

                                Council Vacancy: Shirley Filer to serve on open at-large seat until spring election

                                                Rick Oresky to head Stewardship Committee and be representative on Council

                                                Dr. Dennis Driscoll, president, for remainder of year

                                Insurance Settlement: Fr. - Disoces received $16,500 but 5 weeks before Fr. knew about it, Diocese sent $12,000 - $4500 balance under dispute. Carpet bill is still outstanding as not happy with installation or actual carpet

                                O’Quinn Donation: Mr and Mrs Dennis O’Quinn donated money for second set of doors leading into the Parish Center

                                Rick Oresky to talk about the Parish Grid later - going slower than thought - Stewardship Committee invited to annual Christmas Council Dinner

                                Worship Committee: Jodee Nueno - Dale Martinez to play guitar; Felix Maetas cantor 2 x a month; Masterantonios cover Saturday Mass 2 times/ mo; Catherine Tonne and Patty DeGrasse do 8 .am. Mass; Theresa Poll and Toni Cvar do 9:30 a.m. Mass and Diane Eickleman and Frank Sobolik do 11 am Mass.

                                Anthony Vigil play organ for Christmas Mass and Jamie (violin) and Phillip (viola) Arellano play for Christmas Masses

                                Anthony Vigil wants to rent a synthesizer - maybe buy one later

                                Klotz and Rheaume Estates donated new altar and ambo - ambo to be moved from west to east side of church

                                Capital Improvements:  Priorities for improvements/maintenance:

                                                1. repair first floor of rectory

                                                2. remodel small hall in Parish Center

                                                3. Other improvements include new tables/chairs/ painting eaves of church, repair parking lot

                                Staffing Pattern: Jim Duff -  Mae Vinci’s last year as RE Director ;  relook at position and be creative - begin to do job description

                                Deacon Program: Diocesan Diaconate Program to begin 1996 - 5-15 could enter; need to be 35 yrs old and have a B.S. degree or the equivalent

                                Ruth Brandt - note in Bulletin that New Year’s Eve Dance cancelled

                                                Interested in new softball program - to talk to Gene Berens

                                Jim Duff- received anonymous letter about parish finances - can’t answer an anonymous letter

                                Shirley Filer - need kitchen volunteers for Bazaar

                                Fr.  Council Christmas dinner is BYOB- Bob Rick has liquor to donate


12-19-95                Diaconate Program: Fr. - Rick Oresky approved for program

                                Finance Committee: Jim Duff - look at investments - develop a policy

                                                Have $1100 in revenue , reveal all budgets at half year

                                                Tithing - close to 400 pledging

                                Fr. - invited Theresa Woods, Diocesan Director of Family Life, to discuss models of Family Ministry

                                Elaine Pusedu - Bazaar a success- vendors will return next year

                                New altar and ambo received

                                Fr. - new freezer bought with discretionary funds

                                New furniture  received for the rectory courtesy of Bishop Tafoya and Gornick’s Furniture Store. Used furniture used temporarily for Library

                                New Vice-President of Council: Shirley Filer


1-16-96                   Tri-Parish Youth Project:Shirley Filer - need accountability, entries a hodge-podge

                                Finance Committee: Jim Duff - BDF up almost $20,000 to $56,900 or 46%

                                                Bishop’s increase up 31% with the biggest expense being the seminary program

                                                BDF ‘s new plan is to only assess offertory collections (Stewardship + basket) - may want  the BDF drive to be incorporated with one Stewardship drive per year. Parish is doing O.K.

                                Diaconate Program: Dr. Dennis Driscoll - Applications for Diaconate forwarded to Diocese for Rick Oresky and Steve Palumbo

                                Future Staff: Jim Duff - Director of RE Mae Vinci retiring

                                                Fr. wants Pastoral Associate to do programmatic work for Charlotte Plutt and Fr.

                                                Fr. Spoke to Sr. Jan  Riesdorf of Albuquerque- Debbie Carleo knows her

                                Worship Committee: Jodee Bueno - sending letters to new members to welcome to the parish

                                A shooting incident occured in Colorado Springs church


2-20-96                   Finance Committee: Dr.Dennis Driscoll - Spoke to Dave Cardinal of Dain Bosworth who suggested “Zero coupon Bond” of $75,000. Like a savings bond, terminate in 2001. Money Market fund has low risk. A conservative way to invest.

                                Fr. - Introduced Sr. Jan Reisdorf, Associate Director of RE in Archdiocese of Santa Fe. She spoke on Family Centered Catechesis, the incorporating family perspective into existing program making it more family sensitive and friendly.

                                                Goals to include: Sharing Catholic Faith Story

                                                                Celebrating rituals

                                                                Praying together

                                                                Enriching family relations

                                                                Responding to those in need

                                                                Relationship to wider community

                                                Many models exist - Sr. spoke on three of them: 

                                                                Sacramental Preparation Model

                                                                Advent and Lenten Gathering

                                                                Parish Intergenerational Partnerships

                                                Small groups addressed:

                                                                What Christian Formation processes do we currently have?

                                                                What processes seem interesting to develop?

                                                                What questions, fears, hopes, dreams do I have about this new                 vision?

                                                Salary $25,000-30,000 O.K. with Finance Committee. Hired.

                                Fr. - for BDF to succeed all need to commit; new program will give a great deal of flexibility

                                Father John Powers Basketball League: Bob Rick - over for the year

                                                OLM 2nd in A division; 1st in B division; 4th in C Division

                                                OLM in tournament with Bulls: 1st in A Division and Sportsmanship trophy to OLM Nets

                                Fr. - old items from  altar donated to church in Boone.


3-19-96                   Dr. Drsicoll: - Can RE finance upcoming socials. Ruth Brandt said most will be donated

                                BDF: Fr. - $41,000 in pledges to date, short $16,000. Finance Committee project need for $22,-23,000 from general budget for BDF

                                Finance Committee: Fr. - Lots of growth on the South side; establish Strategic Planning Committee to plan for the future growth, expansion, planning and coordinating

                                Fr.  contact possible head for the Committee

                                Investment: Bob Rick - Finance Committee to move money from checking to money market and investigate future investment options with Dave Cardinal

                                Mother’s Day Breakfast: Dr. Driscoll -  Driscoll and Al Collette coordinate the food; Shirley Filer and Charlotte Plutt coordinate the flowers

                                Sr. Jan Reisdorf to arrive June 1, has housing, will start July 1

                                Altar Dedication: Fr. -  dedication 5-11-96 Bishop Tafoya attend

                                                Worship Committee host dinner for families involved in donations

                                Mae Vinci honored with parishioners and families involved in ministries

                                Bob Rick: - clean up volunteers - 15 - bring yard tools

                                Jim Duff: - Reconciliation at the Shrine went well

                                Ruth Brandt looking into co-ed softball league, Gene Berens to attend the next meeting

                                Ruth Brandt, Georgia Alfonso and Joanne Yarberry attended a workshop on Family Ministry and are certified retreat leaders


4-16-96                   Tri-Parish Youth Ministry: - Fr.- Cunninghams may not return as Tri-Parish Youth ministers; concerns are salary and compatibility with Colorado, Most of family in Wisconsin; asked for $14,000 raise which was denied. $5000  raise offered and refused. OLM offered to increase their portion $2000. Still talking with the Cunningham’s.

                                                Suggest split full-time and part-time to be more in line with diocesan salary guidelines

                                Finance Committee: Begin purchasing tables and chairs for facilities

                                                                30 6ft round tables to seat eight

                                                                240 molded  stack chairs    

                                                                24 tables for basement and 6 for parish center - cost $13,500

                                Strategic Planning Committee: Paul Depatie interested in chairing

                                Staffing Plans: Sr. Jan to arrive July 1; roles of all personnel need to be redefined to meet new Diocesan guidelines

                                                Next years overall salary increase $23,000 (including Sr. Jan’s)

                                Fr. - To washington, D.C. to be with sister Carol ill with cancer

                                Social Committee: Elaine Pusedu - combined the annual parish potluck picnic with celebration with Father’s birthday ( July 4th)

                                Stewardship Committee: Rick Oresky -Stewardship Conference held at Pueblo Community College Speakers were: Francis and Barbara Scholtz of Florida ; Fr. Ken Koehler of Denver and Ms. Laurie Nieb of Denver, and Mrs. Barbara Duff of Pueblo. $20 cost.

                                Finance Committe: Jim Duff - Sr. Jan should have input to Worship Committee

                                                Need job description for Sr. Jan

                                                Revenues slightly ahead of expenses

                                                $17,500 set aside for improvements on rectory - engineer contacted

                                Ruth Brandt: OLM to sponsor softball team for $210

                                Debbie Carleo: Social Concerns Committee lacks visibility

                                Dr. Dennis Driscoll: Fr. John Farley of Holy Family going to Grand Junction


5-21 96                Elections:

                                                Mary Jane Mauro interested in remaining on the Council

                                                Chuck Alarid and Ginger Lenzmeier interested

                                                RE position replaced by different name maybe Family Ministry

                                Budget: Jim Duff - $100,000 in two checking accounts - may be funneled into investments.

                                                Discussed paying down loan from Buswell Trust Fund

                                                Budget may go from $300,000 with 5% to $330,000 next year

                                                Diocese released new salary schedule - bring all up in next 3 years

                                                Some titles will be changing:

                                                                Vernon McFarland - Sexton

                                                                Charlotte Plutt may change to Program Manager or Building Coordinator

                                                                Sr. Jan probably be Pastoral Associate

                                                Insurance will increase by 25%

                                                Paul Depatie head of Strategic Planning Committee and be responsible for capital project and rectory

                                                Russ Taravala proposed new computer system/ software for all accounting processes - Gateway has church software package for $15,000

                                Tri-Parish Youth Ministry: Cunningham’s decided to leave Pueblo; the 3 parishes decided to use the same program, staff, and faculty as last year and to advertise for new Director’s position. Fr. and Sr. Jan coordinate for OLM.

                                Parish Directory: Dr. Driscoll - some parishioners interested, money made on photos sold

                                Mother’s Day Breakfast: Dr. Driscoll - prepared for 200

                                Appreciation Dinner: Reschedule for September 14 in conjunction with rescheduled Altar dedication

                                Ruth Brandt: 25 registered for softball league

                                Fr. - sister Carol died

                                                Summer to be spent reorganizing programs with Sr. Jan


6-4-96                     Computer System: Mr. Mark See, Micro Computer Services of Canon City,

                                                install the $15,000 Gateway hardware and Tom Agnew of Parish Data Systems, Inc responsible for installing $2300 software. Take 2-3 weeks to install so on-line by end of fiscal year. As have no quorum will check votes by phone.

                                Fr. - Talking with Scott Uhernik now at St. Francis to begin as Music Coordinator July 1. Need job description and accountability so Personnel Committee to help with contracts and job descriptions for Scott Uhernik and Sr. Jan.


6-30-96                   Current Assets: $72,317; Total Assets: $1,275,551

                                Long Term Liabilities: $158,744

                                Income: Tithing - $307,232; Raffle - $10,704; Bazaar - $3852; Total  $385,437


                                Salaries: Office Manager - $19,748;  RE: - $13,824; Pastor: $13,033 ($1086/mo); Parish Secretary - $11,648; Custodian -$8,164; Liturgical Director - $10,400; Sacristan - $%,943;  Maintenance -$5,111; Pastor retirement - $5,500; Deacon - $3,132;  Extra Clergy - $1,859;

                                BDF: 96 -$26.661 ; 95- $20,625

                                Deanery Assessment: $3600; postage - $6000

                                Accounting services - $2700

                                Church and Parish Center: Electricity -  $8,067; Phone - $3,116; gas - $1356;

                                                Water - $879

                                House and Park: Phone- $1039; Water - $826; Gas - $458; Cable - $291; Food - $3600

                                Altar: Bread and Wines -$1203; candles - $758;

                                Youth Ministry/Tri-Parish- $27,500

                                Scholarship Fund- $5000

                                Annunciation/Mission Parish - $1925;


                                Total Expenditures - $339,287         Excess $45,889


NOTE: Items will not totals as not all items listed.


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