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JULY 1994 TO JULY 1995


8-16-94                    John Powers Basketball League: Bobbi Jo Stupnik - No longer feasible to oversee OLM involvement in the League with the increased involvement/duties in the Tri-Parish Council

                                                Seek volunteers to recruit new coaches, maintaining liaison with coaches and the parish. John McDonald and Bob Moore Sr. interested

                                                Budget moved from Youth Committee to Pastoral Council

                                Youth Committee: Bobbi Jo Stupnik - Matt Watson new Youth Council representative for Tri-Parish Council- has had experience teaching RE and involved in the program since its inception

                                New Year’s Eve Party: Dr. Driscoll- Fuzzy Fusmire retained as D.J.; Collette cater

                                Homebound Ministry: Dr. Driscoll - more elderly and younger members moving in, need coordinator for ministry

                                Christmas Dinner for Council: Dr. Driscoll - Antonioni cater, dessert from Little Tart

                                Finance Committee: Dan Valentine -Deficit continues, with remodeling $27,000, without remodeling $2700

                                                Fr. to do three week   tithing campaign

                                                Diocese hired someone to help parishes with stewardship campaigns - to start Oct.1,94

                                Fr. - to have no fund raisers except annual raffle

                                Debbie Carleo - Peace/Justice Committee would like fund raisers for scholarships and quilting

                                Jim Duff - what is the philosophical difference between fund raising and tithing?


9-20-94                    Tri-Parish Reports:

                                                Linda Davis - she, Bobbi Jo Stupnik and Fr. John work as team

                                                Fr. John Farley - 60-65 enrolled in Confirmation program

                                                Bobbi Jo Stupnik - 3 types of programs are offered to 9-10th graders:

                                                                Mini course - Sunday nights

                                                                1 1/2 hr Thursday nights

                                                                3 hours straight on Sundays

                                                                                2 retreat choices

                                                                Sites at all parishes used- families pleased

                                Schmitt Park: Fr. - reorganize the park for family use vs competitive sports

                                                Costly to maintain, complaints, liability

                                                Rick Divelbiss, neighborhood parent, asks for delay so neighbors can speak to Council

                                                The land is an extension of the Rectory, so private land

                                279 in K-6 program- 284 last year

                                23 classes use all rooms except library

                                John Powers Basketball League: Bobbi Jo Stupnik - Bob Rick is liaison including going to meetings, working with coaches, getting gym line, etc.

                                                Fr.- determined last year that fees be absorbed by player’s families, how to collect,   each player to pay $5, parish to absorb the gym rental. Suggest teams secure sponsors - check the rules

                                Finance Committee: Dan Valentine - Russ Taravalla to do write-up work and provide monthly statement for $2700 which is less than a salaried bookkeeper

                                Worship Committee Reorganization: Fr. - 4 members currently, Diane Eickelman - Music/Worship Coordinator; Debbie Carleo- Environment; Jodee Bueno for Lectors;   and representative to the Council. Need   representatives from other worship ministries

                                                Cheryl Ford asked to be relieved of Children’s Choir

                                Shrine of St. Therese: Fr. - Fr. Vincente requested $10,000 to help furnish new church - declined to donate

                                                Shrine donated $10,000 to OLM when it opened - Canon Law requirement as gift from mother church

                                Social Committee: Shirley Filer - involvement of parishioners hard as many are two career families, willing to give dollars to help on one-time basis, buy tickets vs fix potluck, not willing to sign up on permanent basis. Set up suggestion box.

                                Finance Committee: Dan Valentine- wish list $70,000 over budget, redid got down to $69,000 over budget, redlined below $38,000. Need to increase revenues to balance the budget. Only $17,000 built into budget for depreciation. Sinking parking lot needs fixing this year

                                                Cut repair expenses to the rectory- could spend 10x’s budgeted amount, rectory is an asset

                                                Need to average $30,000/mo to maintain and balance the budget or a $5000 increase each month


                                Need Vice-president candidate

                                OLM financial commitment to Total Youth Ministry is $10,000, no more

                                Parish Council pictures updated for 94-95


10-18-94 Schmitt Park: Fr. insured through Catholic Mutual of Omaha ‘grandfathered in’ as company didn’t realize park part of insured property of the Diocese, falls under $1000 deductible. Wants park and rectory defined.

                                                Define property(fencing)

                                                                Limit hours of park from 8 a.m. to sundown

                                                                Remove volley ball poles, one slide, lower sprinkler heads, fix holes in grass

                                                                Replace trees on peripheral   of park

                                                                Remove anchors from picnic tables so they can be moved to open area in center

                                                                Landscape house and park

                                                                Cut off use of water from house to park

                                                Original purpose was for area for youngsters to play catch

                                                May need to extend hours until 10 p.m.

                                                Problem of harassment of younger by older children

                                                Parish employees not responsible for policing park, parents are

                                                Continue to monitor

                                Tithing: Russ Taravala and Paul Depatie evaluating materials

                                                Fr. announced that Tom Weaver and wife Janet are members of the parish . Tom   is Diocesan head of Stewardship, seek help for OLM

                                                Tom hopes to do away with BDF as fundraising effort and assess each parish a %age of income

                                Worship Committee: Jodee Bueno - Worship Committee Chair - Bueno, members Bob Myskofski, Diane Eickleman, Debbie Carleo

                                Fr. - OLM committed $27,000 for salary for one full time employee while Tri-Parish hired 1/2 time clerical person. Pay taken out of operating expenses

                                Recording Secretary: Patty Degrasse


11-15-94 John Powers Basketball League: Bob Rick - only 6 games this year vs 11 last year, checking on how $25 per player is spent, some for scholarships, not as organized as last year

                                Tithing: Jerry Boulse and Bob Moore spoke on topic at Masses

                                Vice-President: Rick Oresky nominated

                                Parish Dinner: Shirley Filer - Collettee’s provide chicken, parishioners rest

                                                Hold on Sunday before Thanksgiving

                                                Money to go to scholarships and parish improvements

                                Worship Committee: Jodee Bueno -Schedule   workshops, revised procedures

                                                Rose and Mary Masterantonio - Hospitality Ministers

                                                Lucille and Antoninette Masterantonio- Eucharistic Ministers

                                                Minimum age for servers 4th grade

                                Matt Watson accepted to Adams State College -resign Youth Committee position

                                Fr. -   How to keep people interested in Project, need ad hoc committee for future planning, look at parish needs, physical, programs, priorities, dreams, develop a 5 year plan and address short and long term needs.

                                                Finance Committee is developing a rate structure for all parish facilities


12-20-94 Tithing: Fr. - 398 pledges for 1995 drive show 200% increase over last year =$172,000, an increase of $30,000

                                                BDF assessment ought to decrease by $5-6000

                                                Income Dec. $31,000 to date    Total for 1993 $42,000

                                New Year’s Eve Party: Debbie and John Carleo, Karen/Paul Depatie, Bob Rick and Family helping the night of the party

                                Knights of Columbus have asked the Bishop to open a Council in OLM

                                Shirley Filer - bazaar earned $900 profit, bake sale $442. raffle earned $167 more last year

                                Mae Vinci-poster contest for children wonderful

                                Peace/Justice Committee: Debbie Carleo - gave fruit baskets to Pueblo Manor and pizzas to cottages for the young people

                                Bob Rick: Adult education will merge with Holy Family and meet at OLM

                                Mae Vinci: 47 in reconciliation class


1-17-95    Knights of Columbus Presentation: Guests: District Deputy Bob Utterbach; Frank Montanari, member of St. Joseph Council 9456; John Smith, member of Canon City 2553 and insurance advisor for the Knights.

                                                Presented a brief description, history and current information: 2000 councils internationally with 2 million members. 3 Councils in Pueblo, OLM to be 4th

                                                Help Parish through financial aid, give to charities and to members

                                                OLM has no financial obligation - they need a meeting place, develop own program by meeting with pastor and Council

                                New Year’s Eve Party: Only 49 tickets sold - may have broken even

                                Tithing: Jim Duff - Number of people tithing is up

                                Knights of Columbus to start new Council and begin recruiting.

                                Gave Boy Scouts $20 to recharter

                                Budget: Jim Duff- Church and rectory paid off. $172,000 left on Parish Center

                                                Not enough money allocated for scholarships - transferred $3600

                                                Youth Ministry $500 for supplies

                                                Parish house needs extensive repairs

                                Personnel Committee: Job descriptions approved by Charlotte Plutt, Judy Stefano and Vernon McFarland, also approved for housekeeper and maintenance

                                                Need to develop personnel instrument to measure all staff performance

                                Music/Liturgy: Diane Eickleman to present goals and what envisions for the parish at next meeting

                                Bob Rick reported John Powers Basketball League completed successful season - to be involved next year

                                Shirley Filer: Need to form a Bereavement Committee

                                Matt Watson reported that Tri-Parish right on track.


2-21-95                    Music/Liturgy: Diane Eickelman - To date organizes all music for liturgies, coordinates music ministries, rehearses each week, meets jointly with Worship Committee, fills in for organists, organizes the Adult Choir for Christmas and Easter. Wants the choir to be more than seasonal.

                                                Two new song leaders- Toni Cvar and Frank Sobolik for Saturday Mass and 9:30 a.m. Mass

                                                Spoke with Wayne Genova st South High to see if music students would be song leaders at Mass

                                                Surveyed community churches on how much musicians are paid - OLM pay is nominal, cantors voluntary

                                                Diane indicated she is not qualified and does not have the time for the Children’s Choir-Carol Ricken interested for next   year

                                                Guitar Choir to end after June

                                                Biggest problem is organists

                                Tithing: Fr. - 528 people signed to date - 280 specified amounts for $185,330

                                                248 have paid $10,000 the first 6 weeks, project $270,000

                                BDF: 1995 assessment is $38,980, 223 pledges for $23,000, OLM do $15,000 difference

                                Knights of Columbus: Might be interested in Bereavement program

                                Personnel Committee: Jim Duff -Approved - Vernon McFarland full time eligible for benefits; Charlotte Plutt same; Judy Stefano, secretary/ receptionist, 28 hours/wk, eligible for prorated holidays, and   10 annual leave days and 10 sick days /yr; maintenance receives no benefits and housekeeper have prorated holidays

                                                To look at Diane Eickleman’s job description

                                Bob Rick : Ralph Heilman volunteered to power rake

                                                Need 5 volunteers to clean up

                                Fr.: Scout Troop seeking contact person for the Troop, look for volunteer


3-21-95                    Stewardship: Tom Weaver- He a guest, spoke on Stewardship, a professional fund raiser, in Diocesan work for past 12 years. To look at stewardship as a way of life, a complete life style. It is based on the need to give, not the churches need to receive. Share faith and resources.

                                                People are to be responsible for parish, Fr. responsible to serve the spiritual needs   of the church

                                                Showed video of Fr. Joe Champlin of Syracuse and Dutch and Barbara Scholtz

                                Schoalrships: 22 applications so far

                                Peace/ Justice Committee: Changing name to Social Concerns

                                Knights of Columbus: Interest not as great as hopes. Oresky to represent the Pastoral Council at K. of C. meetings

                                Parish Cleanup: Don’s Landscaping to power rake as donation, Bob Rick to head project

                                Finance/Budget: Russ Taravala - in black by $700; meeting with each Ministry to help with understanding the budget; have Buswell trust Fund interest free loan for unplanned expenses

                                Mother’s Day Breakfast: Collette’s supply   the food and equipment but no cooking

                                Liturgy/Music: Diane Eickleman - resigned effective May 15, taking more time than she has

                                                To search for liturgist with music background

                                Stewardship Committee to be made up of couples not involved in anything else

                                St. Patrick’s Dinner a big success, 60 pounds of corned beef served; Tony and Maxine Arguello gave live dancing instructions


April missing


5-16-95                    Mother’s Day Breakfast: Dr. Driscoll - went well, carnations ‘fell through the cracks’, do next year

                                Liturgy/Music Committee: Fr/ Diane Eickelman - did preliminary interview with Will Lippis who is interested in the part-time position

                                Youth Director: Dr. Driscoll - Bobbi Jo Stupnik not hired as Tri-Parish Youth Director

                                                The Cunnigham’s from Chicago with 20 years experience were hired, Linda Davis of the Shrine headed the Search and Screening Committee

                                Finance Committee: Jim Duff - budget ‘nip and tuck’ , next year need increase in income and budget

                                                A parish this size should be generating $1 million/yr. OLM 1/4 of that, parish income has increased $69,000 over 4 years, not enough

                                                Facing negotiations on wages

                                                RE budget approved big fee increase from $15 to $20, no increase in sacramental program fees

                                Stewardship Committee: Russ Taravala, Paul Depatie with Fr. involved- Tom Weaver committed to help establish the committee, stewardship must be an absolute priority next year

                                Ruth Brandt to go to next RE Committee meeting

                                Byron Antonioni invited to next Council meeting

                                Jim Duff - need to recognize Bobbi Jo Stupnik for her 12 years of service


6-27-95                    New Council Members: Dr. Dennis Drsicoll - Byron Antonioni representative to RE Committee

                                                Mrs. Diane Baker to Youth Committee (Tri-Parish)

                                Liturgy/Music Committee: Fr. - Anthony Vigil hired 1/2 time as head of Liturgy/Music program - has B.S. in music education, working on M.S.   To begin   7-1. Was at St. Leander’s. He and wife Ramona have 1 child, she is receptionist at Diocesan office

                                Pastoral Council Elections:   Regis Opferman and Dr. Dennis Driscoll have completed their terms

                                RE/Finance: Jim Duff -$500 from the rate increase in fees to be used for program review; little or no feedback on program; large amount of money spent on socials in RE

                                Budget: Jim Duff - 95/96 budget will provide 4.4% staff wage increases - Russ Taravala designed a format for new BDF system

                                Parish Picnic: Shirley Filer - hold in Schmitt Park and parish provide the meat

                                Shirley Filer in charge of flowers for Mother’s Day

                                Fr. and Council presented outgoing president Dr. Dennis Driscoll with card and beautiful Ansel Adams print

                                Fr. - need to start Stewardship Program now- need Chair and committee formed, Tom Weaver to guide- names for possible chair: Jerry Carleo, Bob Miller and Bob Moore

                                Cass Paerson and Matt Watson thanked Council for support of Guitar Choir

                                Bobbi Jo Stupnik new DRE for combined parishes of Assumption, St. Mary’s and St. Patrick’s.


6-30-95                    New budgeting format:

                                                Total Assets: $1,101,918.88

                                                Income: Ordinary - $228,000, parish activities, $13,700

                                                                Total $348,450.00

                                                Expenses: Salaries/benefits -$129,379

                                                                    Parish Offices -$23,000

                                                                Utilities - $17,65                     

                                                                Worhsip, $12,100

                                                                Parish LIFE activities -$9000.00

                                                                Youth - H.S. and Confirmation -$7,223

                                                                           Middle School -$3,227

                                                                RE- $5200

                                                                Rectory - $5000

                                                                Social Concerns - $7,682

                                                                Parish Council - $1782


                                                Tithing - $204,000

                                                BDF :95 -$16,938 ;94- $7353 ; 93- $52

                                                Raffle - $8883;Socials - $3005;

                                                Salaries: Youth Minister -$18,916; Office Manager -$18,916

                                                                RE; $14,918    Pastor’s: $11,250 ($938/mo)

                                                                Parish Secretary - $11,109; Custodian -$8,317

                                                                Liturgical Director - $4688; Sacristan/Office-$5818

                                                                Maintenance - $4914; Pastor retirement Fund - $5428

                                                                Deacon - $3000;Clergy Continuing Education -$2174

                                                                Extra Clergy - $1905

                                                BDF paid: 95 -$20,449; 94 -$18,764

                                                Deanery Assessment - $3600

                                                Supplies - $5686

                                                Postage - 44826

                                                Accounting - $2475

                                                Computer Data/software - $1800

                                                Church and Parish Hall - Utilities - $8250; phone- $3654;

                                                                gas -$2025; water - $770

                                                Rectory and Park - phone -$1211;water - $774;gas - $438;

                                                                electric -$284; cable - $251

                                                Physical   Facilities Repairs and Maintance - $13,408


                                                                Minister’s Workshops $1381

                                                                Organists and musicians -$1280

                                                                Altar breads and wines -$1096

                                                                Candles - $719

                                                                RCIA-Adults - $706Vestments and care - $302

                                                Parish Life Activities :

                                                                Raffle - $2526; Bazaar - $742;   potlucks - $577;Supplies $658; Deanery Dinner - $189

                                                Tri-Parish - $7378

                                                Rectory - food -$3600; repairs/maintenance - $2329

                                                Social Concerns: Scholarship Fund $4482; Annunciation Parish - $1800;

                                                Parish Council: John Powers League - $854; Socials - $320


                                                Total Expenditures: $327,545 - balance $9,420


(Note: not all items listed so   totals are actual but items don’t add to that total as given here

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