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JULY 1993 TO JULY 1994


7-20-93                    Peace/Justice: Debbie Carleo -175 shares sold in Share Colorado per month

                                                Quilting continuing

                                Youth Committee: Ron Dehn - same budget as last year -

                                                Pat Edelmann - Youth Committee and 7-12 RE budget blended to provide for Youth Program to begin this fall

                                Social Concerns:

                                                Resignation: Al and Adrienne being transferred come September

                                Maintenance: Paul Depatie- John Skerjanec hired - estimated 10-15 hrs/week

                                Pual Depatie: Need concrete pan and trench to street for water drainage- $400

                                Schmitt Park: Paul Depatie - slow leak from sprinkler system showed park and parish house on the same meter

                                Council Vacancies: Jim Duff - 3 applicants - Rick Pavlick, Ruth Brandt, Jim McKissick

                                Deacon:                 Bishop Tafoya assigned permanent Deacon Bob Myscofski (deacon for five years ) for .25 FTE (10 hrs/wk). Responsibilities include sacramental preparations for parishioners, assisting with two Masses each weekend; deacon not celebrant if priest available but give occasional homily.   OLM cost $2000/yr

                                                Vernon McFarland role is sexton for one year

                                RE Classroom Space: Jim Duff - 2 classes in church basement, 6th grade in 2 classrooms

                                Parish Administration: Jim Duff and Fr. -Jim Grosso of Finance Committee offered to serve as Administrator; Bishop Tafoya appointed Dan Valentine, CPA and Chair Finance Committee.

                                                Also, Jim Duff, Dan Valentine, Charlotte Plutt,   cooperativelymanage the day to day operation. Fr. Suggested Charlotte Plutt attend Council meetings

                                Rectory Kitchen Remodel: Jim Duff- plan of action needed, $25,000 available, time from design to bid can be fast tracked

                                Pastoral Council Guidelines: Jim Duff, Paul Depatie- approve before Fr. leaves

                                                Table election of Vice-President until new Council members attend

                                                Guidelines to include articulating when vote is needed vs consensus

                                                Other concerns:   Duties/responsibilities of recording secretary

                                                                Attendance policies for 12 months

                                                                Voting Co-chairs

                                                                Meeting schedule

                                                                Allowing members to ask for closed meetings

                                                                Committee guidelines- vague, many have indefinite numbers of members and/or recurring terms, no attendance or decision-making policies, no set quorum, no minimum number of meetings

                                                                Pat Edelmann - have actual committee guidelines vs guidelines rewritten to fit a format


8-17-93                    Maintenance Report: John Skerjanec - Maintenance under Finance Committee and report to Dan Valentine. Sprinkler system needs lots of repairs, heads etc; RE Center in good shape ;   Tables to be replaced on a rotation basis. Asked that contractors be made to abide by bids, past short cuts are now maintenance problems

                                Election Vice-Oresident: Jim Duff- next few years will see lots of changes, review program, new position, budget issues.

                                                Three year commitments for President, Vice-President and Past President (non-term position)

                                Budget: Dan Valentine -Major salary increases plus BDF assessment brings expenses to $290,000. If revenues duplicate the current year   should equal $300,000. Committee budgets project about 10% increase

                                Staffing: Jim Duff/Fr. - Keep parishioners posted on how money is spent

                                                Look at hiring administrator

                                                Review staffing pattern in view of Diocesan personnel plan

                                                Need personnel subcommittee?

                                                Fr. - Charlotte Plutt on-site administrator and coordinator with Jim Duff and Dan Valentine (Meet with staff every two weeks)

                                                                Charlotte to meet with staff every week

                                                Discussed 24 hr/mo   bookkeeping position, voted $1000 to Plutt for bookkeeper through end of 1993

                                Park Water Meter: Paul Depatie- Cost $2100 to separate Park and Rectory water meter- hold

                                Deacon Report: Fr.: No appointment letter from Bishop yet. Deacon can preach, baptize, preside at weddings and funerals either with or without a priest

                                Social Committee Replacement: Jim Duff - needs new chair. Cass Watson and Debbie Carleo co-ordinate the Bazaar and asked for authority needed to do

                                Kitchen: Fr.- Ed Kocman, architect parishioner, retained to plan kitchen, Depatie to chair committee, Debbie Carleo to be artistic consultant

                                Youth: Pat Edelmann- Pat Edelmann to represent Ad Hoc Committee and Ron Dehn represent Youth Ministry. End of year only one person to represent program on Council

                                Tabled vice-president election until September.

                                Fr.: To leave August 25th on sabbatical devoted to an internship in pastoral care for the sick. Will return for Stewardship renewal in October and back on staff December 7


9-21-93                    Committee Reports and Agenda:

                                                Ground rules set to limit time of reports to coincide with the allotted time on the agenda - time can be borrowed from those not using all of theirs -   if report cannot be completed in allotted time - defer balance until next meeting

                                Social Committee: New co-chair Shirley Filer with Elaine Pusedu. Filer Council representative

                                Questions on Committee Reports:

                                                Why are some committees not reporting - haven’t met

                                                Debbie Carleo reported that King Soopers to provide truck and driver for September distribution of Colorado Shares

                                                Bobbi Jo Stupnik has three more teachers in middle school program, 8-10 students per class

                                Council Guidelines:

                                                Accepted majority vote vs concensus, meet 12 month period from July through June, limiting members to missing   four meetings during calendar year

                                                Charlotte Plutt given $100 plus signed card for Bishop Buswell for his 80th birthday

                                                Charlotte Plutt: Offices and staff doing well, maintenance and bookkeeper big help.

                                                Father Dorcy working and studying hard.

                                Kitchen Update: Paul Depatie, Jim Duff and sons and Dick Vinci tore out old kitchen, sold sink for $100, small cabinets and stoves to Posada’s new location, blue prints ready in two weeks

                                Vice-President: Dr. Dennis Driscoll voted in

                                Jim Duff: Need personnel subcommittee

                                Confirmation Program: With Fr. John Farley- Fr. John disorganized- full of energy but need to revise the confirmation program, Bobbi Jo Stupnik and Fr. Tom Adrians met with Fr. John Farley on set agenda/schedule

                                RE will invite Jim Sciegel, Diocesan Administrative Specialist, to meet in November to discuss 6th grade curriculum

                                Budget: Trimmed 93-94 budget- saw 15% increase and shows $27,000 deficit

                                                Check refinancing Parish Center debt at lower interest

                                                Youth Ministry vs Youth Group - combined to include education, social and spiritual

                                                If Colorado Share needs a truck, take funds from another line item or request budget amendment

                                                Bobbi Jo Stupnik asked about a $10 fee per person for sports programs OLM sponsors - basketball, softball, volleyball and miniature golf. Scholarships available.

                                                Charlotte Plutt, substitute Recording Secretary


10-19-93 Paul Depatie timekeeper for Council meeting.

                                Youth doing Coffee and Donuts but unless parents help it separates families

                                Personnel Committee: Jim Duff- Purpose - deal with personnel requests, staffing patterns, evaluation of paid staff,   committee to articulate its purpose, suggest committee include   parish members at-large.

                                                Mae Vince- RE Committee evaluate own staff

                                                Jim Duff - Personnel Committee to establish criteria to see if   Parish mission is being accomplished by paid staff

                                                Should be a standing Committee of the Council with a maximum of five members to include Pastor, 2-3 Council members, and 1-2 parish members at-large

                                Kitchen Remodel: Paul Depatie - approved $30,000 with permission for any amount over that

                                Staff Attendance at Council Meetings: Chalotte Plutt - Staff presence is optional unless agenda requires their presence and then such items be placed at beginning of the agenda

                                Parish Council Pictures: Jim Duff - Greg Lauricella to take pictures of voting members at November meeting

                                Space Usage: Jim Duff - a for profit venture being used by an individual gratis; President to send letter that space no longer available and give 30 days notice. To return keys

                                Raffle: Jim Duff - raffle profits (usually about $6500) be split 50-50 between scholarship fund and replacement of Parish Hall furnishings

                                Parish Christmas Dinner: Jim Duff/Charlotte Plutt -   250 attended last year - do again

                                Confirmation Program Review: Pat Edelmann -   Confirmation III off schedule- lots of concern- growing pains, Consider OLM Youth Ministry bringing the program back to OLM, reorganize using the skills and abilities of Confirmation Program Team

                                Liturgical Ministries: Jim Duff- Hospitality, Eucharistic, Lectors Ministries in disarray

                                                Put Worship Committee on Council, people not comfortable as acolytes, lectors need to ask about pronunciations, servers need training in reverence

                                Fridge in hall not working


11-16-93 Ruth Brandt: To draft revised policy for facility rental policy - parishioners no longer receive break in fees   since policy abused by asking and letting non-parishioners use

                                Pat Edelmann: Reconciliation classes going better this year

                                Personnel Committee: Jim Duff-   announced 4 parishioners names to represent parish at-large on Committee: Wilma Carsella, Jeanette O’Quinn, Bill and Fran Brunjak. President, Vice-President and two volunteers to interview these candidates (Jim Duff, Dr. Dennis Driscoll, and two volunteeers Regis Opferman and Jim McKissick).

                                                Committee to review staffing requests, performance, staffing patterns and job descriptions. Jim Sciegel may do in-service.

                                RE Committee Guidelines: K-6 have quorum of   50% of voting members,

                                                members minimum of 5, maximum of 10, decisions by majority vote, to evaluate RE Director (negotiate with Personnel Committee after it is established)

                                Finance Committee Guidelines:   Quorum 5 members, decisions by majority vote, question non-voting advisory member - change to various advisors

                                Kitchen Remodel: Paul Depatie -Plumbing moved, electrical conduits replaced, framing finished this week. Ranges, ovens, dishwasher and sinks purchased. Floor covering selected. Complete week following Thanksgiving

                                Parish Christmas Dinner: Shirley Filer - Collette’s provide the chicken

                                Tri-Parish Update: Pat Edelmann -Youth Ministry delegates to express to Tri-Parish group concerns with the lack of progress made in the development of the Tri-Parish Council

                                Talent Sheets: Charlotte Plutt -survey needs to be revamped and done every year; parishioners want to know the length of time of commitment and the duties of various committees and the office needs to know the volunteers available

                                Liturgical Ministers: Rapid growth precluded adequate training/in-service

                                                Worship Committee to be part of Pastoral Council

                                                Services of Diocesan Liturgical consultant ought to be utilized

                                                Role to be expanded to include hospitality and eucharistic ministers and lectors

                                Dan Valentine: Parish behind in revenues, several one time expenses occurred


12-14-93 Finance Committee: Dan Valentine- Necessary to cut budget 20%, tithing just over 50%, tithing now down but has not met projection, 182 pledges returned $100,000, hall rental down due to remodeling, expenses up
                                                BDF assessment $38,000 budgeted

                                Personnel Committee: Jim Duff - Fr., Jim Duff, Dr. Driscoll and Regis Opferman interviewed Wilma Carsella (Part-time with Diocesan Personnel Department) and Jeanette O’Quinn (Pueblo County Personnel Department). Jim McKissick and Jim Duff to be representatives to Parish Council

                                Youth Ministry Guidelines: Jim Duff - Quorum 2/3 of members, majority vote for decisions, duties as defined by Tri-Parish Council

                                Peace/ Justice Guidelines: Quorum 3, decisions by majority vote, no member parameters set, mission statement being rewritten

                                Rental Agreement: Jim Duff- Dan Valentine, Charlotte Plutt and Jim Grosso on subcommittee, to have same security company consistently, to approve kitchen condition before and after an event, have attorney sit on committee or review the contract when finalized

                                Kitchen Remodel: Paul Depatie- 97% complete for $25,000- sent note of appreciation to Ed Kocman, architect

                                Bazaar and Christmas Dinner:- Debbie Carleo/Shirley Filer - Bazaar tables made $875, $2380 grossed on kitchen/bake sale, food expenses $550, already have offers to donate food for next year. Want music and double serving line for next year. $5755 net on gross proceeds of $8344 for raffle

                                Tri-Parish Council: Pat Edelmann- Pat asked to be second representative and Ron Dehn be primary representative to Tri- Parish Council

                                Liturgy/Music Ministry and Worship Committee: Fr. /Debbie Carleo - to coordinate all liturgy ministries, ad hoc Worship Committee revived and given charge to develop Parish survey. Training needed for all liturgy ministries

                                New Year’s Eve Party: Jim Duff- volunteers on committee Jim Duff, Paul Depatie, Shirley Filer and husband; limit 75 couples/$30/couple ; Rip Avina D.J.

                                Council members selected pictures of self to be displayed near main doors of the church

                                Fr. Dorcy glad to be back and believed the Parish could run without a pastor


1-18-94                    Budgeting Status: Dan Valentine - need 15% cut in budget except for kitchen remodeling and scholarships; no salary cuts for now; BDF assessment is $45,000 vs $38,000, will seek relief to bring down to $41,000

                                Worship Committee: Regis Opfermann -brainstormed upgrading Parish Worship- Fr. Reported that if done right income could increase 30%; need both worship and talent surveys. Shirley Filer, Ruth Brandt and Charlotte Plutt develop talent survey; Worship Survey to be taken at all Masses; Deacon Myscofski arranged four part series on Liturgy to attach to Bulletin during Lent

                                Tri-Parish Youth Council: Ron Dehn -St. Therese did not attend the meetings, Fr. Dorcy endorses; Holy Family has reservations; Committee decided to continue with contingencies in case the other parishes do not commit

                                                Demographics and leadership of two involved parishes very different but feels good about the Confirmation program now

                                New Year’s Eve Party: 59 couples attended with profit of $309, Avina unavailable for next year

                                Dr. Dennis Driscoll preside at next meeting as Jim Duff out-of-town

                                Fr. Dorcy: Parishioners need to know needs/dreams of the parish and if they are willing to commit to them through tithing

                                                Jim Duff suggested Finance Committee create a survey instrument to learn why people do/do not tithe; to be under the auspices of the Council vs Fr.

                                Basement to be completed through maintenance (painting/lighting $2800) and then start on the lighting project


2-15-94                    Budget: Dr. Driscoll -now a $29,000 deficit; 15% budget cuts should close the gap; revenues over last year but also are expenses;

                                                Dan Valentine’s term on Council ends 6-94

                                Tithing/Current and Future: Fr.- BDF pledges $11,000 now, average pledge $104;Holy Family averages $350/pledge and St. Leanders is $250;

                                                average pledge is $400/yr. Finance Committee recommends Council members meet one-on-one with parishioners to discuss tithing; also can raise fees for various programs

                                Talent Survey: Shirley Filer/ Ruth Brandt Ministry Fair poorly attended

                                Remodeling Phase II: Fr. recommend finishing basement, 2 phase - to replace tables and chairs; $5000 can be used for lighting and painting

                                Pat Edelmann: Tri-Parish Youth Ministry doing well so OLM Youth Ministry will cease to exist. Fr. John Farley at the last meeting

                                                Council member photos being framed

                                                Debbie Carleo and Peace/Justice Committee checking on starting a food bank (Care & Share)

                                Person using Center for for-profit venture is still doing so- do follow-up


3-15-94                    Budget: Paul Depatie - refinanced - Al Collette got prime interest rate plus 1%, currently at 7% - this change will yield a savings.

                                                Norma Becca and Russ Taravalla filled vacancies on Finance Committee

                                                $29,00 deficit decreased by $850

                                Talent Survey: Shirley Filer/ Ruth Brandt - 100 Time and talent surveys in - mostly renewals; Liturgy Ministers not renewing, Charlotte Plutt to call; Committee enrollment renewals; 1 new member for Peace/Justice Committee

                                Personnel Committee: Jim Duff -Parish staff listing job duties to be used to develop job descriptions to be checked against Diocesan guidelines. Then performance measures and criteria can be developed


4-19-94                    Regis Opferman Council timekeeper

                                Jim Duff: Clarified Tri-Parish Youth Project, some things are happening, other things are goals; current thought to be adequate; 10 OLM people willing to work on Committee

                                Council Elections: Jim Duff - Two 3 year terms to be vacant - Debbie Carleo and Dr. Dennis Driscoll

                                                President and Vice-President to count ballots

                                                Ron Dehn and Pat Edelmann to remain on the Council - one on Youth Committee and one on Project Development

                                Tithing Philosophy: Fr. /Jim Duff- We are a tithing parish. Setup Stewardship Program to incorporate BDF, determine if RE fees to be included in tithe. Need to charge the cost of the program. Now Fees only meet 10% of the cost. Start November 1994- November 1995

                                Loan refinanced at 7 1/4 %   locked in at Minnequa Bank

                                Parish Hall Contract: Dan Valentine - Adaped Diocesan contract for OLM - OLM fee is in the median of those contacted

                                Personnel Committee: Jim McKissick - job descriptions for Maintenance and custodial positions done. Working on receptionist, secretary and bookkeeping positions

                                Tri-Parish Update: Pat Edelmann - Expanded to include people with different interests-matrix impacts entire parish, has nine components and Council works on 4 of these; Youth Ministry Council needs new members and OLM needs 4 new members for a total of 11.

                                                OLM Pastoral Council make a decision about the program director. Fr. agreed for OLM pay Youth Director salary with no further commitment to salaries

                                                To redesign and landscape Schmitt Park

                                                Mother’s Day Breakfast: Jim Duff - Men to do, Collette’s provide the griddles and food, Jim McKissick, Pat Edelmann and John Carleo help; Shirley Filer do the flowers and supplies

                                                Dr. Driscoll reported errors appearing on tithing statements going out to parishioners


5-17-94                    Mae Vinci reminded Council that tuition waivers were extended to children of teachers in the RE program

                                Finance Committee: Dan Valentine - In presence of Fr. and Dan Valentine, Fr. John Beno signed the loan for the Bishop

                                                Minnequa requests interest bearing checking account be moved to there with no service charge

                                                Minnequa offers corporate credit card with no member fee and 10 3/4% interest paid monthly - OLM got

                                Jim Grosso: To obtain information from Tital Security for Hall contract form- charges $9/hr for one officer and $8/hr per officer when two or more are contracted

                                                If rental is $500, security and cleanup can be included at no extra charge

                                                B and K charges $60 for cleanup after a wedding

                                Personnel Committee: Jim McKissick - 20 hrs/wk approved for bookkeeping position - to contract to accounting/bookkeeping firm.

                                                Accounting do posting, reconciliation and production of financial statement

                                                Deposits, checks, coding of expenditures to remain in OLM office

                                Mother’s Day Breakfast: Jim Duff- thanked Regis Opferman, Paul Depatie, Dr. Dennis Driscoll, Tom and John Carleo, and Mark Jesik for help; 196 tickets turned in for gross of $357. Carnations were $286. Net proceeds to Social Concerns Committee

                                Rick Oreski and Rob Rick top vote getters for Council seats

                                Jim Duff suggested Worship survey be done - concerns include cell phones ringing during Mass, dress very informal, come late and leave early

                                Tri-Parish Youth: positions include   Director, part-time secretary (to become full time later), 2 site contacts (up to 40 hrs/mo). Ron Dehn and Pat Edelmann will be going off the Council but will coordinate with Bobbi Jo Stupnik on replacements

                                Useful to have Worship professional on staff next year. Diane Eickelman can no longer do Liturgy/Music as of 5-16-94

                                Tri-Parish Update: Ron Dehn -Recommendations contained in received letter adopted.; that OLM adopt and begin implementation of Tri-Parish Youth Program   Framework by fall 1994; that a single full time coordinator be employed (Bobbi Jo Stupnik). In event this new program is not implemented as outlined by Tri-Parish Committee in fall of 1994, the Youth of OLM will best be served by Coordination under the authority of OLM Pastoral Council


6-94                         Missing


6-30-94                    No financial data end of 1994 fiscal year


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