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JULY 1992 TO JULY 1993


10-20-92 Parish Council Recording Secretary: Jodee Bueno

                                Defined terms for Committee chairs and members, defined unexpired term process and roles/responsibilities of committee to match Council mission

                                                Finance: Chair 2 yrs, no reappointment; members 3 yrs continue indefinitely

                                                RE: Chair 3 yrs; members indefinite- limited membership to 7

                                                Peace/Justice: Chair 3 yrs; members still discussing

                                                Youth: Chair 3 yrs; members indefinite

                                                Social: Chair: one yr; members indefinite

                                                Liturgy/ Music: still formative stage

                                                The number of members a function of the committee

                                RE :In-service on prayer led by Sr. Andrea Vasquez for RE teachers

                                Liturgy/Music:- Catherine Tonne -Madeline Santos and Cheryl Ford attended Music Conference.

                                Social Committee: Joyce Stimmel - Christmas Bazaar - 40 tables for rent , limited to Parish and mini halls

                                Finance: Dan Valentine - Minor changes to adopted budget guidelines, need two more on committee

                                Land/Development: Fr. Dorcy-under Diocesan guidelines Maintenance is under the Finance Committee- make it an ad hoc committee?

                                House Kitchen Update: Fr. Dorcy -One option requires heavy investment in hood, sprinkler system, etc. Other option uses high grade domestic electric ranges. Half of $20,000 budget for appliances and half for cabinetry. Rack ovens and cooktops suggested

                                Youth Minnistry Program:   OLM will be part of 3-parish committee   to develop a youth ministry to encompass the entire South side

                                Bishopís Pastoral Visitation:

                                                To review the last visitation, prepare pastoral plan, organize committee reports/goals to be used

                                                Have luncheon with Bishop Tafoya in Education Center Library on Nov 21 @ 1:30; teen Mass on Sunday; have present plan available; Bishop Tafoya to visit with Council about 1 1/2 hours

                                Pastoral Needs (Welcome/Bereavement): Fr./Debbie Carleo -personally approach people to serve

                                Halloween Night: Fr. Dorcy- Parish supply hot dogs, sloppy joes, drinks, paper products after 5 p.m. Mass

                                Preseren Choir: Fr. Dorcy - choir very good

                                Parish Truck: Paul Depatie - voted to sell truck and give proceeds to Peace/Justice committee

                                Tithe/Stewardship: Fr. Dorcy/Paul Depatie - average household income in parish is $35-40,000 for two income households

                                                Tithe/Stewardship theme ďNurturing Sacrificial GivingĒ

                                                1993 will start in-house envelope system; if average income factual, parish income should be $900,000/yr; suggest to get younger members to give

                                                Only 10% of those with children In RE regularly give

                                                50% of those with children in RE not regular churchgoers

                                                500 families out of 1000 use envelopes - only 350 regular contributors

                                                No solid commitment to Diocese - $11,000 for BDF must come from general funds

                                                Parish costs probably up 4-5% this year

                                                Need to look at long-term goals for over the next ten years, need to be self-sufficient, OLM no longer a mission church, need to pay just wages to employees

                                Raffle Funds: Fr. Dorcy: 1/2 to go to painting basement and upgrading lighting and 1/2 to Peace and Justice Committee for scholarship fund

                                                John Vecchio donated creche he made to be used for raffle - money to the Parish, Charlotte Plutt to check on legality

                                Parish Dinner: Fr. Dorcy - no wine to be sold, suggested a St. Nicholas party potluck with presents for the children

                                Parish Council Christmas Party: Fr. Dorcy- Byron Antonioni to cater in Education Center Library/ each member to pay

                                Maintenance: Cip Navarro available part-time after 12-31


11-92 Minutes missing


12-15-92                 Raffle netted $6000, $2900 to scholarship fund, $2900 to Parish Hall renovation

                                Christmas Bonuses: Fr. Dorcy - $1000 for bonuses for 4 full time and 2 part time employees and $100 for gifts for volunteers


1-19-93                    RE: Virginia Gallegos- working on 3-5 yr mission statement               

                                                Classroom management in-service to include room set-up and methods to maintain interest

                                Youth Committee: Gene Berens - Sally Pecoraro attending meeting dealing with World Youth Day

                                Finance: Dan Valentine - financial software working well; six months into the year revenues ahead and expenditures lower than budget

                                                Received $1200 donation for pews and money for software

                                                8 questions relating to BDF given to Bishop Tafoya   at Visitation , Bishop suggested questions be put in letter to Fr. John Beno

                                                Last yearís drive only raised $22,000, remainder from general fund

                                                Jim: - last year New Yearís Eve Party staged without full purchasing procedure; Dan Valentine said form was being used

                                Project Development - Youth Ministry: Pat Edelmann - Tri-Parish meeting with Jim Sciegel (from Diocese) to begin developing project - OLM attendees: Fr. Dorcy, Mary Jo Bollinger, Bonnie Dehn, Anne Marie Kottenstette and Pat Edelmann

                                                Goals: foster total personal and spiritual growth of youth, develop responsible participation in life, mission and work of the parish

                                                Three surveys to be done - Youths in grades 7-12; staff and volunteers; parents to determine why uninvolved or uninterested

                                                Look at common/unique needs of each of the 3 parishes

                                                Plan for the utilization of human expertise and structural facilities to be fully implemented over 3-5 year period

                                                Sciegel says the strategic plans to be develped and in place by April and fully implementation to begin Jul 1994

                                New Yearís Eve Party:   77 tickets sold - 4 or 5 couples didnít attend

                                Kitchen Remodel: Plan to Phil Gallegos who will do drawings

                                Social Committee: Paul Depatie - need to replace chair so look at the position differently, need not be a hands on person but one able to coordinate subcommittees, i.e. post Mass Fellowship, receptions etc.

                                                Debbie Carleo said the Chairpersonís work not overwhelming but that work needs to be delegated. Need to write a job description.

                                                                One duty is to manage supplies.

                                                Doing coffee and rolls at 8 and 9:30 a.m. Masses, how about 5.p.m. and 11 a.m.?

                                Worship Direction: Paul Depatie - Focus to be worship, environment and music

                                                Suggest Fr. give homily from the body of the church vs. pulpit

                                Recent Donations: Paul Depatie - Rick Pavlich donated Apple Computer; Jim Masciotra donated software; Bob Moore Sr. donated T.V. for Youth and RE programs

                                                For millwork for seating for celebrant and servers

                                Diaconate Disbursement: Paul Depatie - $1000 for Vernon McFarland, Benedictine Oblate, to attend Holy Week   sabbatical of his choice

                                Volunteer Workshop: Paul Depatie-   Workshop on recruitment, education, nurture, support of volunteers; brochures by Deanery Ministry Formation program distributed

                                Maintenance throughout the plant- communication breakdown

                                Fr. Dorcy attended the Clergy Conference in Albuquerque

                                Deadline to register for space at Papal Visit in Denver in August is February 15


3-16-93                    RE:Phil Gallegos - conflict with District 60 on recreation activities - Smith unaware of ban on activities other than those which are church affiliated- Holy Family and Shrine contacting District 60 to have ruling enforced

                                Social Committee: Adrienne and Al Villegos -   seeking guidelines plus already established functions. Concerned that Committee may have become Ďcatch allí such as Council parties, RE appreciation, music picnic, etc.   Need to know chain of command. Committee should be for full parish functions vs individual ones. No bond between older parishioners and teens, need activities with no age limit.

                                Pat Edelmann- Social   Committee should coordinate all the acitivities

                                Judy Stupnik - Tri-Parish Youth Committee encouraging intergenerational activities

                                If subcommittees established then ownership belongs to them

                                Need specific locations for specific events

                                Finance: Paul Depatie - Income $19,295 over budget, Diocese needs to be accountable including their own bad debts, to keep only two months operating funds in checking

                                Project Development - Youth Ministry:-Pat Edelmann- subcommittees working on mission and scope, Mary Jo Bollinger and Matthew Watson on subcommittee

                                Worship Direction: Regis Opferman - seeking direction to enhance worship and find volunteer feedback and is read, revamping talent survey to include worship direction

                                Maintenance Status: Paul Depatie - Cip Navarro unable to do work as planned  

                                                New Diocesan personnel standards coming

                                                Each parish pays own Workmanís Comp

                                                Ad in Bulletin for Maintenance - $6/hr for 5-10 hrs/wk

                                Parish Administration: Paul Depatie - to maintain checks and balances need someone in addition to Charlotte Plutt - suggest there is a difference between office work and counseling - to seek guidelines from Diocese and Fr. Dorcy on position

                                Fr. to remain on salary while on sabbatical

                                Boy Scout Troop: Paul Depatie - Boy Scout Troop 23 formed and now meeting with ten members

                                Pastoral Council Elections: Paul Depatie:

                                                Jim Duff incoming President

                                                Positions open: Jim Duff and Carol Kristan - at-large positions

                                                                Catherine Tonne - term expiration

                                                Usually elections held in April

                                                Recommend Committees establish time frames for chairpersons to coincide with the rest of the Council terms - July to June

                                                Election to be held during Sunday Masses vs sending ballots home

                                Council meetings are supposed to be open so publish time and place in Bulletin

                                Checked liability coverage for sponsored parish softball team


4-20-93                    Peace/Justice Committee: four $1000 scholarships to be awarded- 36 applicants - notice to be sent by registered mail

                                Social Committee: Adrienne and Al Villegas:   Pursue interest survey, seek suggestions from Council, form committee of 6 to make decisions, drafted by-laws, Confirmation reception was paid from RE Budget

                                Finance: Paul Depatie -Through March 31 budget $23,000 over projected income

                                                Still problems in accounting - pay roll is one; also transfer of money from savings to checking is considered income by BDF

                                Maintenance Status: Paul Depatie- 6 responses from ad on position, should come from within the parish.

                                                Fr., Paul Depatie and Charlotte Plutt interview candidates

                                                Maintenance person needs discretion to indicate which repairs are beyond their expertise and need to contract out

                                                Problems: Leak in basement storage area from sprinkler system pipe,

                                                                gap in sidewalk in front of church and in blacktop back of church

                                Parish Administration: Paul Depatie- need someone to make decisions and oversee finances   ; temporary administrator needed by July 1; Bishop needs to make interim appointment; Fr. suggests hiring someone from the Council for temporary part-time appointment -salaried; Regis Opferman to call Administrators at Holy Family and   St. Pius about the duties and responsibilities

                                Sabbatical Report: Fr. Dorcy - Sabbatical to run from Sept.1 through December 15. Fr. Tom Munson , retired, do sacramental needs of Parish

                                Youth Ministry: Fr. - discussed Southside Youth Ministry Program - questions are: to replace RE program as each Parish individually has entire program annually, could the individual Parishes withdraw

                                                Bobbi Jo Stupnik scheduled to attend training for certification through St. Thomas church

                                Security: Fr. - two attempts made to break into the church- check on security system

                                Interim Lighting: Fr. - central lighting around the altar going out, an experimental model so no parts available - replace

                                Deacon on Staff: Fr. -Request a permanent deacon- Deacon Bob Myscofski, at St. Leanderís, reassigned in June to help with Masses, marriage prep etc. now paid on per service basis

                                During sabbatical parish pays Fr.ís salary, Diocese pays for replacement

                                New salary schedule to be implemented for Diocesan personnel

                                Dan Valentine may attend workshops in May/June

                                Mini Golf League: Fr. anyone interested in this league - need five for a team - Paul Depatie, Gene Berens, Tom Carleo and Dr. Driscoll volunteered

                                Staff worked with mediator to develop Pastoral Staff Covenant

                                                Council and Parish Committees may want to write covenants


5-18-93                    Finance Committee: Paul Depatie - Charlotte Plutt to attend Finance Committee meetings - Mary Jo Walsh help Charlotte with bookkeeping

                                                BDF assessment can be absorbed by parish tithing in two years

                                                Suggest participate in answering service to locate priest on weekends for sick calls, etc

                                                Keep rental price structure for facilities as is

                                                Discussed getting credit card for staff use for phone orders for parish needs

                                                Jim Grosso to review Diocesan salary schedule and report

                                Project Development - Youth Ministry : Pat Edelmann- need one director for catechesis, one for spirituality and personal development       

                                                Recommend OLM Youth Ministry be totally restructured to be part of the Southside Youth Ministry Countil (SYMC)- no separate RE component

                                                Holy Family supports program, St. Therese has money concerns

                                                80% for Youth from Holy Family and OLM

                                                Suggest 4.5% increase requested for year for RE - Youth budget to be separated from RE

                                                Ron Dehn SYMC representative to Council for year

                                                Pat Edelmann, ad hoc committee, on Council for another year

                                Youth Committee to be eliminated 6-30-93

                                Propose Pastor, Associate Pastor and Pastoral Associate at Holy Family fill the Director of Catechesis and   Bobbi Jo Stupnik be Director of Sprirituality and Personal Growth; Holy Family subsidize OLM for the full time position

                                Chairperson of Youth Committee be SYMC representative  

                                Parish Administration: Paul Depatie/Fr.

                                                Dan Valentine be administrator during sabbatical, contract with Danís employer who would assign duties to him - cost?

                                                Fr. recommended other Council members be utilized to oversee ministry concerns, worship planning, RE etc.

                                                Person selected   to be intimately knowledgeable about parish operations so able to continue business as usual with little change

                                                Fr. - administration primarily oversees fiscal operations

                                                Ask staff to attend Council meetings; Tom Carleo suggested needed more information including fiscal impact before acting

                                Motherís Day Breakfast: Paul Depatie - 200 + served

                                Purchased fax, modem and 3rd phone line for $741


6-18-93                                    President Paul Depatie to be replaced by Jim Duff for next year

                                Resignation: Carol Cornetta, RE Committee


6-30-93                    Annual Income: $300,803    Expenses: $280,629

                                                Pastorís Salary: $10,725 ($893.75/mo), Extra Clergy: $2369

                                                Staff Salaries: Sacristan/Office - $5211; Custodian: $9710; Office Manager: $16, 946; secretary: $11,207; Music: $1750; RE Children - $11,953; RE Youth - $11,987; Worship Committee- $9,940; Youth Ministry: $3,909; Parish Offices: $22,951; Social Concerns: $5,992; RE: $10,271; Parish Life: $8,448;

                                                Church/Parish Center utilities: $13,737; House/Park Utilities: $2,849

                                                Rectory: $3,656

                                                  Physical Facilities: $13,471;Postage-$4500

                                                Education: $2540

                                                Offertory: $195,170

                                                National Collections - $2000, BDF A: $20,572, BDF B: $17,735

                                                Priest Retirement Fund: $4604

                                                (New breakdown of entries utilized)


                                Fixed Assets:

                                                Land: $110,000

                                                Building/Church: $475,000

                                                Furniture/Fixtures : $86,902

                                                Parish Center: $394,320

                                                                Total: $1,066,282

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