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JULY 1991 TO JULY 1992


7-91                          Reception for Fr. Dorcy. (Find nothing in Council minutes, nor anywhere else.???)


9-10-91                    Peace/Justice Committee: Debbie Carleo - Establish a volunteer list for use by staff and committees

                                Land/Development: Fr. Dorcy/Steve Mattivi - Black top done, striping next week

                                Fr. Dorcy purchased a $400 wheelchair for $75 for use from car to church

                                Stewardship Commitment: Debbie Carleo distributed Parish Talent Survey

                                Christmas Bazaar: Tom Carleo - need social committee member,   suggest a new list be given to Maggie Thomas

                                Nursery: On trial basis nursery to be in the Parish Center for Sunday Masses and special occasions. Adult volunteers and Youth members babysit

                                Funeral Ministry: Need exists, need volunteers

                                Storage/Lock up units: Fr. Dorcy/Steve Mattivi - To check for safety of stored supplied - may need cabinets

                                BDF: Use of raffle money ($1500)   to make up deficit not to be a precedent

                                Hall Kitchen: Needs spruced up, Paul Gradishar of Hotel Supply to look at what is needed and provide an estimate

                                Parish Retreat: Fr. Dorcy reserved the Diocesan cabins in Beulah

                                Committee Reports: Fr. Dorcy requested reports to him 7 days before the Council meeting, Council would like them eight days before the meeting

                                Cold air return for cry room to be attended to

                                Fr. Dorcy discussed a Christian Community under the patronage of Mary the Mother of Jesus Christ


10-8-91                    RE: Marianne DeCesaro - 7th grade through Confirmation classes have 21 teachers and aides.   75 students in 7th-8th grades, 104 in High School, up from last year

                                Social Committee: Maggie Thomas - 2000 raffle books sold, prizes the same

                                Peace/Justice Committee: Debbie Carleo - Fr. Dorcy’s sermon resulted in 50 new volunteers for Gleaning the Fields

                                Liz Keller to be caller to get volunteers for Coffee and Rolls

                                Nursery: Fr. has people interested in staffing but no requests to use it

                                Raffle Proceeds: Cass Pearson - Fr. reported rectory in need of repairs with some structural problems and it unfurnished. Raffle proceeds to go to basement hall and rectory

                                Parish Christmas Dinner: Chair Paul Depatie, co-chair Jim Duff

                Dinner Meeting Council/Staff: Fr. Dorcy have in mini-hall New Year’s Eve Party: Council sets up, Collette’s catering, $30/couple, 100 tickets available. Parishioners only until Dec. 15th then open to non-parishioners

                Council Meeting: Moved from 7:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

                Personal Liability: Fr. Dorcy -Need written liability policy,10% increase in insurance. Greatest liability is dealing with children. Printed policy for volunteers to be given out.

                Name the Hall Contest: Fr. Dorcy suggested having students submit names for the Basement and Mini Halls

11-12-91 RE: Marianne DeCesaro - 70 + players on basketball teams

                                                John Powers League players required to attend RE   - fee $15 for League - to do again in 92-93

                                Youth Group: Gene Berens - 276 children and 150 adults to Halloween                 Party, cost was $300

                                St. Nicholas Visit: Fr. Dorcy be St. Nicholas

                                Social Committee: Cass Pearson/Debbie Carleo - Brenda Huerta and Cass Pearson set up Santa Claus Shop with help of Confirmation class students

                                Land/Development: - Steve Mattivi - Broken water line pipe fixed

                                Parish Dinner:Cass Pearson/Mae Vinci - catered by Collette’s

                                New Year’s Eve Party : Paul Depatie/Jim Duff - catered by Collette’s , music Rip Avina

                                December meeting and Dinner for Council and Staff: Short meeting in Parish Hall Library, then dinner

                                Share Colorado Program:Debbie Carleo/Cass Pearson - Gus’s warehouse behind Sears used to store food, each participant pays $13/mo and two hours of work. OLM to be host site.

                                Future Liturgical Goals: Fr. Dorcy - enhance the music program , have an ongoing Liturgical Worship service. Hire a full time liturgiculist but can’t do right now

                                Caring Ministry Worshop: Fr. requested someone to attend the Stephen Series Ministry in Golden at Episcopalian Church

                                Stewardship Program: Fr./Paul Depatie- Start the program in January

                                Prepared fifty bags for Thanksgiving food items.


12-10-91 RE: Marianne DeCesaro - Need facilitator for 3rd year confirmation overnight retreat

                                                Look at pay raises for staff- none since August 1990

                                Social Committee: Cass Pearson - Santa’s Workshop loss $205. Bazaar tables rented for $25

                                Finance Committee: Paul Depatie -Cass Pearson to establish committee to update hall kitchen and rectory

                                Peace/Justice Committee: Debbie Carleo/Cass Pearson - Raffle gross $162, net $112

                                Land/Development : Steve Mattivi - Snow removal contracted with Don Musso, light snow to be removed by Cip Navarro

                                Name the Hall Contest: Cass Pearson - of many names submitted   Meadows Hall was chosen for Basement Hall and Friendship Hall for the mini Parish Center Hall.

                                                Denise Berens, 1st grade class and Janie Warren’s class were the winners of the contest.


1-14-92                    Social Committee: Chuck Stimmel - inventory of supplies taken, would like chairperson for various socials coming up

                                Finance Committee: Paul Depatie - way over budget for 1991- Zero based budgeting to start with guidelines for each committee for budget and accounting for 92-93.Finance Committee, RE, Social and other committees with budget concerns will meet

                                Peace/Justice Committee: Debbie Carleo - Christmas project with adopted family successful

                                Christmas Dinner: Cass Pearson - 650 served, Collette’s cost $/person, donated $600. Sixty glasses wine sold @ 50 cents/glass for $30. Wine won’t be sold next year

                                New Year’s Eve Party: Paul Depatie -72 tickets sold @ $30      $2160

                                                Expenses    $1600 Profit     $500

                                                Limit couples to 75-80   Rip Avina contracted for 1993

                                Share Colorado : Debbie Carleo - 300 at opening 1-14-92, Lt. Governor Michael Callihan, Bishop Tafoya and Archbishop Hannifen present. First distribution to be February 1.

                                Stewardship/Tithing: Fr. Dorcy -1/3 families tithing, 57% signed card/ submitted an amount, 143 didn’t give an amount. 170 pledged $121,000. 950 families get envelopes. Building Fund to continue.

                                Lenten Speakers: Cass Pearson - Ask Fr. Marvin Kapushion or Mr. and Mrs.    Vernon Wood. Topics “Stress of the Family-92”, “Changing Times of the Family 92”, prayer, grieving. Be for four weeks.

                                BDF: Fr. Dorcy - Last year was 13% of income $28,000 - were $2000 short. This year $33,000, a $5000 increase


2-11-92                    Liturgy/Music Committee: Catherine Tonne -   Patty DeGrasse new song leader for 8a.m. Mass

                                RE: Mae Vinci - Suggest a mini session for kindergarden on Sunday a.m.’s

                                                Book supplies less than $3000, 92% of parents pay their fees

                                                450 children enrolled

                                                Adult Program and RCIA to come out of RE budget

                                Stewardship Program: Tithing pledges for January $15,452 - $5000 more than last year or a 25% gain

                                Share Colorado: 369 signed up

                                Lenten Series: Cass Pearson - Family Program night to be presented by Vernon and Theresa Wood

                                                Chuck Stimmel in charge of dinner

                                                Tim Acosta do the flyer

                                                Fr. David Ricken do presentation on Lentern Scripture readings and meditation

Budget Guidelines: Jim Duff -Brainstorming on budget guidelines, need a manual, 27 areas need guidelines

                                Building Fund envelopes are continuing to go 1919 pledges not fulfilled


2-11-92                    Parish Council had budget brainstorming session


2-25-92                    Cass Pearson presided on special budget guidelines meeting.

                                                Present: Fr. Dorcy, Jim Duff, Catherine Tonne, Marianne Decesaro, Gene Berens,Steve Mattivi, Debbie Carleo, Madeline Santos, Joyce Stimmel, Paul Depatie, Carol Kristan, Tom Carleo


3-17-92                    RE: Marianne DeCesaro - early registration fee $15, after June 1 $20

                                Lenten Series Program Night - 50-60 served dinner

                                Finance Committee: Paul Depatie -   Fr. Dorcy dais to increase income up to $15,000/mo

                                                Confusion   about Building Fund and BDF- explain from the pulpit

                                                                Jim Duff questioned why BDF not on tithing budget

                                                Diocese holding Financial Workshops 1) secretaries and bookkeepers, 2) Finance Committees. Charlotte Plutt making arrangements. Mike Masciotra doing accounting for Finance Committee

                                Peace/Justice Committee: Debbie Carleo - Balance of proceeds from car sale to go to Annunciation Parish in Springfield

                                BDF: Fr. Dorcy - 50% of pledges now total $17,330

                                Share Colorado: Debbie Carleo - 369 shares purchased in February, 510 in March

                                House/Kitchen: Fr./ Steve Mattivi, Jim Duff, Debbie Carleo - make kitchen more pleasant with more colors, try to buy kitchen equipment from restaurant going out of business, do South Wall as phase one, have partition for storage area for tables and chairs

                                Employees Bonus/Pay: Fr.   Dorcy -Salary base is 40/hr/wk. Workers do 30 hrs to be paid benefits. New contracts will begin July 1st.

                                                Charlotte Plutt works 40-50 hrs/wk

                                                Religious staff = 57%

                                                Judy Stefano works 50% RE, 30 hrs. BDF

                                                Vernon McFarland works 15-80 hr/mo

                                Fr. advised RE Committee to get someone who was on the Committee last year (Bonnie Dehn)

                                RE Committee to update job descriptions for RE and Youth directors

                                Defined Steve Mattivi’s duties as Maintenance Committee

                                                Clean church prior to Easter - call Lucy Leinor for information

                                Parish Council Meetings: Cass Pearson - to move meetings to 3rd Tuesday of every month

                                Budget Information: Fr. Dorcy -   Handbooks deal with income and expenses of Parish - Priest in charge of raising income


4-21-92                    RE: Marianne DeCesaro-67 to receive Eucharist, 34 for Confirmation

                                Byron Antonioni catering the Teacher’s Appreciation Dinner.

                                Fr.: How can we and what can we do for next year with the RE program?

                                Youth: Gene Berens - Youth want fundraiser to purchase basketball hoop for $98. Fr. Schmitt donated.

                                Finance Committee: Paul Depatie -Income over expenditures for February $15,831, $3900 over last year.

                                Peace/Justice Committee: Debbie Carleo -Doing draft for college scholarship.

                                                490 Share Colorado shares sold for April

                                                To plan 50’s dance and social for the ladies

                                Land/Development Committee: Steve Mattivi - building shelves in Mnin Hall

                                                Peace and Justice Debbie Carleo granted permission ot decorate the bathroom in the Mini Hall. List of needed repairs to be submitted to Mattivi.

                                Lawns: Cass Pearson - bids open. Don’s Landscaping bid $35/wk and set timer.

                                Janitor’s Contract: Debbie Carleo -   to begin July for $325/mo., added emptying trash containers and reline, clean 1 x/week, parties to be extra.

                                Salaries:   For 40 hr./ wk: Charlottte Plutt from $5.75 to $8.00/hr.; Judy Stefano from $6.75 to $7.00/hr. beginning Jul 1, 1992

                                Fr.: BDF assessment funds   short $2000 in 1991, 1992 short $14,000.

                                Mother’s Day Breakfast: Chair Jim Duff, Co-chair Paul Depatie. Mae Vinci to take care of tickets and carnations.

                                Betsy Nardini to organize group to clean the church.

                                Voted to use excess funds to do repairs and replacement as needed.

                                New Financial Guidelines to be reviewed by all.

                                Jim Duff requested all Committee reports one week before the Council Meeting.


5-19-92                    Minutes for this meeting are missing.


6-30-92                    Annual Income:   $277,894   Expenses: $225,847   Balance: $26,351

                                                Pastor’s Salary: $8940 ($745/mo), Extra Clergy: $2369, Lay Salaries: $28,800, Music: $1974, Sanctuary:$3000, Supplies: $7000, Postage: $3500, Social Committee: $7850, Aid to the Indigent: $3240, Mission Adoption: $1800, Rectory Food: $2000, Rectory/Park Utilities: $2849, Housing: $3500, Youth: $4500, RE Salaries: $32,000, BDF: $28,225, Parkview Chaplain: $250

                                Envelopes: $195,170, Special Collections:$3000, Sacristan/office help: $5211, Custodian:$9710, Parish Manager: $16,956, Parish Secretary: $11,207, Parish Council Retreats: $52, Other Dicoesan Collections:$902, Ministers Worshops: $1672, Sanctuary(Altar) (Bread, Wine, Candles, Vestment Care ):$2878, Church ?Parish Center Utilities: $13,737, Physical Facilities: (Supplies, Grounds care:                 Floor Maintenance, etc): $13,471, Office Expense and Materials: $22,951,

NOTE: New bookkeeping system begun - new categories.

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