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July 1990 to July 1991


9-11-90                    RE Carol Cornetta: - All teaching positions filled

                                                Registered -234 elementary students, 133 secondary students

                                Youth Group: Gene Berens - Camp out in Rock Canyon,Sky Sox game, swim and bingo nights, Halloween and usual etc

                                Social Committee: Maggie Thomas - usual planning for the Deanery Dinner, bazaar and raffle . Raffle to have same prizes, same printer.   

                                                Use raffle money for the church carpet

                                Peace/Justice Committee: Cass Pearson - 8 quilts and 8 lap quilts made by 17 ladies over the summer- To given to the needy- 1 will be raffled

                                OLM acquired another sister parish - St. Frances de Sales/ Our Lady of Guadelupe in Lamar. Get acquainted letter sent.

                                Ron Dehn reported plans for fall Council/Staff retreat completed

                                Landscaping Committee: John Pusedu - Don Musso donating the automatice sprinkler system for front of church, checking pirces on the electrical system

                                Fr.: Fr. Robert Guillot will do the Parish Mission

                                Piano donated for Parish Center Hall by parishioner’s family.

                                Paul Depatie - Have $44,658 in Building Fund, receiving $6000/mo , expenses $3000

                                                Recommendations: Purchase for $200/each for four stained glass windows to replace the plain glass ones in front of church

                                                                Pay $9050 to Modern Furniture and Fixture in Denver for the extra pews

                                                                Approve the $15,800 bid of Beltramo’s to asphalt lot and two driveways

                                                                Pay $648 for 12 tables ($54 each) from Gobins for basement

                                                                To sell the 1984 Chevrolet Cavalier with a bottom price of $1500. Maggie Thomas bought for $3000

                                Fr.: - Cleaning lady will clean Parish Center Monday and Thursday excluding the mini hall

                                                P & C Janitorial Service for basement unsatisfactory - seek someone else for $250/mo


10-13-90 Council Meeting held at Trinity Ranch in Wetmore

                                Liturgy/ Music Committee: Catherine Tonne: - 45 members in k-6 choir

                                RE: Mae Vinci - 400 students in RE , 44 in reconciliation

                                                Fr. asked Committee to set up goals for RE Directors plus program

                                Youth Group: Gene Berens - In the process of coordinating some activities with Calvary Baptist

                                Social Committee: Maggie Thomas -   have 600 volunteers for the Bazaar, to use basement and Center Halls, increase table rental to $25 for the 2 days, have total of 46-48 tables on the two sides

                                Finance Committee: Paul Depatie - Building Fund has $36,000. Pay black top and balance of $6000 on pews leaves a balance of $16,000

                                                Recommend additional payments on Parish Center to reduce interest

                                Peace/Justice Committee: Ron Dehn - Quilt to be raffled off at Christmas Bazaar

                                Mae Vinci: -Piano for Parish Center Hall permanently on loan, beautiful, tuned, needs polishing

                                Collette’s to cater the Parish Dinner and New Year’s Eve Dinner/Dance

                                Ron Dehn to review “Our Journey Together” and make plans to continue to grow - Where   will be by July 1-91?


11-13-90 Guest Council speaker Anita Zupkofska spoke about her experiences in Guatemala

                                Liturgy/Music Committee: Catherine Tonne - Thanksgiving   eve services at Wesley United Methodist Church plus United Presbyterian Church

                                RE: Carol Cornetta -42 made reconciliation

                                                Ordered samples of new textbooks for review

                                                Cass Pearson made a “Holy Spirit” quilt for Confirmation class - each student may take it home for one week

                                Youth Group: Bobbi Jo Stupnik - 200 bags of candy given out for Halloween- other usual activities

                                Finance Committee: Paul Depatie -$20,368 on hand including $3000 from sale of car   which goes to Peace/Justice Committee- balance $17,368

                                                Regular Parish Center payment of $2927 made plus 4 extra payments of $11,709 for a total of $14,636. Balance owed on Center $267,920

                                Peace/Justice Committee; Cass Pearson - Sent a quilt to Springfield parish to raffle off for their spring mission

                                                Brainstorming ideas for criteria for a scholarship

                                                Sent for puppet pattern to make puppets for hospitals and charities

                                                Looking for ways to be involved in the Middle East

                                Land/Development Committee: John Pusedu - Alan Juno working on stained glass windows - charging only for materials - to be done in December

                                New Year’s Eve Party Committee: Chr. Ron Dehn, Carol Cornetta, Madeline Thomas and Cass Pearson . Price raised from $25/couple to $30/couple

                                Parking Striping: Jim Duff- 55 spaces in new area plus 17 behind the church. Handicapped parking matches code

                                Speaker System for the Basement: Fr. -Have DeHerrera Sound and Rental to install 13 speakers for $1100. $300 labor cost can be saved by doing ourselves

                                Council Christmas Dinner: Mae Vinci - Cocktails at Fr.’s then out to dinner going dutch - Carol Cornetta and Mae Vinci choose the place

                                Southwest Liturgical Conference: Fr. - In Grand Junction. Offer made for ten people to attend with registration fee of $75 and motel room paid

                                                Theme”Marriage-Celebrating the Promise”


12-11-90 Social Committee: Maggie Thomas - Bazaar made $3000

                                Peace/Justice Committee:Cass Pearson - To send poinsettias to homebound and nursing home parishioners for Christmas

                                                To give $500 to Posada to spend as needed but give an account of   use

                                Backup tape drive for computer: To take $1200-1500 from Building Fund to pay for it

                                Fr. James Plough (Grand Junction) offered cutting/mimeograph machine for sale for $750 for both. Bought

                                Fr. Schmitt’s cousin, Fr. Phil Schmitt from Cedar Rapids, Iowa wants to donate Pueblo West lot given to his church by his parishioners. Worth about $200 zoned for a duplex site. OLM pay closing costs, taxes, sewer charge of $38 q 6 mo.

                                Fr., Paul Depatie, Jim Duff, and Gene Berens to explore and decide

                                Fr. - Stained glass, windows, pews being installed, speaker system in the basement

                                                63 people donated blood

                                                Need to explain “living wills and organ donorship” need speaker


1-8-91                      RE: Carol Cornetta - Starting in the spring, reconciliation program will be 4 weeks long instead of six

                                                Committe of three to do evaluation form for RE Director

                                New Year’s Eve Party - profit $1151

                                Parish Christmas Dinner: Mae Vinci -Collette’s charged for 750 but more like 810 there - Collette’s charged $2400, total cost $3120

                                Pueblo West Land : Jim Duff - a dead horse - give land for a small donation

                                Lenten Service Speakers: MAe Vinci- have on Thursday evenings- possible speakers : Fr. Marvin Kapushion, Glenn Cline, Fr. David Ricken, Fr. Norman Bouchard

                                Parish Mission :Mae Vinci - Fr. Robert Guillot to conduct

                                BDF Assessmennt: Mae Vinci - Target last year was $21,498, this year is $28,225, and increase of $6727 or 13% of income

                                                Only a small percentage of parishioners contribute


2-12-91                    RE: Mae Vinci - to form committee to recommend textbooks for next year

                                                Mae Vinci will change the elementary Sadlier program   as 20 weeks is                 too long

                                                Teachers will evaluate directors and the program, the evaluation

                                                                committee will collect and evaluate the data

                                                Ron Dehn, Jim Duff and Cass Pearson do the evaluation

                                Youth Group: Gene Berens - 22 youth made the retreat

                                Peace/Justice Committee: - Cass Pearson - $500 to Posada was used to replace van

                                                Gave $800 to Springfield for Mission

                                                200 names on prayer banner

                                                Project Glean presented with plaque for participation

                                Land/Development: John Pusedu- Don Musso to power rake

                                                Dave Alfonso, a carpet cleaner, volunteered to clean the church carpet

                                Fr.: Pueblo West Land: gave cousin’s name to people interested in the land

                                Parish Mission:   Publicity Committee - Madeline Santos, Debbie Carleo, Jonna Adamich with Bob Miller resource person and do art work


3-13-91    RE: Carol Cornetta - 57 children in four week Eucharistic Program

                                                96 attended the Youth Festival

                                                To evaluate the program and RE Director in May

                                Peace/Justice Committee: Cass Pearson - OLM and Lamar/Springfield parish to visit each others parish

                                                                Land/Development Committee: John Pusedu - decided to leave the trimming of the junipers to Don Musso, landscape specialist

                                Lenten Services: Mae Vinci - poorly attended

                                Parish Mission: Fr. - Jonna Adamich, Debbie Carleo and Madeline Santos to help with publicity

                                BDF: Paul Depatie - Last month had $11,122, this month up to $22,118, target is $28,225. Need $6,107. Received 279 pledges out of 885 families.

                                Fr. - Communal Penance during Lent

                                                Discussed his leaving - has had ten year tenure, actually should have left two years ago but the Bishop extended his stay. Fr. indicated to the Bishop that he was willing to stay if needed


4-9-91                      Finance Committee: Paul Depatie -$15,414 positive position

                                                                Dain Bosworth -- $21,000

                                                                Checking                 12,000

                                                                Owe              262,000

                                                Will make ten additional payments on the Center

                                Peace/Justice Committee: Cass Pearson - John/Debbie Carleo, Mike/Cass Pearson and Matthew Watson to visit Lamar/Springfield parish

                                                To purchase steam table pans for Posada for $218 and tables

                                Land/Development Committee: John Pusedu - Don Musso not reached, contact another specialist

                                Fr.: Parish Mission -Final check with Fr. Gielow. Posters by Bob Miller, cook hired for Fr. and Fr. Gielow Monday through Friday.

                                                Dave Alfonso donated time to clean the church carpet following the mission. He also scotchguarded it. Carpet in good condition.

                                BDF: Paul Depatie - Short $1860 , Have BDF refund of $580. 332 cards returned

                                Building Fund Pledge Drive: Paul Depatie - Target $70,000, $53,000 in pledges. 380 cards returned - 1/3 of parishioners

                                                Past due pledges, $16-17,000

                                Mother’s Day Breakfast: Volunteers Paul Depatie, Jim Duff, Ron Dehn to do

                                                Mae Vinci to get   500 carnations


5-14-91                    RE: Carol Cornetta - rehired Mae Vinci and Bobbie Jo Stupnik for another year

                                Youth Group: To have roast for Fr. June 14.

                                Land next to rectory named Schmitt Park.

                                Peace/Justice Committee: Cass Pearson -$25 to Dreamweavers

                                                To give $50 more per mo to Springfield parish for a total of $150

                                Parish Mission: Mae Vinci - Not as well attended as two years ago

                                                $2500 in collection

                                                Religious store sold unbelievable amount of goods

                                BDF: Paul Depatie - $28,225   Pleaged $26,940. Deficit $1285. Refund $798.

                                                Short $487. 340 cards returned. If need to can use raffle money.

                                Building Fund: Pual Depatie -$285,000 debt. After ten payments current debt balance $232,527. Target of drive $70,000, pleadged $58,000. Past due $18-19,000

                                Election Ballots: Mae Vinci - 87 people voted - 4% of the people

                                Mother’s Day Breakfast: Paul Depatie - served 235-240 people

                                                Gave away 600 carnations (from Flower and Herb Company)

                                Fr. Roger Dorcy comes July 8. Plan formal ceremony.

                                Rectory needs painting inside and rugs cleaned.

                                Voted to sell Fr. Schmitt the bedroom set for $1.00


6-30-91    Annual Income: $252,198, Expenses: $225,847, Balance: $26,351

                                                Pastor’s Salary: $7865($7469mo), Extra Clergy: $1772, Lay Salaries: $26,121, Music: $1724, Sanctuary: $2894, Supplies: $8000, Postage: $3396, Aid to the Indigent: $2970, Mission Adoption: $1100, Peace and Justice Committee: $500, Rectory Food: $1146, Rectory Utilities: $2015, Housing : $3500, Youth: 2870, RE Salaries: $24,000,   BDF: $21,498, Parkview Chaplain: $250, Offertory:$109,839, Stole Contribution: $1630, Donations: $17,563, Adult Education: $1784, Other Diocesan Collections:$7817, Land and Development: $7461, Social Committee:$7461, Retired Clergy Benefit: $3577, BDF-A: $7331, BDF-B:$17,273,


                                Fixed Assets:

                                                Furniture/Fixtures: now $80,000

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