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JULY 1989 TO JUL 1990


7-24-89    Special Meeting of the Council

                                Bids on Parish Center : Ray Moroney -

                                                Low bid from Whitlock Construction   to be completed in 110 days

                                                T.R. Vinci late with bid

                                                Need approval - Fr. met with Fr. Beno and completed the forms to the Diocesan Finance Committee where 7 votes are needed for approval, then to the Bishop for final approval

                                                Ray Moroney - no problem if cost is $450,000 or less

                                                Paul Depatie (in construction) will be “clerk of the works” and keep an eye on construction every 1-2 days

                                                Discussed quality if go with contractor for $30,000 or less

                                                Voted to have the architect contact the 3 lowest bidders (Whitlock, Bassett and Drew) and ask for a five year guarantee with the price and percentage of change orders

                                                Voted that the maximum percentage of change orders to be no more than 5% of the total bid

                                Fr. - for permission to bid OLM needs 50% of the cost in assets

                                                Value on property now $180,000, deal with low bid figure of $372,000 to meet the Diocesan policy

                                Ray Moroney- received a misstatement from Fr. Beno - to contact him - Diocesan Committee made an exception for us unless cost over $450,000

                                Financing: John Carleo -Using $375,000 as cost, Architect fee (6% of value) = $22,320, paid to date $19,125, balance $3195

                                                Mt. Carmel Credit Union offering 9.15% financing plu s money as needed

                                                Knights of Columbus offering 9.5% but not on construction - only when building is complete

                                                Payment schedule / month at 9.15%:

                                                                On $285,000/ 10 years = $3633/month

                                                                                           15                2916/  

                                                                On $300,000/ 10                3824/  

                                                                                           15                3069/  

                                Will cost approximately $10,000 to convert the church after move into the new building.

                                Voted to go with Mt. Carmel Credit Union for between $285,000 and $300,000

                                Groundbreaking: Fr. to be on a Sunday at 2 p.m. - date to be set later

                                Fr. - will see architect Gardner and have the guarantee include structure and integral contents

                                Phil Pantleo: will performance bond protection and the cities final inspection on the building. Need to be aware during all stages of building.


7-26-89                    Parish Center Contractors: Fr. - Architect Gardner got responses from Whitlock and Bassett, Drew could not be contacted.

                                Whitlock (written) 15% charge for change orders, do not agree to maximum % of change orders, guarantee work for only one year. Gardner said maximum of change orders is 2% not 5%

                                Bassett (oral) same policy

                                Voted to go with Whitlock.

                                After contractor selected need - letter for Bishop’s approval

                                                To Fr. Beno and the Finance Committee

                                                Architect Gardner to write letter of award

                                                Contractor to submit insurance, bonds, subcontractors and architect decides upon

                                                Groundbreaking held and start of the center

                                Obtain money to pay the bills

                                Groundbreaking: Fr. - Tentative date August 20 at 2. p.m.


                                                                Introductions; Phil Pantleo

                                                                Master of Ceremonies - Vernon McFarland

                                                                Opening Prayer: Bishop Tafoya

                                                                Welcome : Fr. Schmitt

                                                                Scripture Reading: Cass Watson

                                                                Groundbreaking: Presentation of shovel by Ray Moroney to Bishop Arthur Tafoya

                                                                Blessing of Ground and Prayers - Benediction by Bishop Tafoya (if unable then Rev. Tom Steranka, Pastor Wesley United Methodist Church)

                                                Invitations to all OLM parishioners and all priests in the city, to Wesley United Methodist Church and congregation plus Diocese and Board of Finance

                                Contract: to be included in the contract - architect and owner to be notified of any substitution or equivalent. Any change orders to the architect or owner must allow a minimum of 2 working days for an answer. To be reimbursed (dollar standard fee) per day for every day over stated completion date.

                                Ray Moroney: Have six votes from Board of Finance - recommend to the Bishop

                                                Maximum amount for change orders is $5000. If over this amount , goes back to the Board of Finance

                                                Financing: $25,000   Buswell Trust Fund

                                                                     $285,000 Mt. Carmel Credit Union


9-12-89                    Liturgy/Music Committee: Jim Masciotra - possibility   of having a 6 year old and younger Children’s Choir

                                RE: Carol Cornetta - discussed   procedures when building available in January

                                                Parents concerned about changing classes to Wednesdays and some teachers can’t teach on Wednesdays - need more teachers

                                                                Using church basement and cry room for classes

                                Youth Group: Pat Edelmann - seeking an active committee to come to all activities, not just to meetings. Seeking volunteers for 2 hrs/mo

                                                Christian Connection flyer distributes - stress on spirituality this year

                                Social Committee: Bertha Grosso -Raffle money to be used for church remodeling/expansion

                                                For a new project consider using shut-ins to make telephone calls for committees as needed and call other shut-ins for personal                 contact

                                Finance: John Carleo -$55,000 moved from Dain Bosworth to Mt. Carmel Credit Union plus $7000. To secure bonding for construction all monies must be in Mt. Carmel.

                                                Anonymous donor put money in Dain Bosworth with no restrictions for OLM to receive $100,000 in 2001

                                Peace/Justice Committee: Cass Watson - 7 quilts completed, 2 more soon.

                                                2 quilts given the migrants in Avondale, 1 to be raffled, 6 to be given away

                                                Quilt raffle $108 so far

                                                Irene Schooler to be present at Breast Cancer Program in October

                                                Project Glean started by King of Kings Lutheran Church picks food for needy, information to the Youth and Bulletin

                                                Wesley United Methodist Church has Respite Care Program

                                                Justine Merritt has a project called The Ribbon in which she would like by 1992 to have tied around the world. Both Peace/ Justice and RE making pieces of ribbon

                                Land/Development Committee: John Pusedu - bought stainless steel pan for the kitchen for $25

                                Parish Center: Construction begun 9-5. 110 days to completion. Plans for the interior almost complete. Wall paper, blinds, wall coverings, rugs selected. May need tables and chairs. Bishop pleased.

                                RE Resolution Committee: Carol Cornetta - is this committee to continue to function? John Carleo - a need was seen, a priority, so yes

                                                Sr. - should study the program, poll people on days and times, facilitate the move into the new building

                                                Carol Cornetta: - objectives and goals too broad, need one or two specific ones -   possible goals - 1) Motivate, enhance and stimulate teaching staff according to their needs, 2) setup communication between teachers and committee and to try to identify teacher burn-out.

                                                Sr. - RE Program belongs to the parish and they should take responsibility for it

                                                Fr. - Committee should set the guidelines and be the School Board for the Parish

                                Fr.: - need opportunity for Adult Education, scripture study 1st of the year?

                                                Fr. John O’Flynn to be Advent speaker, do 4 weeks on Infancy narrative, Birth of Our Lord

                                                Holy Family having 2 Advent programs

                                                Wants Council to consider hiring a Pastoral Assistant to coordinate Catechumenate Program (RICA), Homebound Ministry and Adult Education


10-10-89 RE: Carol Cornetta:

                                                44 enrolled in reconciliation program

                                                Sr.Revises the classes each year as new material becomes available

                                                55 enrolled in 7th and 8th grades

                                                10 parents signed to participate in discussion groups with youth

                                Problems in recruiting and retaining teachers, August too late to recruit, need to commit in May

                                Need to develop a handbook of policies and procedures plus a special orientation for new teachers

                                Sr. would like to start a Children’s Liturgy Committee to assist the teachers with the Children’s Masses - possibly to include liturgical dance

                                Fr. needs to know exact plans with no surprises

                                Liturgical Dance discussed with   sense of not being in favor

                                Teachers do not want a Christmas Pageant this year, do want Children’s Mass at 4 p.m. which is the most crowded Mass- had previously voted for 6 p.m.

                                Following much discussion - have 64 teachers - how many for and against the pageant-voted to continue the tradition of the pageant with   rotating the teacher in charge through the grades starting with 3rd grade plus help from parishioners

                                10 classrooms in the new building- discussed scheduling

                                97 confirmation students , 55 in 7th and 8th grades

                                237   K-6 for a total of 389 students

                                                Average of ten per class in homes, will be more next year

                                RE Committee should be in charge of setting of the Religious Education program so no matter who is pastor or DRE it will be organized and functioning

                                30 people have volunteered for a one time Religious Education program

                                Youth Group: Pat Edelmann - 28 in Youth nights, 10 people volunteered to help one night/month

                                Glen Cline will be speaker to High school students on the topic of suicide

                                Social Committee: Bertha Grosso - Raffle tickets- printed 1500 booklets with $20/book

                                                Bazaar already has 55 reservations so the first 35 to pay the $25/table fee will be honored. Agreed to extend for another weekend if 15 people interested at $20/table. To have food but no bake sale. More room next year with the parish center

                                Phones: One phone in sacristry -3580, one downstairs- 3581; same system in Parish Center   with two lines - one to Fr. and Charlotte Plutt and one to RE and Youth.   Phone to ring in all offices

                                John Carleo to check on lightening protection for the phones

                                Fr. and Bob Hart considering three keys for the Center:

                                                1 for offices

                                                1 for mini hall

                                                1 for classrooms plus a master

                                Planning for remodeling of church for extra seating -   Council or ad hoc Committee to do?

                Money Dain Bosworth $8000, Mt. Carmel Credit Union $7000

                                RE Resolution: Seeking comments   through Bulletin

                                                Survey to current and past teachers

                                                Voted for this committee to be the working arm of RE

                                Special Christmas Project:   Possibly a toy drive with Peace/Justice Committee cleaning and repairing them

                                                Contact larger agencies for needs:

                                                                Madeline Santos - Battered Wife Program- and the YWCA need clothes and food

                                                                Fr. - Dreamweavers - need 16 Christmas trees for families

                                                                Steve Palumbo- Hospice - terminally ill Aid’s patient needs support and food

                                                                Bobbi Jo Stupnik - Nursing Home and SRDA- nursing homes need gifts for patients

                                                                Pat   Edelmann - Migrant Workers- 10 families need food and staples

                                                                Debbie Carleo - Catholic Social Services - need money for counseling

                                Think about blacktop for parking back of Parish Center with grass, trees, sprinkling system in front

                                Voted to do Christmas Dinner with Collette’s catering

                                New Year’s Eve Dance/Dinner Committee: Pat Edelmann, Steve Palumbo, Bonnie Dehn


11-14-89                 Liturgy/Music Committee: Jim Masciotra -Catherine Tonne in charge of special   Christmas Choir; Cheryl Ford in charge of new Cherub Choir to sing at Pageant and Christmas Liturgy with Children’s Choir

                                RE: Carol Cornetta -Jodee Bueno presented the resolution to the Council -

                                                That the Christmas Pageant not be included as a part of the RE Program per se, but be produced on a volunteer basis by parishioners outside RE class time- to continue the tradition with teachers involved if they wish

                                When new programs/activities given to RE they fall under the umbrella of RE but not intended for RE to be in full charge

                                RE Director work with Christmas Pageant Director to coordinate and delegate

                                                Too few speaking parts, check the type of pageant, keep simple, have same program every year?

                                                Both Advent and Christmas to be taught

                                Sr. to direct the pageant this year

                                Discussed hiring coordinator for activities such as Reconciliation Dinner, RE picnic etc.

                                Maggie Thomas to coordinate Eucharistic Program

                                Dennis and JoAnn Olguins do confirmation class

                                Youth Group: Pat Edelmann- Halloween party larger than last year - estimate 300 attended- 192 treat bags given out

                                Social Committee: Bertha Grosso - 33 tables for Bazaar first weekend, 20 for second, bake sale both times.

                                                Liz Keller in charge of phone committee

                                Finance Committee: John Carleo - Statement from contractor   for the Center received for $142,000

                                Peace/Justice Committee: Cass Watson -Neighboring parishes invited plus Wesley United Methodist Church to partake in Breast Cancer Program - $200 donation requested

                                Raffle proceeds to go for tree, bed linens and goodies for Posada

                                Parish Center Update:

                                                Brick work almost finished- electrical being done inside

                                                Working 6-7 days per week

                                                AT&T pulling phone lines

                                                Joe Beltramo grading back of Center

                                                Do landscaping in front ourselves

                                                Don’s Landscaping will do snow removal

                                                John Pusedu to mark curbs so snow plow won’t damage

                                                All money in MT. Carmel = $372,000 - will pay contractor

                                                $1118 paid toe Architect

                                                Depatie checking on progress, $400 an added charge for extra electrical circuits for office

                                                Contractor poured concrete for sidewalk from Center to the street at no cost

                                                Center payment is under $3000/mo

                                                $6000/mo income from Building Fund

                                                $22,000 in Dain Bosworth for appointments

                                                Furnishing and Equipment Committee:Chair- Jim Grosso, Sherril Pusedu, Mae Vinci, Sr. Marian - to get cost estimates

                                                Function and Design Committee: - Chair John Carleo, Paul Depatie, Mae Vinci in charge of remodeling plans for the extra seating

                                RE Resolution: - Classes in the home until the end of the end year at the teacher’s discretion

                                                92 surveys had 70 from returning teachers and 22 from non-returning teachers, 54 other surveys returned by 39 returning teachers and 15 non-returning teachers

                                                Committee to make recommendations/ suggestions to Council which in turn will make recommendations to the Committee

                                                Carol Cornetta to send thank you’s to responders plus make a report on workings of the Committee

                                                Ideas: Give to Christmas Project vs. Building Fund - don’t tamper

                                                                Special collection - too many now

                                                                Gave 8 baskets at Thanksgiving last year - probably 15 this year

                                                                Collect food at Ecumenical Service at Wesley United Methodist Church plus money to Meals on Wheels

                                                                Weekend drive for food, clothes and divide up

                                                                Christmas is the starting point - do all year

                                                                Let parishioners decide -   attach list of names, addresses, phone numbers to Bulletin and let donate directly

                                                                Voted for the latter

                                                OLM gives $18,000 to BDF and next year to be $22,000 plus $270/mo to Loaves and Fishes and $100/mo to Springfield parish

                                New Year’s Eve Party: Collette’s Catering to cater for $6/plate. To limit to 95 couples at $25/per couple. Favors from Party Time

                                Social Committee: Bertha Gross - to be in charge of raffling off St. Francis statue

                                December Meeting: At Fr.’s house and then to Top of the Town.


1-9-90                      Fr. (?) O’Flynn recommended for Lenten Series

                                Dave Epp gave AT&T phone presentation - new system is electronic, had lower maintenance, more reliable, can hook computer system into it, can add three more lines or up to 10, US West’s charge $94 one time for installation, $30-40/mo thereafter, 1 yr free warranty, 1 hr of instruction on usage. Cost $5100

                                Social Committee: Bertha Grosso - Christmas Bazaar profit $4,161, raffle cleared $7,800. Pat Edelman reported that Youth earned $60 from Bazaar.

                                Peace/Justice Committee: Cass Watson - Bought Christmas tree, coffee pot and tuned piano for Posada and the Council gave Fr. (?) Walsh   of Annunciation parish in Springfield   $700 to bring 6 Mexican nuns to Springfield for a mission and the Committee gave $300.

                                Master keys for the Parish Center for the staff only.

                                New Year’s Eve Party: Pat Edelmann - 95 couples attended, profit $701

                                Don Musso donated trees and bushes for landscaping front of Parish Center

                                Voted $20,000 for Parish Center furnishings

                                To use the Parish Center until the Bishop is available for a dedication

                                Ordered linen bookmarks   with picture of building on front,date and prayer on back, 3000 cost $126

                                Deanery Meeting held in new Parish Center hall February 14th

                                Advent Program average attendance 25, decided not to ask Fr. O’Flynn to return


2-13-90                    RE: Carol Cornetta - Confirmation students to pay $4/parish $4

                                Finance Committee: John Carleo - Fr. received $1200 grant, applied for a capital fund $25,000 grant

                                Peace/Justice Committee: Cass (Watson)Pearson-Invite Bishop Buswell to speak during Lent to increase awareness of peace and justice issues

                                Committee donate 2 - $15 scholarships to displaced homemakers program

                                PARISH CENTER UPDATE - MOVED IN.   Need to redo molding, hold 10% until all work done. Used 80-85% Columbia Bank’s furniture

                                RE Resolution Progree Report: Carol Cornetta -

                                                Recommndations to strengthen and enhance RE:

                                                                1. Restructure the membership of the RE Committee

                                                                                a) to include two teachers from each level - K-5, 6-8, 9-12

                                                                2.   Provide in-service education for teachers

                                                                                a) make distinction between first year teachers and professional or experienced teachers

                                                                3) Evaluate RE Director for contract renewal recommendation

                                                                4) Registration/recruitment to occur in the spring

                                                Teachers representatives to be voted on

                                                At-large members to be those who display an interest and screened by the Committee

                                                Need parent representatives

                                Parish Hall: Fr.: - furniture $10,200, $3000 table and chairs, 25cuft refrigerator ($818) and GE self-cleaning stove ($378) from Martin Music

                                Landscape Committee: Phil Pantleo, John Puseda, Craig Shoemaker, Bobbi Jo Stupnik, and possibly Richard Kochevar and Chuck Stimmel

                                Chem-way has fertized lawns for years - good - $86.81/application times 5 with discount =$381.95- Fr. make decision at his discretion

                                DEDICATION: Scheduled for Sunday April 8, at 2.p.m.

                                Church Remodeling: John Carleo -Option #3 chosen which adds 145 seats for estimated cost of $11,580, pews to match $7000, drawings under $500. Plan to Diocesan Finance Committee

                                1990 BDF Goal: Fr.: Goal $21,478, need approximately $9,100, 144 pledges in


3-13-90                    Peace/Justice Committee: Cass Pearson - a volunteer training program given by Women’s Pregnancy Center needs counselors, advocates, support groups, shepherding homes, receptionists

                                Project Dimension at OLM Parish Center geared to campus ministry

                                Plans for summer quilting program

                                Land/Development Committee: John Pusedu - Joe Beltramo’s 66 cents/sq.ft. for asphalt bid tabled as too expensive

                                Decided to plant euonymus plants vs junipers

                                Parish Center Furniture: John Carleo -   Total $12,503   with 1 yr. warranty

                                                Need three signs for entrances and one for outside the Center

                                Landscaping: Fr.- Don Musso do 3 applications of granules on lawn for $790

                                Church Remodeling: John Carleo - Architect prepared large drawing - to Diocesan Finance Committee for permit for bids

                                Voted to brick all niches

                                1990 BDF: John Carleo - 245 pledges made for $19694   Target $21,498 Need $1754 more or take from operational fund

                                31 attended the Lenten program

                                Voted to get computer backup   device for $1380

                                City-wide Education Series for deanery held at OLM Parish Center

                                Parish Center Hall Rental: Fr. -

                                                If go over time $10/hr.

                                                $50 if don’t clean up

                                                $100 damage deposit

                                                $350/day    $150 hald day

                                                Small groups of 50 or less- $50     50-100   $75

                                Bertha Grosso, Mae Vinci, Charlotte Plutt to finalize

                                Fr. David Ricken asked OLM to take a seminarian from Sept to June to learn parish duties - provide room, board, travel and salary of $250/mo Might work if lodging is elsewhere              

                                Fr: - For the next mission have Fr. Robert Guillot , twin of priest we had before

                                Deanery asked OLM to host farewell for people in ministries - OLM donated hall and labor

                                Ray Moroney donated fridgidaire, stove and hood for center kitchen

                                Two microwaves donated

                                Craig Shoemaker donated   time for electrical maintenance


4-10-90                    RE: Carol Cornetta- speaking at all the Masses to obtain teachers

                                In lieu of gifts Fr. will offer the Sunday Masses for teachers

                                RE Director Job Description distributed - Sr. Marian objected only to the time schedule

                                Finance Committee: John Carleo -286 pledges the first week for total of $53,467

                                Peace/ Justice Committee: Cass Pearson - Fr. Walsh of Annunciation church in Springfield reported that mission went well

                                Ordered SALT magazine for review and information

                                Continuing quilting project

                                Land/Development Committee: John Pusedu - Letters for signs on hold - expensive - $31-73 each

                                $200 allowed for gate and fence

                                Fr. - Joe Beltramo cut in the new driveway and bringing in fill

                                                Don’s Landscaping finished the front

                                Church Remodeling: John Carleo -Have Bishop’s permission to bid

                                                Architect’s drawing of $500 paid        

                                1990 Budget: JohnCarleo -

                                                BDF- charge increased by $524 for a total of $22,022

                                Budget approval changed fromline by line to category

                                Fr. and Committee view income pessimistically and expenses inflationarilly

                                Anita Zopkofska, H.S. junior requested sponsorship for a 2 1/2 week trip to Mexico and Guatamala to visit orphanages and work with the poor as she wants to be a missionary nurse after graduation. Given $600 with her agreement to keep a log and share with the parish

                                Parish Council Picnic: Fr. - hold in Parish Hall

                                RE Director Job Description: Sr. Marian - Handout on miles on parish car and gas payment

                                                Time schedule - she has been RE director for 20 years for approximately 40 hours/week and was allowed to average the hours, presented the descriptions from Cathedral, St. Pius, Christ the King

                                                Job related issues - 1) use of parish car and reimburse parish for personal use, 2) posted office hours, 3) post RE classes/business lock-up , 4) Sr.’s community commitment 16 hrs/month

                                                Job description is new because of new facility and need to be covered legally vs in the homes

                                Revisions to be incorporated into the job description:

                                                1) Process of choosing RE Committee member

                                                2) Election of Chairperson

                                                3) To follow District 60’s school schedule

                                                4)   Evaluation instrument be established for the RE Director

                                                5)   General statements regarding teamwork and communication


5-8-90                      RE: Carol Cornetta: - Recruit teachers - 3 for each level

                                                Discussed splitting duties:

                                                                Bobbi Jo Stupnik - do 7-8 grades plus Confirmation 1,2,3 and the Youth Group

                                                                Other RE Coordinator - K-6 grades

                                                Advertise the positions in and out of parish

                                                Committee members plus Fr. screen applicants and present to Council

                                                Council determine the salary

                                Youth Group: Gene Berens - had unusual summer Bible camp, camp outs etc.

                                Social Committee: Maggie Thomas - coordinated the reception for Sr. Marian after all the Masses on Sunday , May 20. Rolls and coffee, kept simple at Sr.’s request. Presented with silver disc engraved with name and dates of service

                                Finance Committee: Paul Depaite- Received sales tax refund of $6400

                                                Collected $4271 for Building Fund last Sunday

                                                                Outstanding balances from previous drives

                                                                                1987    $6181 (still paying)

                                                                                1988      3913

                                                                                1989      1149

                                                As of Sunday $66,371 pledged - goal for year $67,000

                                Peace/Justice Committee: Cass Pearson - clothing drive brought four truckloads

                                                Bishop Buswell postponed his coming   until fall

                                                Women’s Pregnancy Center holding a Walk-a-thon

                                                Quilting continuing

                                Land/Development: John Pusedu- Fence between Center and neighbor of plus gate

                                Landscaping Committee: Paul Depatie - Accepted Vinci Construction bid

                                                Purchased carpet which compliments current one

                                                Allowed up to $9000 for pews

                                                Wait for funds for paving of back lot $16,000

                                Mother’s Day Breakfast: John Carleo - preparing for 250

                                Fr. attending Clergy Conference in Canon City


6-30-90                    Annual Income: $246,625,   Expenses: $244,860,   Balance: $263

                                                Pastor’s Salary: $7627 ($636/mo), Extra Clergy: $2186, Lay Salaries: $23,819, Music: $1311, Sanctuary: $3073, Supplies: $7000, Postage: $3600, Social Committee: $7844, Aid to the Indigent: $3380, Mission Adoption: $1300, Peace and Justice Committee: $250, Rectory Food: $1555, Rectory Utilities: $2332, Rectory Furniture: $300,Youth: $5000, RE: $24,000, Personal Groth: $240,Chronicle: $802,   BDF: $19,000, Parkview Chaplain: $250, Offertory:$119,971,

Stole Contribution:$1310, Donations: $12,810,   Coffee and Rolls: $337, Calendars: $188,Posada:$1136, Land/Development Committee: $2189, Youth: $4325, RE Salaries: $24,456, Adult Education: $2138, Retreats: $1696, Retired Clergy Benefit: $4425, Other Diocesan Collections: $5,812, Bequests: $370, Clergy Conference: $200

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