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JULY 1988 TO JULY 1989


7-88                          Sr. Marian Bellotti contract for RE Director and Director of the Sacramental Program renewed for one year.

                                Fr. Jim Plough substituted for Fr.’s vacation.

                                Usual annual RE family picnic, Teacher’s Appreciation Dinner, cookout for the Music Ministers and one for the Parish Council members.

                                Continuing the established traditions of BDF drive, Building Fund Drive, church/grounds spring clean up, Children’s Choir picnic, Halloween party sponsored by the youth Group, Ecumenical Thanksgiving Dinner, Mardi Gras and 50’s Dances, Mother’s Day Breakfast, Christmas Pageant, Parish Dinner and New Year’s Eve Dance.

                                Charlotte Plutt continuing as Parish Secretary

                                Judy Stefano   continuing as Secretary   to the RE office

                                Rita Costanza continuing to post Sunday envelopes into the computer

                                Carol Kristen continuing to do extra secretarial work especially the census data into the computer

                                Vernon McFarland continuing in maintenance, printing and miscellaneous chores

                                Bobbie Jo Stupnik replace Mary Jo Kirby as Youth Director

                                Two couples taught Baptismal classes

                                Five couples helped with Marriage Preparation

                                There were 72 teachers   in regular RE and some thirty teachers in the Sacramental programs with many volunteers as Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Hospitality and Servers

                                Many more serving on Parish Council and its seven committees

                                In all, 300 people involved in the ministries and operation of the Parish

                                800 families registered with 400 students K-12


7-88                          Fr. John Powers Basketball League’s three teams coached by C.T. Fitzgerald and Vic Plutt; adult softball and fall volleyball leagues continued.

                                Increased monthly donation to St. Vincent de Paul Sharing from $170 to $270/mo. Program now called Loaves and Fishes and is a non-perishable food program.

                                Special collection yielded $530 for Posada

                                Added fourth Mass for Christmas Eve liturgies and New Year’s Eve Dance and dinner.


9-13-88                    James Masciotra, Sr. working on new Financial Balance Sheet Report for past 2   1/2 months

                                Hard to get organists and lead singers during the summer

                                Sr. Marian to speak on RE at all the Masses

                                Paid off $14,000 to Buswell Trust      

                                RE: Carol Cornetta - 265 students with   67 teachers -   need more teachers and a new format for junior high students. Covenants to be signed.

                                Social Committee: Bertha Gross - starting on raffle the profit from which to go to the Parish Center. Staying tuned to seniors and college age people. Working on handbook.

                                Peace and Justice Committee: Phil Pantleo - committee down to five, need more. Future projects   English only amendment and a speaker possibly on racial injustice

                                Land/Development Committee: John Pusedu - purchased a weed eater for $160 from The Engine Center

                                Parish Center   Planning Committee: Fr.- Can contract the architects and start planning but not approved to start building. May spend $5000 initially. Only debt left is on the house.

                                Youth Group: Pat Edelmann -30 students made the trip to the Passion Play under the direction of Mary Jo Kirby. Read exerpts from journal of the trip as written and prepared by Ron Dehn.

                                Clergy Meeting to be at OLM.

                                Pastoral Visit/Bishop Tafoya: Fr. - Bishop has started the Pastoral visitations and will be at OLM October 18-19. He will want to know the structure and organization of the Parish, parish goals, “Our Journey Together” goals,   committees and work and what we need from the Diocese

                                The Bishop will speak about the Diocese

                                BDF has worked some more deductions for us - Fr. John Beno   to get for us

                                Closing of St. Anthony’s has affected elderly and younger community, the community has approached us for a place to hold Mass and RE classes - how do we handle this?


10-18-88 Bishop Tafoya’s Visitation:

                                                Steve Palumbo, Council President, presided.

                                                Bishop Tafoya said the opening prayer

                                                Steve Palumbo explained the structure of the Parish Council, introduced the member-at-large and committee chairpersons who in turn introduced their members and explained the committee’s purpose.

                                                Bishop’s Comments:

                                                                Liturgy/Music - hire a director in the future

                                                                RE: In depth - teacher training important

                                                                Peace and Justice - pleased OLM has

                                                                Land/Development - hard work

                                                                Parish Center Planning - follow the guidelines and should be no problem

                                                James Masciotra, Sr. explained the new computer system for finances.

                                                Bishop: Church Secretary pleased - smoother and more efficient

                                                Steve Palumbo   introduced the “Our Journey Together” goals and Fr. spoke on evangelization and Sr. Marian on catechesis

                                                Liturgical Celebration - should leave feeling good

                                                Spiritual Renewal - Fr. and the retreats

                                                Culture and Faith -to have balanced mix of people incorporating ethic and cultural values and practices

                                                Family/Children’s needs - progressing on it

                                                Social Justice - new area, working on it

                                                Communication - Bulletin, church exchange

                                                Shared Ministry - 296 Christmas cards to those offering services

                                                Financial Planning and Stewardship - paying off church in seven years says it all

                                What Diocese needs from us:

                                                Communication top priority - a rural/missionary diocese

                                                Chronicle, formerly Catholic Crosswinds,- new style adopted- would like subscribers and patrons to pay for it

                                                Have 55 priests today - only 31 by 2000

                                                                Look at options, assimilation of parishes, parishes share priests, lay people take more responsibility, 17 parishes in Pueblo

                                                Fr. Ed Nunez sees crunch in five years - priests retiring at age 65

                                                Develop careers in church ministry at parish and Diocesan levels

                                                Look at Mass schedules, attendance etc.

                                Discussion with the Bishop included topics of married priests, women priests, the role of women in the church.


11-8-88                    Will have Ecumenical service with Wesley United Methodist Church Nov. 25

                                Youth Group: Bobbie Jo Stupnik -   in process of setting puppet ministry for younger children. Holding blanket drive for Posada.

                                Peace and Justice Committee: Phil Panatleo- now have 10 members. Discussing role of women in the church.

                                Parish Center Planning Committee: Fr. -Jim Gardner, architect showed plans- the committee made changes -   gym which cost $240,000 deleted - Center cost $400,000 about for $42/sq.ft. to include 8 small rooms plus 2 large classrooms with maximum of 30 students perclassroom; an all-purpose room for 100 people; storage area, office area facing south, RE office facing east. Design to be comparable to the church. Diocese approved starting to build in the summer.

                                Steve Palumbo reported that the turn signal at Pueblo Blvd and Red Rock Springs Road is in the planning stage

                                Fr. - Parish history done up to 1988- probably complete by February, 1989.

                                Cathedral Renovation: Steve Palumbo - Bishop seeks contributions to renovate the Cathedral- has raffle tickets for sale - OLM said no to he raffle tickets as has policy   against anything outside own internal fund-raising. Approved a donation of $500

                                Bishop Tafoya’s Pastoral Visit: Fr. - Bishop was pleased. Fr. thought Fr. Nunez’s comments on “our Journey Together” goals were judgmental and not factual.

                                Chronicle: Steve Palumbo - to be by subscription of $8.60/yr., much improved and owned by the Diocese. Fran Brumjak OLM representative. Paper contributor basis of $25-50, patron $100 or more. People to get a copy whether paid or not, 28,000 on mailing list. OLM contributed $100 as patron.

                                New Year’s Eve Dance: Phil Pantleo - Collette’s cater @ $4.75 per person, Eileen Passalaqua to furnish the favors, Rip Avina D.J. for $325. Had 156 people last year, can have 200, Security $75. Tickets same as last                 year.

                                Parish Hall Cleaning: Fr. - 5-6 people bid on the job - contacted three professional cleaning agencies - Hired Hawkeye Professional Cleaning for $125/mo, 1st month to be $200 to strip floors etc. They provide the supplies. To clean early in the morning, for $50 will clean after New Year’s Eve   Dance.   They replace Gary and Olga McBride.

                                Don’s Landscaping contracted for snow removal.

                                Sr. Marian: Report on “Partners in the Mystery of Redemption” which emphasizes men and women working together in the church, Sr. recommended the women read this, gave copies to RE and Peace/Justice Committee. To respond to the Bishop by 11-17.

                                                Pantleo’s response for Peace/Justice Committee - women can participate in every aspect of the church except in the priesthood.

                                Fr. - Received literature on the redistribution of the priests - to be completed and returned to the Diocese by Feb. 15, 1989. Tabulation to be complete for January meeting.


12-13-88 Parish Center Planning Committee: Fr. - Plans displayed. 7 offices (5 now and 2 for growth), 10 classrooms ( 2 large , 1 to include library plus 8 rooms and a multi-purpose room) 2 entryways ( to offices and to RE) and planned for extension.

                                Parish Hall cleaning: Fr. - Dissatisfied with Hawkeye Professional Cleaning - need many reminder calls - to resign Jan. 2, 1989. To pursue a new service.

                                Fr.:- As soon as the new building is complete, would like a committee of 5 mostly women to purchase inexpensive furniture for the den and living room of the rectory.

                                Purchased brass flower stands for the sanctuary from Wooden Spoon.


1-10-89                    Parish Center Update: Ray Moroney -   to meet with general assembly, are windows to the south to be solar heated or tinted? building for expansion as have plenty of room, approximate cost $450,000 with no basement and landscaping not included.

                                RE: Carol Cornetta - discussing women’s issues in the church, discussing idea of inclusive language

                                Youth Group: Pat Edelmann - theme is puppet ministry

                                Social Committee: Bertha Grosso - served 650-700 people for Christmas Dinner.

                                                Raffle $1400 over other years, Bazaar $300 over last year

                                Peace/Justice Committee: Bonnie Dehn - 50 bags and 1 box to soup kitchen and crisis center

                                                Bishop Buswell to speak on nuclear war

                                Parish Center Planning Committee: Fr. -Architect to present slide program at general meeting Feb. 26 at 2p.m. and 7 p.m.

                                                Color drawing and floor plan displayed in church plus drawing attached to the Bulletin.

                                                Council member to speak about the Center to the congregation

                                New Year’s Eve Party: Pat Edelmann - security didn’t show, too crowded, limit to 90 tickets and increase prices for the future, voted to have Rip Avina and Collette’s again.   Sr. noted the need for clean up following the affair.

                                Parish Hall Cleaning: Fr. - hired P & C Cleaning for $200/mo. Good so far.

                                Parking lot speed bumps: Steve Palumbo - could be a problem to snow plow - few speeders right now

                                Fr.: Hit neighbors cement ridge between properties - to be repaired in warm weather.

                                BDF goal is up again


2-14-89                    Parish Center Update: Ray Moroney - Parking still adequate -   3 heating systems to be installed - expanded seating in the church approximately $10-12,000, to be sent to Diocesan Finance Committee

                                RE: Carol Cornetta - Teacher’s in-service held with 11 parishes represented

                                Youth Group sent 32 letters to the elderly

                                Peace/Justice Committee: Phil Pantleo - in future consider a narrative skit, public wheelchairs, gifts to nursing home residents

                                Land/Development Committee: John Pusedu - floor tiles repaired, need two more signs and handicapped parking spaces

                                Process Survey/Distribution of Priests : Fr. - 63 responses collated

                                BDF: Fr. - 99 pledges - not quite halfway - not doing well

                                Handbook: Fr. - draft circulated - 800 to be printed- to be changed each year

                                Bonnie Dehn: Suggested acquiring art work symbolizing Christian values, unity and spiritual community   and talk with the artists


3-4-89                      Parish Center Update: Ray Moroney - 575 (60%) of surveys returned

                                                95% for proceeding, 5% said ‘no’ or ‘yes’ with comments, 10% said an absolute ‘no’ ( adds up to more than 100%)

                                                Committee recommended -

                                                                removing the showers

                                                                putting doors between Fr. and Secretary’s office and between RE director’s and secretary office

                                                                Having viewing panels in all classroom doors

                                                Asked for   Planning Committee’s role now -to proceed with blueprints and getting bids

                                                                Finance Committee to deal with the financial aspects

                                RE: Carol Cornetta- discussed Sr.’s frustration with   the RE program and the teachers

                                                The committee needs to meet with the teachers in the program

                                                No action until both Sr. and Fr. are present

                                Social Committee: Bertha Grosso - participated in the Bishop’s Guild reception at Sangre de Cristo   Arts Center April 6.

                                Don’s Landscaping donated power raking, Krasovec donated handicapped signs

                                BDF $300 over target

                                Showed video on stewardship


4-11-89                    RE: Carol Cornetta - discussed plan to form a committee to help plan other activities during the year

                                Youth Group: Bobbie Jo Stupnik -   to split the Easter egg hunt by age next year

                                                Need to improve the high school program

                                Peace/Justice Committee: Phil Pantleo -   Voted to do breast exam check-up program

                                                Larry Lacerta to talk to Youth Group about Peace and Justice

                                                Petitions   collected against Madeline Murray O’Hare’s campaign to get rid of Christmas programs in schools

                                Land/Development: John Pusedu - handicapped signs in place, donated by Mr. Russ   Krasovec

                                Parish Center Update: Steve Palumbo - Architect working on blue prints

                                Building Fund Update: John Carleo - On hand $54,500    50% parishioners pledged  

                                                Mt. Carmel called about financing - deal with Knights of Columbus again

                                BDF: John Carleo - on target, any extra to go to the Building Fund

                                Budget: John Carleo - all budgets consolidated into one

                                Handbook: Steve Palumbo -need 2-3 person committee to review - voted to add council constitution and by laws plus fact sheets (brochure, pamphlet) with major events and dates to available.

                                                Will not be mass produced - have order and pay for it

                                Steve Palumbo chair with all men on the Council on the committee - some others to asked - hope to change the menu

                                RE Program: Sr. Marian -next year 6th-7th weeks do teacher training   vs classes

                                                Sr. hired to train classes but something lacking as teachers don’t avail themselves

                                                Have a bigger committee with teachers as members??


5-9-89                      RE: Carol Cornetta - 150 attended Teacher’s Appreciation dinner - largest turnout to date

                                                Survey indicates the biggest problem for teachers is the time of in-services offered

                                                Jody Bueno submitted a survey sheet on Adult education for September

                                                Decided to have committees for registration, picnic, dinner etc. next year

                                Youth Group: Pat Edelmann - youth dance for the entire city with security in the parking lot

                                                To stress Youth Activities vs Youth Group

                                Social Committee: Bertha Grosso - with the Peace/Justice Committee will offer knitting and crocheting classes to go along with quilt making

                                Peace/Justice: - Cass Watson - working on Breast Cancer program with Women’s Wellness Center

                                                Reviewed original statement of purpose - no change

                                                Future activities: birthday cards/gifts to nursing home residents from the Youth Group

                                                                Collect quilt supplies

                                                                Check with Springfield Annunciation parish for their needs

                                                                Get information on Women’s Trade Center

                                                                Donate to Women’s Pregnancy Center

                                Land/Development: John Pusedu - bought edger for lawn at discount for $225 - basement walls painted - kitchen next

                                Budget: John Carleo - added $802 assessment for Chronicle

                                Mother’s Day Carnations: Steve Palumbo - ordered 400 of different colors from Campbell’s for 50 cents each

                                Fr. - Bishop Charles Buswell’s 50th anniversary will be July 9 at USC with Mass at 5:30 p. followed by reception at 7:30 p. There will be two official witnesses from each parish - Chuck Stimmel and Bertha Grosso for OLM

                                Furniture: Fr. - Columbia Savings is closing the Colorado Springs office - can get furniture in excellent condition at 1/3 price for the new building-   look for appropriate furniture - Santarelli’s offered storage at no cost - use U-Haul to bring furniture to Pueblo

                                RE Resolution: John Carleo- distributed resolution - diminished size of the RE Committee, now Committee Chair Carol Cornetta, Jim Masciotra, Mae Vinci with Bonnie Dehn representative to the Council

                                Fr.   - 500 cookbooks in the basement - lower price from $7 to $5

                                                Thanks to Kim Giordano, Shirley Culig and Al Colletti

                                To meet during the summer because of the Parish Center building.


6-30-89                    Annual Income: $189,400, Expenses: $168,059, Balance: $21,341Pastor’s Salary: $7398 ($512/mo), Extra Clergy: $2500, Lay Salaries: 19,957, Music: $1580,   Sanctuary: $3003, Supplies: $5000, Postage: $3988, Social Committee: $10,000, Aid to the Indigent: $3240, Mission Adoption: $1300, Peace and Justice Committee: $250, Rectory Food: $1800, Rectory Utilities:$2205, Youth:$4425,   RE Salaries:$23,000,

                                Chronicle:$672, Parkview Chaplain: $230, Offertory for the year now $97,597, Stole Contribution: $1694,   Hall Rentals: $2956, Calenders: $182, BDF -A: $4955, BDF-B: $12,849, Posada: $100, Other Diocesan Collections: $7,167, Land/Development Committee: $4553, Social Committee: $6808, Clergy Conference: $93, Adult Education: $1776, Retreats: $1001, Retirement Clergy Benefit: $3659, Posada: $190,


                                Fixed Assets:

                                                Land: $110,000

                                                Building: $475,000

                                                Furniture and Fixtures: $50,000

                                                Residence: $25,203

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