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JULY 1987 TO JULY 1988


9-8-87                      Liturgy/Music Committee: Jim Masciotra - Choir to learn two new songs per month

                                                Fr. Ricahrd Gielow do the Mission the first week of Lent

                                RE: Carol Cornetta - 400 students, 60 teachers - need two more teachers

                                                Discipline policy adopted and mailed to all families

                                                Discussed changing Ďreport cardí to Ďprogress reportí

                                                Judy Stefano hired part-time as Sr.ís assistant MTW 9-12 and 1-3

                                Youth Group: Pat Edelman - not enough money to be able to attend the Passion Play - planning on next year

                                                Discussed doing more for the Youth - budget, manpower, improving and building the program

                                Social Committee: Bertha Grosso -   Projected projects included Senior Citizens, pot lucks, speakers, Parish directory

                                Peace/Justice Committee: Phil Pantleo - Lost three members, have four member now plus two hopefuls. Hospice needs volunteers, need ongoing help for sick and elderly and help for the clothing drive

                                Land/Development Committee: John Pusedu - Hail damage $7, 195 for new roof on church and repair work on the rectory.

                                                Bought lawnmower

                                                Installed sprinkler in front of the church

                                Social Committee: Bertha Grosso - Parish dance attended by 125-130 people

                                                Voted to keep fund raisers 6 weeks apart

                                Events Schedule:

                                                Coffee and rolls   2nd and 4th Sundays                

                                                Bazaar - 1st weekend after Thanksgiving

                                                Raffle - tickets mailed 6 weeks prior to the dinner

                                                                Ear mark raffle funds for RE and Youth Activities

                                                Parish Dinner - catered

                                                New Yearís Eve Dance - Chair Steve Palumbo

                                Bonnie Dehn did not return.

                                Vernon McFarland hours increased from 12 hours to 16-17 for helping during Mass, janitorial work and maintenance , doing errands and computer work


10-13-87                 Peace/Justice Committee: Phil Pantleo - YWCA needs linens and utensils for battered wives program

                                                6 new people on the committee

                                                Topics are civil discrimination and environment

                                Land/Development Committee: John Pusedu - need storage space at rectory, fairground charge $995 - check on building own

                                RE: Sr. Marian -met with Peace/Justice Committee on sex education

                                                407 children and 73 teachers

                                                Jim and Georgia Masciotra helping with Christmas Pageant parts and music

                                Youth Group: Mary Jo Kirby - one time per month to meet with other parish groups at St. Therese

                                                Chose not to have officers but to have two representatives from each grade

                                Voted to delete the second collection for the building fund

                                Social Committee: Bertha Grosso - the Mardi Gras Dance will have D.J. Rip Avino - costumes optional

                                                Christmas Dinner catered by Colletteís for parish members only - no set entertainment just background music

                                Culigís property in San Isabel a possible site for Christmas trees

                                RE: has a large program

                                                Adult catechumanate class 24

                                                Council consideration after the first of the year with 3-5 member committee ( 1 from the Parish Council) with Sr. and Fr. as consultants

                                                Start to prepare for what is wanted - needed in RE Building

                                Christmas 4 and 6 p.m. Masses didnít work, return to 5 and 7 p.m.

                                                Consider two Masses at 5 p.m. - one up and one down or carry in 250 chairs upstairs


11-10-87 Liturgy /Music Committee: Jim Masciotra - have new singer Angie De Herrera

                                RE: Carol Cornette - Advent theme   ďCelebrating the Liturgy of the MassĒ

                                Youth Group: Pat Edelmann - Spaghetti Dinner grossed $515 - $231 expenses for net of $284

                                                Halloween Party cost $517

                                                OLM has A,B, and girls basketball teams. Mr.   C.T.     Fitzgerald and Mr. Vic Plutt as coaches at Goodnight and the games at Seton

                                Finance Committee: John Carleo -   Total building principle remaining is $42,000

                                Peace/Justice Committee: Phil Pantleo - voted to budget $30 with parish matching like amount for foster children for Christmas gifts

                                                Topics worked on currently   are civil, womenís and minorities rights

                                                Voted to have meeting every week for three months vs. 1 x / month

                                                To start a Peance/Justice corner in the Bulletin

                                Land/Development Committee: John Puseda - tractor converted to snow plow

                                New Yearís Eve Dance: Steve Palumbo - 6 committees needed with chair for each

                                                Youth Group bid for preparation of the food ($6/person) and cleanup ($50)

                                Parish Youth Project : Pat Edelmann - Youth raised $1200

                                Social Committee: Bertha Grosso - 719 raffle books mailed

                                                34 tables rented for Bazaar

                                                Customers order from menu, pay, pick up food

                                Need 3 - 10 ft Christmas trees, 2 - 6 ft, and 2-3 little ones

                                $1000 was donated byJim Masciotra in memory of wife Anne for a storage shed, purchased Tuff shed.

                                Every month each Parish donates to St. Vincent de Paulís Sharing program.

                                                Money provides gas, lodging, food and included the Loaves and Fishes Program to aid the needy with outlets at St. Francis and Christ the King churches

                                                Donate $170 / mo , adopted Springfield Parish gets $100/mo, average charitable monthly donation $400-500 - is this tithing at 10%?

                                                Local group runs Posada House, a shelter for the homeless. They use our hall and video equipment for publicity. Hall needs to be                 well established and meet city codes. It needs mature, salaried person to manage it for stability.

                                                Can we as a Parish do more in these projects???


12-8-87                    Youth Group: Mary Jo Kirby - Profit from table at Bazaar $65.91

                                                Cost $162.94 with $228.85 collected plus $37.44 sold at Kirbyís school

                                Social Committee: Bertha Grosso - Bazaar profit $2,029.54 handled by 150 volunteers

                                Peace/Justice Committee: Phil Pantleo - Activities   - need quotes for the corner in the Bulletin; Bishop Buswell do Mass in January and speak on civil rights, do homilies with videos and speakers on womenís, civil and minorities rights

                                Youth Group will decorate the Christmas trees

                                Sr. Marian doing Advent series on Wednesday evenings

                                750 families in the parish

                                Raffle $500-600 ahead of last year


1-12-88                    63 tickets old to New Yearís Eve Dance - income $1537.30, expenses $1053.93 profit $503.57

                                Served 600 for Parish Dinner

                                Peace/Justice Committee: Phil Pantleo - Bishop Buswell speak at Mass and Phyllis King speak in April

                                                Continuing clothing and food drive to help homeless and battered wives

                                Land/Development: John Puseda - Fr. can now clear the snow from sidewalks in about 25 minutes with the tractor

                                Parish Tithing: John Carleo - set a certain dollar amount for next year

                                                Raffle proceeds- close to $9000, profit $6000

                                                December income $33,320, expenses $17,043, balance $15,277

                                Fr. Richard Grielow here for nine days for the Mission.

                                                Committee: Publicity -Chuck Stimmel

                                                                         Social - Bertha Grosso

                                                                         Baby sitting - Mary Jo Kirby

                                                                         Transportation - John Carleo

                                                                          Liturgy / Music - Jim Masciotra

                                                                          Ads, posters etc - Bob Miller

                                Committee for RE Center - John Carleo, Phil Pantleo, Steve Palumbo, Mae Vinci, Kim Giordano

                                New Yearís Eve Dance - some people didnít pay, next year have table at entrance - someone set off firecrackers,   get White Security again ??   Steve Palumbo checking on buying popcorn machine

                                Checking on utilization of part-time and full time staff

2-9-88                      RE: Carol Cornetta - sell religious items everynight of the Mission

                                Youth Group: Pat Edelmann - voted to go to the Passion Play and to reserve two buses now - need $4505 to go

                                Social Committee: Bertha Grosso -   for the Mardi Gras have 2 different guards at $7/hr from 8 p. to 12 midnight

                                Finance Committee: John Carleo -   Church payment due in March and will make 3 full payments saving another $1838 in interest - balance $37,552

                                Parish Survey: John Carleo - most in favor of Parish Center - keep parishioners thinking about it as planning begins

                                Ron Dehnís Letter: Feels parish contributes share and will continue to do so. Donít want to put off Parish Center, so vote was NOT to contribute one yearís income to charity as proposed in the letter.

                                Fr.: BDF takes   13.69% of total gross income- clergy meeting to identify complaints about the new system. 160 families out of 680 responded and met our target.

                                                Have total income of $221,000 but some funds come in and right back out for earmarked items

                                Sr. Marian: Video tape the Mission. John Carleo offered camera and do filming some nights.


3-8-88                      RE: Carol Cornetta - some teachers didnít use the material, suggest contract for the teachers to emphasize responsibility.

                                                Because of the behavior of children suggest two Masses (Ash Wednesday) or have prayer service with ashes

                                                Confirmandi retreat held at Colorado Lionís Camp, Woodland Park

                                Youth Group: Pat Edelmann - Insurance and parent slips O.K. for Passion Play trip, insurance coverage to be under Diocesan policy through Steel City Agencies. Vans reserved.

                                Social Committee: Bertha Grosso - Mardi Gras not as well attended as other activities - donated $130 to Posada

                                Large amount of groceries to Loaves and Fishes

                                Bids on commercial vacuum for church:

                                                LeMasters tank type       $700

                                                Alís Vacuum Upright Hoover   $285   Voted to get Hoover

                                Purchased VCR for rectory

                                Finance Committee: John Carleo - agenda for next meeting:

                                                Discuss results of Parish survey

                                                Annual pledge drive and building fund

                                                Speeches and agenda

                                                BDF drive and update

                                                Review tapes on tithing and sharing

                                Peace/Justice Committee: Phil Pantleo - Phyllis King will present ď Lay People in the ChurchĒ at Mass

                                Land/Development Committee: John Puseda - Chem Way to treat lawn with 5 applications and aerate for $576

                                Fr.: Fr. Gielow was able to excite parishioner involvement in the Mission - suggest do every three years - gave him $2810.

                                                Three copies of the Mission are available for loan

                                                Ann Hribar and Frances Giordano   cooked for Fathers during the Mission

                                Ad Hoc Parish Center Committee: Sr. Marian and Fr. Schmitt consultants with a total of nine on the committee: 3 from the Council, 1 from Finance, 1 Youth and 4 general parishioners (perhaps with expertise). All committee heads write down function and purpose of the committee


4-10-88                    RE: Carol Conette - evaluating Eucharistic program , improve communication with teachers

                                Youth Group : Mary Jo Kirby - ready for the trip to the Passion Play

                                Fr.: Rental of hall to Jazzercize for $75 doesnít cover for heat and airconditioning- finish the summer then cancel the contract

                                Ad Hoc Parish Center Committee: Ray Moroney, Chair; co-chair, John Carleo; Council representatives Byron Antonioni, John Carleo, Mae Vinci; Youth - Sherril Pusedu; Finance - Paul Depatie; general parishioners - Jim Grosso, Sandy Myers, Ray Moroney; alternates -                 1st Jim Duff, 2nd Don Barry, 3rd Jim DeIorio and Rosemarie Masterantonio.

                                Motherís Day Breakfast: Byron Antonioni - Sold 221 tickets Cost $134.22 Collected $375   Profit $240.78

                                New Fiscal Budget, 88/99: John Carleo -Recommnded debt repayment in following order:

                                                                Knights of Columbus on the house

                                                                Bishop Buswell Trust

                                                RE Center to have priority

                                To interview Betty Jo Stupnik for Youth job, Paul Salinas also interested

                                Sr. and Fr. discussed doing more with the 7th and 8th grades next year

                                Next year may do program for separated, widowed and divorced and Mary Jo Kirby agreed to help.


4-27-88                    Paid off debt on the church - Knights of Columbus $22,281   , 8-1-88 Buswell Trust Fund $14,000. Paid off in 6 years vs. scheduled 15 thereby saving $206,000 in interest. Balance of $25,000 debt on rectory.


5-12-88                    Land/Developement: John Pusedu - Fr. and Pusedu planted most of the 30 new trees .   Found storage shed in Springs for $860 for 8ft x 12 ft with 5 ft door, they build it here and paint it. Done.

                                Bertha Grosso: Develop orientation for new Council members - to write up for a handbook

                                Fr.: Easter collection $1000 over last year

                                                Building Fund $2-3000 over last year

                                                St. Therese gave us $25,000 when we started - what do we do as they build their new church. Tabled the suggestion that we give $1000/yr for 3 years

                                                Do food collection weekly, OLM one of two parishes who regularly donate

                                                Building Fund Drive - 326 pledges from 735 registered members for $52,701, $3,270 in cash, $11,000 in old pledges.

                                                BDF $673 over target

                                Mae Vinci: voted to buy refurbished popcorn machine for $400 from Refrigeration Equipment Co.     

                                                Need to stress that people move to the middle when the Mass is crowded

                                  Parish Center Planning Committee Chair Ray Moroney - Center to house new offices and classrooms. First meeting of the committee 7-13-88 and monthly thereafter.

                                Received permission from Diocese to engage architect Hurtig, Gardner and Froelich

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