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JULY 1986 TO JULY 1987


8-86                          Hired Sr. Marian Bellotti, O.S.B. of Benet Hill Monastery, Colorado Springs, Colorado as full time RE Director. She had MS in RE, expertise in curriculum and teacher training. Bonnie Dehn to continue as Sr.’s associate.

                                RE: 325 in RE classes

                                Purchases 1984 Cavalier for the parish for transportation for Sr. Marian.


9-9-86                      Liturgy/Music Committee- Cheryl Ford - New cantors   are Tanya and Tony Cvar and Larry Segura (played guitar and lead singing on alternate Sundays at 9:30 a. Mass during the school year and on all Sundays during the summer); lost organist JoAnn Benko who moved to Europe.

                                RE: Mary Ann Roldan - Sr. Marian will have 50 teachers, needs 15 more, will try team teaching.

                                                Think of confirmation as three levels now -- 3 S’s of scripture, service and social issues.

                                Mary Jo Kirby- curriculum adapted -

                                                9th grade - review previoous 8 years

                                                10th - focus on morality, self-esteem, moral war, social sin, teen parenting, emotions, death and dying

                                                11th & 12th - Confirmation III, preparation for the sacrament, community project, service in church, plus guest speakers- topics to include sex, self-esteem (Pat Maggio), mini workshop on family and crisis ( 5-6 speakers0, last session on vocations and prayer.

                                Youth Group: Mary Jo Kirby, Steve Palumbo and Mary Lupton seeking input   on what the youth want.

                                John Carleo of Finance Committee - Building Fund Balance $101,399, interest $1000/quarter

                                Land/ Development Committe - John Pusedu - Vandals cut off one of trees

                                New fence materials = $1600- get price on steel posts. Weeds cut for free first time, $35 for second time

                                Fr.   suggested waiting on expenses as summer collections down plus the added expenses of Sr. Marian, Bonnie Dehn and Mary Jo   Kirby’s salaries

                                Moved to establish a Peace and Justice Committee (6th Comittee) , Phil Pantleo volunteered to chair

                                Raffle, New Year’s Eve Dance and Parish Dinner to be handles the same as last year.

                                Sr. Marian to arrive as soon as possible.

                                RE titles:

                                                Sr. Marian - Director of RE

                                                Bonnie Dehn - Coordinator of RE

                                                Mary Jo Kirby   - Youth Director

                                Dan Vujcich suggested installing a pay phone

10-14-86 40 in Children’s Choir and 10 in Adult Choir

                                RE: Mary Ann Roldan - 360 children in K-12 (286 in K-8, 74   9-12)

                                                69 teachers, 18 substitutes - pupil/teacher ratio   1 - 10

                                                Doing team teaching

                                                43 in reconciliation program

                                Mary Jo Kirby - Youth Group - 18-36 students in Youth Group - mostly middle school age. Showing interest in going to Passion Play   in South Dakota

                                Phil Pantleo of the newly formed Peace and Justice Committee has 6-7                 volunteers.   Existing six committees of the Parish Council:

                                                                RE, Social, Youth, Finance, Land/Development, Liturgical/Music

                                Land/ Development Committee- John Pusedu - Phone installed in basement - $4/mo

                                                Fr. got a pull down VCR screen in the Springs for $129 vs $500-600 at Martin Music

                                                Larry Segura of Cablevision will hook up cable TV gratis with $45-50 installation fee to Cablevision, Joe Beltramo cut the black top to install the cable and cover over when installed. Voted a $10/mo usage fee

                                                Fence 4x4’s, 8 ft long    $5.36 each ; steel post $6.00 or less; clamps $2.50 each - 900 boards = $801, posts = $222 for total approximately $1400- get Finance Committee review

                                                Dick Vinci built door under west stairs to basement for more storage.

                                Raffle tickets 2000 books/20 tickets per book

                                                Bids:   Mercantile    $431.70        Pip                 $386.50

                                                                Schuster’s      384.00        Riverside        600.00

                                                                Chose Schusters and to include perforated/numbered tickets

                                Organ Memorial Fund goal $25,000, have $5300 - put the raffle money here Voted to delete ‘Fund’ from the title

                                                Suggested using the $5300 as a down payment and monthly payments from revenues

                                To forward to the Finance Committee the need for a larger copier for the RE office- cost should include cabinet and extras $3,395 can get basic machine for $2795

                                Plan for Mission by Fr. Richard Gielow booked for the following year

                                Sr. Marian to present lecture series on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.

                                During Lent speakers will address various ministries


11-11-86 RE: Mary Lupton - Pat Maggio’s (guest speaker) topics were self-esteem and goal setting

                                42 students to   receive reconciliation

                                Student prayer is more in-depth

                                Youth Group - Mary Lupton - 20-35 students attending -   priority of the Planning Committee is focus on fellowship, Mass for the Youth Group, one member come to Board meeting, interest in earning money to go to Passion Play

                                Social Committee - Bertha Grosso - 672 raffle tickets mailed -   paid $189 for 40,000 tickets

                                After first of the year will do arts and crafts series - microwave cooking, knitting, crocheting, bridge, etc.

                                Voted to have raffle money go to the organ fund

                                Peace and Justice Committee - Roberta Vujcich brought draft of what the committee is :

                                                “In an effort to respond to the call of Our Journey Together, The Peace and Justice Committee of OLM will endeavor to promote as awareness of issues and concerns of peace and justice that confront the world community; to be responsive to those issues with specific, concrete actions.”

                                Land/Development Committee: John Pusedu - Fr. suggested replacing the fence with juniper trees. Don Musso can get 3-4ft trees for $10 each from California. To do in the Spring.

                                Kim Giordano chair the New Year’s Eve Dance, gave Christ the King 2 couples tickets for forty favors; White Security to provide 2 guards for $60, Rip Avina D.J., Byron Antonioni prepare the food, American Federal Bank donate the popcorn machine

                                Approved Bob Gentry’s recommendation to purchase a Minolta copier.

                                Organ Memorial received $600 more so total now $6000

                                Fr. Richard Gielow to do mission in 1988.

                                VCR picture doesn’t focus properly on 70 x 70 screen. Dennis Carey of Martin Music suggested a 82” screen

                                Suggestion made to have the Lenten series done by the Peace and Justice Committee with all the Ministries working together

                                Christmas Masses to be the usual times except the Midnight Mass will change to 10:p.m. Wayne Lupton to supply the Christmas trees


12-9-86    Liturgy/ Music Committee: Cheryl Ford - Children’s Choir performed at the Arts Center as invited by Magic 99 radio station. 46 children now in the choir.

                                Social Committee: Bertha Grosso -   Bazaar   made $700 on tables, afghan $247.20, cookbooks $161, bake sale $400.45, Youth $79.15 , kitchen $767.20 for a profit of $1904.94

                                Fr. reported the handicap signs up, basement VCR screen to go up in church and new one purchased for the VCR. Minolta copier gets hot and crimps the paper.

                                Have 467 reservations for the parish dinner

                                Phil Pantleo - need new cleaning service for the basement - Gary McBride and wife hired at $5/hr to clean 2 x’s /wk as needed.


1-13-87                    750 families, registered - 400 RE students

                                Sr. Marian Bellotti’s contract renewed for one year.

                                Judy Stefano joined the staff as part-time assistant to Sr. Marian.

                                Bonnie Dehn resigned her staff position of four years.

                                OLM held its own Confirmation and St. Patrick’s and St. Mary’s did their own.

                                RE: Mary Ann Roldan - Advent series not well attended - self evaluation of staff and Board done- to do curriculum revision in February

                                Mary Lupton reported the Youth Group candy sale netted $76.

                                Finance Committee: John Carleo - Organ Memorial now at $16,852

                                                $10,000 paid to Dain Bosworth

                                                Paid off Sr. Marian’s car   $3500, $135 interest to OLM.

                                Received a $1500 grant for the RE Program

                                Have saved a total of $210,000   in interest in the Building Fund

                                Cheryl Ford (Litugical/ Music Committee) -Children’s Choir invited to sing at St. Therese 1-30.   Angie DeHerrara volunteered to help with lead singing.

                                Kim Giordano   to summarize the New Year’s Eve information for future use

                                Bertha Grosso - 625 attended the Parish Dinner - went smoother

                                KFC has items to be donated or sold for our kitchen , 2 x 3 ft grills and an electric frymaster - to do proposal

                                Fr. - would like to have the organ by Easter.   Letter to Diocesan Finance for permission to spend up to $25,000.   Msgr. Howard Delaney, Cheryl Ford and organists   to look at organs.

                                Voted to budget $1200 for barberries, junipers, fertilizing and equipment. Minature barberries to be planted elsewhere.

                                Fr. - Sent 40 letters seeking grants, received 6 responses, $1500 from one (asked for $5000.

                                Voted to give $500 to Mary Jo Kirby for something the youth can enjoy.


2-10-87                    RE: Dan Vujcich - 18 went on the ski trip.

                                Sadlier series texbooks chosen.

                                Bertha Grosso ( Social Committee) - Crochet classes   now. Microwave classes soon. Will serve German dishes at the Deanery Dinner.

                                Parish Directory not feasible.

                                John Carleo ( Finance Committee) - Interest rate on the building fund for 1 year - 10%. May 1 will down to 9% until 4-30-88.

                                $21,000 in Dain Bosworth will go toward principle.

                                Peace and Justice Committee - Phil Pantleo - Discussed ministries to elderly and sick.

                                Voted to $35/yr for subscription to “Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign”

                                Theresa Evans seeking committee reports to share with the parish.

                                John Puseda (Land/Development Committee) - purchased sea-green junipers (60) with 5-7 ft spread, 5-6 ft high for $11/ea; Japanese red leaf barberries 5 gal 3 ft high at $12.50 ea.

                                New VCR screen now in the basement.

                                Made $100 deposit for Rip Avina ( $70/hr) for next year New Year’s Eve Dance.

                                Dr. Ralph Spinuzzi presented the new computer system the Diocese is interested in. If approved OLM and Holy Family would be pilot parishes. Awaiting approval of Fr. John Beno.

                                Fr. reported that confirmation will be with OLM and St. Mary’s only.

                                                Asked that people not be involved in more than two organizations.

                                John Pusedu working on a cart for the ping pong table.


3-10-87                    Youth Group - Pat Edelmann - Interest high in death and suicide

                                                Youth officers elected

                                                Sales needed for money to the Passion Play

                                Liturgy/Music Committee: Cheryl Ford - Children’s Choir celebrated Fr.’s birthday 3-8

                                Children’s Choir invited to the English Choir Festival 5-3.

                                Organ committee narrowed to Allen or Rodger organ.

                                RE: Mary Ann Roldan - 375 students with 75 teachers.

                                Bertha Gross (Social Committee) - Microwave classes excellent with Georgia Hoffmann instructing.

                                Kim Giordano to chair the Mother’s Day Breakfast

                                Peace/Justice Committee - Phil Pantleo - 20 came to the get together for ministries for the sick and elderly. The following agreed to serve:

                                                Sr. Marian     Shut-ins                Ron Charleston    Meals on Wheels

                                                Pat Jones     Clothing           Roberta Vujcich   Senior Advocate Group

                                                Ron Dehn     Nursing Homes

                                Land/Development Committee: - John Pusedu -   mapped the landscaping for back of church and under sign in front. To get replacement tree.

                                Byron Antonioni mentioned the large slide in park has two rusted metal plates sticking out. Pusedu to act.

                                Computer Committee of Kim Giordano, Dan Vujcich, Charlotte Plutt, Pete Castelucci, Paul Depatie, and John Carleo had questions for Dr. Spinuzzi and Co.

                                Purchased Sperry computer with three terminals to handle finances, census and office details- to pick program from ProData Inc. headed by Ralph Spinuzzi and parishioner Ralph Williams.

                                Sr. Marian reported that 10 attended the Lenten program.

                                Fr. reported that the BDF   was $768 dollors short of target- voted to pay from parish funds.

                                Started the Parish history- given to Sr. Marian.

                                Announced a major restructuring in the Diocese.


4-14-87                    Msgr. Delaney (Organ Committee) looking at Rodgers Co. organ - Rouch Funeral Home has one which they like. Got quotes on   640 Essex of $13, 560 and 705B Kent for $16, 560 with five yeaar warranty, tunable. Voted for the 705B Kent from Wells Music Company in Denver.

                                Youth Group - Pat Edelmann- 30 plan to attend the Passion Play

                                                Trailways bid   $3800

                                                Crown Transportation   $2250

                                                $500,000 liability while on the bus plus medical policy for small fee

                                John Carleo - Finance   Committee - Income down, expenses up.

                                                Fr. bought envelopes ahead of time at a 15% discount

                                                Building Fund - pledged $41,266, 225 pledges, $1246 cash with $10,000 outstanding

                                Peace/Justice Committee - Phil Pantleo - 9 boxes of clothing taken to the soup kitchen ,   5 boxes to nursing homes, 15 boxes to crisis center

                                                Hope Alive, an advocate group for seniors to present to the Board in May 9 (given 25 minutes )

                                Church cleaned and planting done.

                                Mother’s Day Breakfast   chairman Kim Giordano to be out of town. Al Collette and Phil Pantleo to co-chair. To get carnations for the Mothers.

                                John Carleo - Finance Committee- committee feels computer is good investment even if the Diocese breaks with the company in two years.

                                Need faucet outlet back of church - save 300 ft of hose - a friend of Father’s will do for $125.

                                Fr. reported   5 celing fans for church and cry room were donated by Jim Masciotra, Sr. (cost of $2046) in memory of wife, Anne. Fritz Anzlovar do the work after Easter.

                                New crystal pitcher and Eucharistic goblets purchased.

                                Spend $16,500 for the organ - money left over.

                                Riding lawn mower nice but decided didn’t need. John Pusedu to check on blade and brush or blower for snow removal

                                Bertha Gross requested a commercial vacuum for the church.


5-12-87                    Roberta Vujcich introduced Fred Archer (to the Council), new Director of Hope Alive, a   non-profit organization started in 1983 to help people address issues that affect our city and neighborhood; achievement and current concerns - unemployment, fair wages, health benefits, right to to organize and child care services; crime, housing; human services; education and neighborhood issues.

                                New organ to arrive 5-13. Old one to be donated.

                                RE: Carol Cornette -25 of 68 evaluation forms returned with opinions and suggestions.

                                                Discussed a discipline policy for students for the fall.

                                Mary Jo Kirby - Youth Group -230 pizzas sold - profit $690, sold suckers for total of $748.25 for the Passion Play.

                                                Voted for the proceeds from Father’s Day Breakfast to go to trip fund

                                Social Committee: Bertha Grosso - to go to Arts Center for the Bishop’s 25th Jubilee

                                Finance Committee: John Carleo -   Building Fund has 291 new pledges =$52, 375,   plus 80 pledges for   $10,000, = 371 pledges total $62,375

                                Organ Memorial    $18,438   in bank

                                                Organ           16,500

                                                Left in Fund   1,878

                                Peace/Justice Committee - Phil Pantleo-   next year will deal with sex education and the homeless.

                                                Still collecting clothes.

                                                Discontinue the linen shower - what have will donate to Family Crisis Shelter at YWCA

                                Land/Development Committee - John Pusedu - Found John Deere mower for $1633.   Committee Chuck Stimmel, Steve Palumbo, Dan Vujcich, John Puseda and John Carleo to select and buy mower for $2000 or less.

                                Usual June cookout.

                                Parish Youth Project report given from the pulpit including collection for trip to Passion Play.

                                Sr. Marian asked to use the car in-state for two summer months - agreed - she to pay gas, oil and 10cents/mi.

                                John Carleo - need to provide information to parishioners on Council Activities for next year.

                                Steve Paulumbo reported that parking is a problem - some block those ready to leave.

                                Floyd McMurtry to fix roof leak.

                                Think about naming our park.


6-30-87                    Annual Income: $160,350, Expenses: $163,851   Balance: - $3501

                                                Pastor’s Salary: $4685, Extra Clergy: $2185, Lay Salaries: $16,000,

                                                Music: $1895, Sanctuary: $3500, Supplies: $6000, Postage: $3000,

                                                Aid to the Indigent: $2500, Mission Adoption: $1200, Peace and Justice: $250, Rectory food: $2000, Rectory Utilities:$2000, Youth: $2464, RE: $20,090, Crosswinds: $1295, Parkview Chaplain: $115

                                Organ Memorial: $5628,Coffee and Rolls: $659, Miscellaneous Diocesan Collections: $15,200, Social Committee: $8719, Land/Development Committee: $5001, Adult Program: $1419, Rental Income: $3788

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