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JULY 1985 TO JULY 1986


9-10-85                    Jo Anne Benko played the organ for the summer.

                                RE: Bonnie Dehn planned OLM “Believe it or Not” program to educate the parishioners of the need/growth of the parish ; ex:  total number of registered  parishioners, number of class hours each year etc. Calendar in the Newsletter each month.

                                Youth Group: Mary Lupton said the retreat was cancelled as high schools having orientation. Trinity Ranch will hold deposit for future use.

                                Reconciliation classes start September 29, sacrament Dec. 8 followed by potluck.  First Communion classes to start Feb. 9.

                                Debbie Carleo (Social Committee) said the July dance was a success.

                                                To hold the money making raffle and draw the winners at the Christmas Dinner. First prize $1000, second $500 and five 3rd prizes of $100 each.

                                                Can’t mail raffle tickets, attach to Bulletin.

                                Finance reported by Fr. Schmitt included quarterly payment of $8680 due and to pay two principle payments in advance to save a total of $131,000 in interest to date. Diocese changed insurance compensation company to get better coverage for less - rate was $1500, now $1300.

                                Check for $1000 paid to Buswell Trust Fund, balance $19,000

                                John Pusedu(Land and Development Committee) reported the cement walkway poured at the rectory. The sign outside cost $399 installed. Decided to stagger the letters. Brick outside complete and donated by Krasovex. His helper was paid $180. The first two plastic letters warped in the sun - 3rd set to be of cork. New kitchen cabinets donated.

                                Debbie Carleo reported the summer picnic not held. Too many other activities.  To have covered dish supper soon.

                                Christmas Bazaar to be Dec. 7-8.  Table rental to be $20 for  both days. Overcrowding last year so reduce tables from 40 to 35. Cookbooks, bake sale and kitchen to make added revenues.

                                Christmas Pageant and Parish dinner to be same day Dec. 15; dinner 5-7p. catered with raffle drawing at 8 p.

                                Determined the “Renew Program” too expensive.

                                Looking at  a scripture program for adults for the Advent Season.

                                A prediction that by 1990 the number of priests will decrease by 50% means that more lay involvement is needed.

                                Currently involved in “Ministry of Christian Service” a training in theology are Steve Palumbo and Dan and Roberta Vujcich

                                594 families registered, 505 active.


10-8-85                    RE: Mary Ann Roldan - Oct. 22 workshop for  teachers, aides, substitutes featuring video on developmental  stages of children.

                                Planned is a family-oriented Advent workshop - Holy Family children to put on a play for children of OLM

                                Liturgical Congress to be Oct. 25-26 at Seton.

                                Need sound panels for church basement of RE classes, RE center to be constructed as soon as the church is paid off.

                                Youth Group: Mary Jo Kirby - 26 children enrolled in reconciliation classes. Confirmation to be Mar 17 at St. Mary’s with St. Patrick’s and OLM. Retreat at Abbey in Canon City March 8-9.

                                Splitting the grades is going well, will reassess end of November.

                                Steve Palumbo and Mary Lupton helping out a lot.

                                John Pusedu (Land /Development Committee)- church sign board in, to use wire border on the blocks

                                Carpeting on cry room wall a necessity for sound control, on stairway for aesthetic appeal. To get bids.

                                Trash/ cigarette containers on each of the walkways.

                                Bob Miller doing the organ fund publicity: letters to parishioners explaining the fund: Memorial Fund to be in two categories, need for the organ, frequent organ repairs now, new organ not a home-type model, do write-up in Crosswinds, do an organ dedication, send letter to non-parishioners.


11-12-85                 Liturgy/Music Committee: Cheryl Ford - Children’s Choir sing  Nov. 10 at 9:30 Mass. Will sing Thanksgiving Ecumenical services Nov. 27 at 7:30 p. at First Church of the Nazarene.

                                RE: Mary Ann Roldan - 25 attended the teachers workshop. 12-18 attended the play stressing clown ministry for grades K-5 given by the Holy Family children.

                                                Family Advent Workshop  Nov. 24  7-8:30 p.m. OLM

                                                St. Mary’s Advent  Workshop  Nov. 16 9- 12:15 a.

                                                Christmas Pageant to be Dec. 15 “Christmas Around the World” directed by Mary Lupton.

                                Youth Group: Mary Lupton - Dance Dec. 25 at St. Therese

                                                Oct. 27 confirmation class baked 21 pizzas for the St. Mary/ St. Patrick party

                                John Pusedu (Land/Development Committee) - Bid on stairwell/cry room carpet $2038 for materials and labor, tile for storage room $310. Moved not to seek three bids. In future will need window coverings in the cry room and a private space for bridal parties to dress. Mary Lupton, Mary Jo Kirby and Charlotte Plutt to get estimates.

                                All tables sold for the Bazaar.

                                Bob Miller - $50 set as minimum for an Organ Memorial - if give less will be a regular contribution. Memorials and contributions to be listed at the dedication.

                                300 attended                the covered dish dinner Nov. 17.

                                New Year’s Eve Dance - band $700, 9p. - 1a., limit 100 couples/ $25 per couple, BYOB with parish furnishing mixers. Byron Antonioni preparing the food, Roger Borchers to hire two security guards. Bob Miller do tickets and posters.

                                Consider funding for a representative to attend the DCCW national convention in Minneapolis/St. Paul in 1987.

                                At the Clergy Conference Fr. Schmitt heard a Fr. Steve Yavorsky give 4 excellent conferences on the spiritual life. Asked him to come during Advent.

                                Checking on cutting electrical service but can’t do - in 2 years an intermediate rate may be set up for churches and institutions.


12-10-85 Liturgy/ Music Committee: Cheryl Ford: Dec. 17 will be Christmas party with caroling, Children will sing at 5 p. on Christmas Eve, the pageant will be at 2 p.m. Dec. 15. The Adult Choir will sing Midnight Mass.

                                Allen organs are highly recommended.

                                RE: Bonnie Dehn - Dec 18 all classes will have party and play

                                Youth Group: Mary Lupton -  Youth helping with Christmas pageant , making Children’s Choir stockings, Dec. 20 will have pizza party and caroling at Mary Jo Kirby’s

                                Debbie Carleo (Social Committee) -

                                                Christmas Bazaar - Income    $2733.50

                                                                   Expense      600.00

                                                                                   Profit         2133.50

                                                Pat Miller in charge of the Clergy Dinner Dec. 11 with 23-35 priests attending.

                                685 registered for the Dec. 15th dinner  5-7:30 p.  Collette’s catering.  Tickets for raffle $300.

                                New Year’s Eve Dance - two guards hired for $60, Tony Aguero got 5 piece band for $575. Byron Antonioni in charge of food, Bonnie Dehn do ice and mixers, Bob Miller do tickets and posters. Dance for parishioners and friends only. Popcorn machine rented.

                                Window coverings for cry room: Mary Jo Kirby - checked with Spangler’s and Penney’s. Bids for all four windows:

                                                                Mini blinds                   $234.32

                                                                Woven woods                        488.00

                                                                Soft shades                        459.20   Penney’s $400

                                                                plus $24 installation fee.  Chose Spangler’s.

                                Fr. Schmitt gave out the goals statements for input to be returned as soon as possible.

                                Cheryl Ford to get estimate on value of piano donated January 1.

                                Asked for input on Adult Advent program   More?  Less?

                                Fr. Jim Plough here for the holidays and to help.


1-14-86                    The yearly goal to discuss, study and implement the goals/objectives promulgated by the Diocese of Pueblo in OJT (Our Journey Together) process.

                                Several of these goals/objectives match our own priorities; others to be added as possible.

                                Our priorities have been:

                                                Catechesis, Liturgy Celebration, Community Building, Shared Ministry, Youth, Family Life, Finance Planning and Stewardship.

                                Two areas needing work are Evangelization and Social Justice               

                                Children’s choir sang at the 10:a. service at the Wesley United Methodist church for the pulpit exchange.

                                RE: Mary Ann Roldan reported the Christmas pageant as a success. 9-12 grades to present Passion Play at Easter. Announced teacher’s workshop for 9-12 grades coming soon.

                                700 families in the parish, 390 RE students.

                                Youth Group: Mary Lupton provided the dates for Tri-Parish confirmation as Mar 17 at St. Mary’s and the retreat as March 8-9. First                 Communion classes to begin February 2 with parents required to come to the first two classes. Not a good turnout for cleaning the church.

                                Debbie Carleo (Social Committee) reported on the following activities:

                                                Bazaar:  Income  Table Rentals                     $  700.00

                                                                Bake sale/concession                      1661.00

                                                Total                                                                          2361.00

                                                                   Expenses  Chieftain ad                                233.90

                                                                          Crosswinds                                   28.68

                                                                           Pop                                                63.50

                                                                           Paper supplies/posters      20.95

                                                                                           Kitchen supplies                           25.00

                                                                Total                                                                            372.03

                                                                Profit                                                                      $1988.97

                                                                Sold $373 of cookbooks

                                                Dinner:  Income     Donation Collette’s           $  218.75

                                                                   Expenses  625 meals @$2.75              1718.74

                                                                                         Loco Liquor (wine)                 90.00

                                                                                          Banquet Bakery (Cookies)   72.00  

                                                                   Total                                                                     1880.75

                                                                Debit                                                                      $1662.00

                                                Raffle:   Income                                                $7419.00

                                                                   Expenses   Tickets                                          293.80

                                                                                           Colorado Revenue

                                                                                                Service (Tax)                    128.15

                                                                                                Prizes                               2000.00

                                                                                                Profit                                                                        $4997.05

                                New Year’s Eve Dinner/ Dance:

                                                Income: 46 tickets @ $25                       $1150.00

                                                Expenses:  Band                                      575.00

                                                                        Security                                       60.00

                                                                        Food                                           276.50

                                                                        Popcorn/machine rental       23.54

                                                                        Pop/juice - $112.00 credit    45.74

                                                                        Misc. Kitchen supplies        43.98

                                                                        Favors/ door prizes            11.03

                                                                Total                                                                  $1035.79

                                                                                Profit                                                                                      $114.21

                                Moved to have 50’s dance for young adults and couples in March with a D.J. and beer.

                                Fr. Schmitt reported on the financial status of the church. Financially solvent. Christmas donations increased by $1000 over last year.

                                Bought bedroom furniture on sale for guest bedroom

                                Building Fund Report:

                                                Dain Bosworth                                               $30,472

                                                                Mar 1 payment $8681

                                                                  plus 5 extra payments           Interest saved

                                                                                $3601.48                                                 $5080.32

                                                                                  3720.78                                   4961.02

                                                                                  3844.03                                   4837.77

                                                                                  3971.37                                   4710.43

                                                                                  4102.92                                   4578.88

                                                  Totals           $19,240.58                              $24,168.42

                                                Total interest saved to date $156,666.40

                                                3-1-86 will have $11,232 left in Dain Bosworth and actually be paid up until June 1, 1992. Next payment due in July when the principle will be equal to the interest payment. As of March 1, have only 22 payments left out of 60.

                                                Debt is $129,888.00

                                John Pusedu donated coat rack in basement.

                                May try raffling log splitter next year - if parish buys new parts ($1200-1400) Pusedu would build at no charge.

                                Donated squash blossom necklace could also be raffled off.

                                Fr. and Bob Miller to collate returned goals statements.

                                BDF target is $10,054. Talked to Diocesan office to obtain new figure of $9,332/prorated over three years

                                Scripture study during Lent - Fr. Bill Huber and Fr. Ed Nunez (new Chancellor) will help out. Moved to have 5 film series “Creating Family” shown on Wednesdays during lent - films $295 plus stipend to presenters of $500-600. Pastor Tapey of Wesley  United Methodist Church wants to co-sponsor it.  Will do by invitation and no charge to them.

                                325 in RE. Moved to hire RE coordinator. Bonnie Dehn to prepare the job description. Prefer a man $5000-6000. If hire nun need to supply transportation, housing and salary = $10,000. The coordinator would do the sacramental program as well.

                                Best educational materials on video- need to purchase VCR and monitor. Committee to check on items Steve Palumbo (chair), Bob Miller, Debbie Carleo and Wayne Lupton.

                                Considering changing Confirmation from Senior to Junior year for 2 reasons:

                                                Most other parishes have in Junior year

                                                Seniors have other things on their minds

2-11-86                    Mary Annn Roldan (RE) attended workshop for teachers which stressed formulating meaningful lessons and understanding youth.

                                Ash Wednesday k-5 to attend 4 p. Mass with the teachers distributing ashes.

                                                Children will present their scrolls at the altar stating their sacrifices

                                Grades 9-12         looking at three plays for Lent:

                                                Upper Room for Holy Thursday

                                                If  It Happened Now for Good Friday

                                                Street Sweeper of Jerusalem the week end before Palm Sunday at all Masses

                                To distribute small crosses of palm on Good Friday

                                VCR tape series Feed My Lambs to be used in fall to help RE Teachers

                                Diocesan policy for Confirmation is 17 years of age  and junior or senior

                                                Juniors of 1987 to be confirmed

                                                Current juniors to be confirmed if meet same requirements as seniors

                                Curriculum Committee Mary Jo Kirby and some students

                                Bonnie Dehn reported that Junior High Group had good attendance, Senior High Group tend to not show up, looking at peer ministry  to spark interest

                                Catholic Youth Festival Feb. 23 for 9-12 grades- Classes cancelled so students can attend

                                43 students in First Communion class

                                Land/ Development Committee (John Pusedu) found that the parts for the log splitter for the raffle more expensive than thought - looking for cheaper price

                                High Country Marine pouring the concrete into 6 molds Pusedu made and to be painted earth tone with reflectors. Temporary posts are being hit by cars and tearing up the concrete.

                                Diocesan RE office notified of need - notice sent to 50 different religious orders in the U.S. Personal interviews required.

                                Voted to have DJ for the New Year’s Eve Dance this year.

                                County Extension agent to test soil (gratis) as three linden trees doing poorly

                                To send appreciation letter to Wesley United Methodist Church for their participation and reverence for our service.


3-11-86                    RE: Bonnie Dehn said Paul Hennegan and Rod Stimmel will do monologue for the plays. Holy Thursday Last Supper has 16 parishioners taking part.


                                                Teachers Appreciation dinner Apr 25

                                                Last High School class Apr 27

                                                Last grade school class Apr 30

                                                RE picnic May 7

                                Cass Watson director for Summer Bible Program k-6 grades

                                Mary Lupton said only 10 OLM students 9-12 at the Youth Festival

                                Mary Jo Kirby with 23 students attended the retreat at the Abbey in Canon City

                                Byron Antonioni to chair Mother’s Day breakfast

                                Saved $163,000 interest on the building to date. Still concerned about the $500+ light bill

                                Liturgy and Music Committee Cheryl Ford had Children’s Choir do Valentine’s Day Mass, will do St. Patrick’s Day Mass.  Other adults may form an occasional choir for special feasts.

                                John Pusedu (Land/Development) said Chem-Way checked the soil - not too bad. To replace one tree and keep two others, ground very hard and dry - to aerate

                                50’ Dance  (April 5) from 8-12 p. will have Rip Avina as D.J. Debbie Carleo reported.  Admission to be by cash donation or food for Loaves and Fishes Program. Parish to supply beer, pop and munchies. Successful.

                                D & D Electronic bid on 40” Sylvania T.V. screen ($2200) and VCR $525. To look further

                                April 12 cleanup day for Church inside and outside. Gary and Olga McBride hired to clean, scrub and buff basement floor weekly.

                                Palm Sunday usual Pledge Drive

                                                Speakers    5 p.m.  Roger Borgers    9:30 a.m. Steve Palumbo

                                                                        8 a.m.   John Carleo       11:00 a.m. Mary Ann Roldan

                                Pledges equal gifts of $114/family/year or $9:50/mo

                                Approved Parish Council Guidelines with 2 additions:

                                                1. Term of office - Committee representative to Council to be chosen by the respective committee members and their one year term of office be decided each year by their committee

                                                2. Term of office - Slate of officers will be taken from the present Council members after the general slate has been taken.

                                “Creating Family” program excellent - attendance poor.


4-8-86                      Mary Jo Kirby (RE)  said the “Street Sweeper of Jerusalem” play was impressive - was not in the Crosswinds. The banner got good response.

                                Usual  May Crowning, family picnic, summer bible study

                                Mary Lupton (Youth Committee)  held usual chili supper , movie on Confirmation and curriculum devised.  Committee: Mary Jo Kirby, Youth Group members, teachers and Youth committee members

                                Fr. pleased with Building Fund pledges - $55,300 to date, still coming in - goal $68,000

                                Electric bill so high the hot water heater was turned off - get smaller heater? delay some of the furnaces? other ways to conserve?

                                Moved to fly Sr. Marissa McDonald of St. Paul MN for a meeting with Fr., Mary Ann Roldan, Dan Vujcich and Bonnie Dehn for RE Coordinator role. Has no degree in religious education but has years of experience, bilingual, knows the Spanish culture and plays guitar.


5-13-86                    Cheryl Ford - new blue binders to hold four liturgy booklets - Today’s Misselette and Music Issue from Oregon Press and Glory and Praise  I and II.

                                                Usual choir performances

                                                Diocesan Workshop for organists and cantors April 26 at Cathedral

                                RE: Mary Ann Roldan - 65 attended Teacher Appreciation Dinner.

                                                250 attended the RE picnic

                                                46 students received First Communion

                                Mary Lupton - Youth Group - 80 attended the chili supper

                                Finance Committee members: John Carleo, Roger Borchers, Judy Stefano, Grace Gonnerman, Pete Castellucci, Bob Gebtry, Paul Depatie, Jim Masciotra ( do accounting sheet)

                                Steve Palumbo provided a demonstartion by Dennis Carey of Martin Music on Monitor/VCR. Moved to purchase for $2090.  John Pusedu and Steve Palumbo to check on cart.

                                Sr. Marissa McDonald and Sr. Marian Bellotti interviewed by Fr., Mary Ann Roldan, Dan Vujcich and Bonnie Dehn for Director of RE position.

                                                Impressions: Sr. Marian

                                                                Mary Ann Roldan: Meets our needs, high level of experience, has developed curriculum trained teachers, attended many workshops, strength in theology and relating to people, excellent recommendations

                                                                Dan Vujcich - agree, pleasant, knowledgeable, background for the parish

                                                                Bonnie Dehn - great asset - more qualified of the two

                                                                Fr. - Sr. would be main thrust for 4 years with adults who work with children

                                                Her reasons for coming here:

                                                                Family in Walsenburg

                                                                Commit to one parish ( has been floating)

                                                                Other job offer was with too big a parish (St. Thomas Moore in Littleton)

                                                                46 years old - Mother House going to a professional basis - could earn $40,000  in lay system - we offering $15,000

                                                Budget reviewed and moved to hire.

                                                Suggested sending letter to parishioners asking for $25 donations  to meet the needs

                                                John Carleo to seek  ideas for increased funds

                                                Moved to raise RE tuition to $10

                                                Mary Ann Roldan suggested setting parish goals in 1 -3 -5 year statements

                                                Peace and Justice Committee Proposal: Give thought over the summer, have six committees now. Committee would keep informed on local, national and international issues involving porn, sexuality in schools etc.

                                                DRE coming September 1. Will need a car. Diocesan mileage allowance 33 cents/mi, parish pays for oil and insurance. Fr., Phil Pantleo, John Carleo and Bob Miller to look for one- if within budget - buy. Theresa Evans car may be possibility.

                                                Fr. Going to Clergy Conference in Canon City.

                                                Responsibilities based on representing the whole parish vs. own opinions. Read new Constitution and Bylaws.


6-30-86                    Annual Income: $153,750  Expenses: $149,670  Balance: $4080

                                                Pastor’s salary: $4620 ($385/mo), Extra Clergy: $1500

                                                Lay Salaries: $14,646,  Music $2100, Supplies: $10,000, Postage $3000

                                                Social Committee:$6599, Sanctuary: $3531,Aid to the Indigent: $2040, Mission Adoption: $1000, Parish Car: $9500,Rectory Food:$2000, Rectory Utilities: $2200, Land/Development:$4921

                                                Youth:$2000, RE Salary:$8900, RE Program:$21,360, Crosswinds: $1050, Parkview Chaplain: $120.00


                                 Stole contributions: $70, Memorial Organ Fund: $4815, Rental Income: $4675, Miscellaneous Diocesan Collections: $12,905

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