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JULY 1984 TO JULY 1985


9-11-84                    Cheryl   Ford reported that the Children’s Choir will sing beginning end of September and sing at 9:30 a. Mass every other Sunday.

                                Debbie Carleo of the Social Committee reported the cookbook “Makin’s from the Meadows” with 798 recipes   went to press in August. 2525 (2800?) ordered at $3.60 per book to arrive in time for the Christmas Bazaar. To sell for   $7 each for a profit of $8500.

                                Mary Lupton of the Youth Group introduced Mary Jo Kirby as the new Youth Director. Social and scriptural   will be combined First get-acquainted outing   on Sept. 16 for a hayride in Beulah.

                                Roger Borchers of Finance Committee presented the August financial report

                                Park completed with trees in. Playground equipment to be installed in one week.

                                Sump pump bought for ramp as drain unable to handle the rains. Ramp repair from Gradishar Construction $700.

                                RE: Bonnie Dehn reported that classes to start Sunday, 9-16. New concept for fourth grades in church basement using team teaching. Teachers and aides commissioned by Fr. 9/16 at 9:30 a Mass. Have 21 classes. Last year had 279 students. 140 registered to date.

                                Parish car sold for $700 (ad price $795)

                                Hail damage inspection 9-5. Ribbing on church roof to be replaced plus all vents. T-locks on rectory damaged. House being painted and Floyd Sandoval repainted the damaged area.

                                Had 49 tables at Christmas Bazaar last year which was too crowded. To have 40 this year. Cook books to be sold at Parish Table. Rent $20 for the two days.

                                Bob Miller and Byron Antonioni to organize the New Year’s Eve dance with the Manhattan band playing for 4 hours for $550

                                Fr. Beierwalter to OLM 9-28 to discuss Lenten Mission. Requested Council members, teachers, and liturgical participants come with ideas for a ‘rap’ session on the Mission

                                Approximately 525 families registered, 300 in RE

                                Receiving the Eucharist in both forms being introduced slowly. The next generation will see as the accepted practice.

                                Kim Giordano congratulated on marriage and Cheryl Ford on the birth of daughter Elizabeth Anne

                                Financial Update: Offertory Envelopes - $6,577  

                                                Building Fund - $4,328     Net Income - $18,787

                                                Total Working Funds - $31,720

                                                Church: Priests salary - $380 (since June)

                                                                Lay salary - $891

                                                Rectory: Lay salaries -0- (since July)     Food - $130

                                                                Education: $1,181    Fixed - $274

                                                                Total operating expenses - $5,202


10-9-84                    Cheryl Ford has 26 children in Children’s Choir which is open to any child who can read. Adult choir needs more members.

                                Debra Carleo of the Social Committee announced the following activities:

                                                March - St. Patrick’s Day (Adults only)

                                                May -   Dance and chuckwagon barbeque for families

                                                August - family picnic in the mountains starting with Mass

                                                December - Christmas Dinner 12-16 5 :00 p. (same day as Children’s Pageant) Dinner catered at $2.75 for adults and 1/2 price for children. Church to pay for costs over $1000

                                                Church Raffle with money prizes (1st - $1000, 2nd- $500, 3rd 5-$100) Tickets $1 each. Last year made $900.

                                Hayride attended by 27 students and 8 adults.Cheryl Ford played guitar and sang. Thursday evening youth meetings have 25-27 in attendance- 37 registered. Youth will clean the church first Saturday of every month. Halloween Party in church basement   10-31.

                                Bonnie Dehn met with Fr. Beierwalters with RE suggestions that one evening be family oriented,   not to be limited to 17 years of age and older, provide baby sitting. Children’s Pageant Ministry (Junior/Senior High School students) from the local Baptist church will present to the 4th grade 11-14 church, teacher’s workshop to prepare ideas for Advent, 12-16 the Christmas Pageant occurred with each child preparing a Jesse Tree ornament and present for a class gift of warmth for needy children.

                                Roger Borchers of Finance Committee reported that church payment of $8681 (principle and interest) made

                                John Pusedu reported playground now complete. Three dead trees in front of church to be replaced with five pinons and more bushes.

                                The Manhattan Band out for the New Year’s Eve Dance as the new manager will not recognize the verbal agreement and has also raised the price to $750/4 hours. Tony Aguero found another band for $500/4 hrs.

                                By laws draft reviewed, to keep the at-large term to 3 years. Need to remind parishioners that meetings are open.

                                Hispanic Ministry - Information received by Mary Ann Roldan   about summer conference in Albuquerque is costly, TonyAguero received nothing, Fr. spoke with Sr. Andrea Vasquez who reported not enough response to the idea, no courtesy response to our representatives. If no further information forthcoming, will drop from the agenda.

                                Hail Damage- have permission to bank the insurance money and do the work when convenient. Will take bids vs Diocesan contractor

                                Bob and Pat Miller to co-chair the Lenten Mission which will have five session 1 - 1- 1/2 hours each. Fr. Breierwalter prepare topic outlines for each night. To be for OLM parish only plus unchurched. Mission named “A Journey of Friendship”. Current committee chairman to serve on the committee.

                                Liturgical Congress November 1st and 2nd in Seton Building. No food tables to be offered.

                                Winter freeze up of ramp, if determined to be dangerous will be roped off and not used. John Pusedu to check on needed correction.


11-13-84                 Liturgical and Music Committee chair Cheryl Ford reported that a representative committee attended the Liturgical Congress. Children’s Choir has 40 members. Adult Choir needs members. Children’s Choir plus Wesley United Methodist Choir will sing Thanksgiving Eve at Westminster Presbyterian Church. Fr. Schmitt gave a new microphone to the choir.

                                Advent wreath stand purchased as donation from Alishio family in memory of Sam Alishio.

                                Debbie Carleo of the Social Committee reported that cookbooks have been shipped, raffle tickets mailed, 39 of 40 tables sold, OLM will have food and baked goods sale plus cookbook table. Youth Group will run raffle for handmade quilt by Cass Watson. Collette’s cater the dinner at 5.p.

                                Bonnie Dehn of RE reported on Puppet Show in church basement for K-5. Mary Lupton to head the Christmas Pageant. 33 children to receive sacrament of Reconciliation. Mary Roldan to be new chairperson of RE.

                                John Pusedu of Land and Development Committee reported the purchase of a safe for $250 weighing 800# to be put in parish house basement for $69 cost. Moved to buy electrical mats (total $3500) and pour two more inches of concrete on ramp. Discussed ideas, design, types, diagrams etc for church sign. “Killer Krasovec” to be asked to do the brick work. Chem-way contracted to fertilize, spray grounds using their 5-star program. Donated for the office were a new Olivetti memory typewriter from Cope Office supply   and a used Gestetner electric stencil cutting machine from the Diocese. Jim Hunyadi and Bob West built more cabinets for the kitchen.

                                On the By Laws Fr. suggested members serve for two years on the Council because of the experience factor. Issue kept as is. Fr. Breierwalter’s letter on the Lenten Mission stressed the family orientation with no age limit, Fr. Schmitt to handle all church activities. The night that bread is to be the symbols a loaf of bread to be given to each person. 400 loaves to be baked. Fr. Schmitt suggested a holy hour 1 x wk or even   and entire day set aside for devotion to build a “spiritual foundation “ for the mission.

                                Tony Aguero chair of the Parish Dance. Rich Yourick Band booked. $20/couple.

                                Hispanic Ministry organizational meeting of 4 parishes 11-8 Resources in the church community for ministries to be discussed.


12-11-84 Cheryl Ford of Liturgy and Music Committee asks for music leader for 8:a. Mass. Learning new music for Christmas Mass. Children’s Choir will go caroling and have party Dec. 19 and sing at Christmas Eve 5 p. Mass

                                Christmas Bazaar (Debra Carleo) income $2401, expenses $642 for net                 of $1759. Raffle income so far $3500. 320 copies of cookbook sold for $2200 (400 sold to date). Cookbook to be door prize for DCCW luncheon.

                                RE (Mary Ann Roldan) Banners being made for Mission with purple the predominant color. Different symbols to be used each night. Religious items to be on sale.

                                Youth Group (Mary Lupton) helped make figures for Reconciliation class and collars for Children’s Choir pageant performance. 12/20 have pizza and go caroling. Ski tentative for 1/5

                                Roger Borchers of Finance reported that envelope contributions especially good

                                John Pusedu reported the completion of the ramp work. A light is to be installed over the door.

                                Tony Aguero estimated a committe of eight needed for the New Year’s                 Eve dance. To be $25/couple.

                                Bob Miller outlined the publicity for the Mission starting in December, programs   printed for each mission session and special for “Prayer Day” for success of the Mission.

                                Christmas decorations will include 4 trees upstairs with one decorates on Friday before Christmas. Nativity set donated to the church.

                Prayer Day for success of the mission will be 1x/wk for 6 weeks with Eucharist displayed. Spirituality important. Need organ for church in 2-3 years. Memorials could be put on organ fund. Organ would cost $15 - 20,000.


1-8-85                      RE Bonnie Dehn having students make banners for the Lenten Mission. Feb. 3rd city-wide Youth Day at Holy Family Parish for grades 9-12 at $500/ student. Twelve sessions on teen-age problems ending with dinner dance.

                                Confirmation retreat Feb. 9 , 9-5 p.m. ending with Mass. Confirmation on Sunday March 10 at 4:30 p.m. combined with St. Mary’s and St. Pat’s.

                                May crowning planned for 6-8 grades.  

                                RE and Youth Committee combined meetings.

                                Mary Lupton of the Youth Committee reported that 6 adults attended the caroling. Ski trip to Conquistadore planned for Sat Jan.12 with 27 OLM students and 32 students from other parishes attending. 5 adults driving - more needed

                                Starting a 17 week unit   to study each sacrament and each commandment in detail per week

                                Kim Giordano reported Raffle   Income   $10,205, expenses $2517, net $7688. Cookbook cost was $9488, sold thus far $3919

                                Roger Borchers (Finance Committee) reported that Christmas offertory and Bazaar key incomes for December. Other than the building fund finances are greatly improved over last year.

                                Held the first parish mission conducted by Fr. Chuck Breierwalter and Fr. Pete Schavitz, Redemptorist   Fathers.

                                Bob Miller has all materials for publicity etc ready for the Lenten Mission. Pat Miller responsible for the loaves of bread, Debbie Carleo for refreshments, Mary Lupton and Ann Rebar cook for Fr. and priests during the Mission. Fee for the Mission priests for expenses plus the collection on the last night. Religious items contracted out to be available each night.   Topic outlines to be available for each night. Church packed each evening for the week.

                                Theresa Evans in charge of the DCCW luncheon hosted by OLM. Skit to be performed. Chicken cordon bleu menu. Planning for 300. Collected 200 garments in good condition for the Ft. Lyon’s clothing drive.

                                Tony Aguero reported 65 couples attended the New Year’s Eve Dance with a gross of $1625, expenses $1353 with a net of $273 used to buy favors for next year. Same committee for next year and to get band for $700.

                                Received Thank You notes for Christmas bonuses from Dehn, Plutt and Kirby.

                                Suggested checking with business people for possible dispersement of Cookbooks.

                                Moved to keep BDF and Building Fund campaigns the same.

                                Target for BDF $7890 - $717 more than last year

                                OLM host for Deanery meeting, 26-30 priests expected

                                Recommended Bonnie Dehn and Mary Jo Kirby’s contracts be renewed.

                                “Palansa” prayer, sacrifice and worhsip for the Mission

                                  Christmas   tree ornament program successful, had 189 ornaments on the tree


2-12-85                    Cheryl Ford (Music Committee)   that lead singer for 5 p.m. Mass will be Jim Masciotra and John Savarino for 8 a.m. Mass. Children’s Choir joined Wesley United Methodist Church choir Jan. 27.

                                RE/Youth: Mary Ann Roldan set the date for First Communion as May 19, 11 a. Mass. Teachers are Roberta Vujcich, Sandy Turner, Eileen Passalaqua and Charlene Plutt. 35 attended the confirmation retreat with Confirmation scheduled for March 10 at 4:30 p.m. Teachers appreciation dinner schedules for April 26.

                                Debbie Carleo submitted several ideas to sell the cookbooks:           

                                                Bulletin announcement, invite businesses to sell, sell at March                 bazaar, display during the Mission, rent a table at the State Fair Flea Market

                                Roger Borchers (Finance) reported the total income increase over last year was $11,419. Lot next to rectory paid off in full.   Quarterly church payment $8680 due March 1. Moved to make extra payment of $24,589 to save $79, 593 in interest.

                                Speakers to address the Building Fund Drive   were:

                                                5.p. Roger Borchers; 8 a. John Carleo; 9:30 a. Ed Leeds; and 11:a. Mary Ann Roldan

                                Father suggested ideas for Pledge Sunday- to stress financial and spiritual as related to sacrifice

                                John Puseda of Land and Development Committee presented pictures for the sign. Dennis O’Quinn donated work and material.

                                Future project is completion of the blacktop behind the church.

                                Bob Miller has all ready for the Mission.Tuesday to be prayer days, someone present all day. About 40 in the evening.

                                Board response to the Diocesan Goals and Priorities made in terms of a general statement:

                                                1. Welcome listing as means for standardization and improvement

                                                2. Every good should be universally oriented.

                                                3. Questions on implementation:

                                                                Who implement, when?

                                                                Who control?

                                                                How funded? (continuous or an end)

                                                4. Solicit feedback on the success of the program

                                Cheryl Ford with Monsignor Delaney as consultant looking into price of new organ.


3-12-85                    Cheryl Ford finally has organists and solists for all Masses. 36 children attended the ice skating party. Choir sang the 4 p. Mass on Ash Wednesday and preparing for Easter. Adult and Children’s Choirs sang for first and last nights of the Mission.

                                RE: Mary Lupton- all First Communion class members received booklets explaining the Mass. 38 were confirmed by Bishop Tafoya with 350 attending the dinner following. Juniors sat up the dinner which is planned to be the tradition for the future. Next year’s confirmation will be at St. Mary’s and St. Patrick’s the following year. RE sack lunch picnic to be May 4th at 1 p.m. The RE classes are making crosses from branches for Palm Sunday and also making banners for parish activities. Students baby sat for the Mission.   6 students were confirmed. 58 students went on the ski trip. Second annual spaghetti dinner scheduled for April 21.

                                Tony Aguero reported that New Year Eve’s band prices have risen to $600 - $900. Agreed to hire Tony’s nephew’s band “Sangre” for $700.

                                John Pusedu of Land and Development Committee said the church sign price will be cut in half by the donated services. The Archdiocese designed the sign gratis. It will be waterproof and keep children from climbing on it. Bids out for church/rectory roof repairs from hail. Before doing the parking lot to check with cablevision about box on the lot. Discussing installing a light over “Our Lady of Perpetual Help”.

                                Roger Borchers of Finance Committee explained that the operations sheet is now processed by computer.

                                Target goal for Pledge Sunday is $65,000.

                                Jim Masciotra to donate piano from Martin Music.

                                Parish Council elections are to be in May. Ray Moroney reminded that the Council has 13 members; 6 committee positions, 6 elected   positions ( by general assembly in March) and a President. Past president, ex officio attends meetings for informational purposes only. If a resignation occurs the Board must fill the unexpired term.


4-9-85                      Last Children’s Choir Mass to be May 5. Spaghetti dinner catered by Collette’s in the park across the street.

                                Mary Ann Roldan (RE) provided the schedule:

                                                Appreciation Dinner   for teachers and aides April 19

                                                RE picnic in City Park May 4   1-4 p.

                                                May Crowning May 5, grades 6-8

                                                Summer Bible Programs K-6 with director Cass Watson

                                Youth Committee (Mary Lupton) Spaghetti dinner April 28

                                                Youth Professional Group Day in Florence May 3

                                Fr. Schmitt provided a Building Fund update:

                                                275 pledges made for $59,984   average pledge $219

                                                $20,000 ahead of last year

                                                Can expect another $9980

                                                Forsee $75,800 by the end of the drive

                                                Easter Collection and Building Fund came to $10,250

                                John Pusedu (Land and Development Committee) revealed that the insurance coverage on the church was $440 and for the house was $1905 for a total of $2345. Floyd McMurtree’s bid of $1479 accepted. Dennis O’Quinn and John Pusedu donated other hail related work

                                Bob Miller presented seven sign designs. Two top choices were 4B and 5. 4B chosen.

                                Paving in (blacktopping done by Tony Beltramo and Sons, Inc. charging only for materials $3000 and donating time, work and equipment). Striping to be done. Yards cleaned. Bertha Armijo and Barbara Martinez doing regular church cleaning. Pat Miller tended and waterd indoor plants and Otto Schmuk volunteered to water   trees and bushes from late spring through fall. Chem-way performed their method. Church and basement thoroughly cleaned. Need two more picnic tables and some trees planted. Two sunbird locusts to be planted in the center of the park with evergreens along the edges. Three ash trees, 20 phizters planted around the church and barberry bushes planted along the ramp.

                                Mission follow-up: keep the Mission in mind by :

                                                1. focusing on first symbol for the month

                                                2. incorporate into the music

                                                3. Fr. suggested displaying the banners

                                Mother’s Day Breakfst requires reservations. $2 for adults, $1 for children 5-12

                                Purchased 73 Datsun pickup truck with rebuilt engine from Fr. Michael Byrne for $700.

                                Parish Board picnic changed to June 4, day before Fr. Schmitt to goto Florida.

                                Fr. to invite all Mother’s on Mother’s Day to come forward following Communion to receive a carnation.

                                Formal set of vestments (red, green, white and violet) purchased for $300/set. Donations accepted.

                                To announce organ memorial fund in 3-4 weeks.

                                                Expenditures over $10,00 require the Bishop’s approval plus the Finance Committee. Letter sent to the Bishop for approval for $20,000 for organ expense. Have $400 toward funding.

                                Due to increased attendance at Easter Masses, thinking of adding a Sunrise Liturgy at 6:30 a.


4-30-85                    Statement of Operations:

                                                April: Ordinary Income   $8825        10 mo    $ 63,217

                                                                Building Fund        10,635                        45,346

                                                                Fr. Salary                 380                                3,800

                                                                Lay Salary              1,215                            9,863

                                                                Total Church         $9,699         10 mo. $78,846

                                                                Rectory              157                                2,886

                                                                Total operating

                                                                                expenses                 16,301                                      174,640


                                                Total funds available              25,975                                     

                                                minus Buswell Trust Fund        1,000


                                                Intrawest Checkbook

                                                                                Balance           24,975


5-14-85                    Liturgical/Music Committee (Cheryl Ford) reported that some of OLM musicians attended the Diocesan workshop. The last Children’s Mass was May 1 with a picnic in the park. June 2 to be the last Mass for the Adult Choir. Received a one year old Spinet as a gift from Gilliam Music.

                                RE/Youth (Mary Lupton) study of the teacher’s evaluations revealed a need for more teachers, classes too large, 10 ideal, need more workshops and better communication among the teachers.

                                RE picnic not well attended - on a Saturday a problem? Fed 165 at spaghetti dinner

                                                Thursday May 30   the last Youth Group meeting

                                                May 31 Interparish dance 8-11 p.

                                                June 1st last church cleaning by youth

                                                August 20 Start school year with a retreat at Trinity Ranch

                                Social Committee (Debbie Carleo) made a profit of $200 on Mother’s Day Breakfast - some negative response, suggest parish picnic in August or September.

                                Parish Board picnic at rectory June 4th, cocktails 6-7p with dinner to follow. Fr. furnish drinks and steaks.

                                2 cases of cookbooks sold after Masses.

                                Finance Committee (Roger Borchers) made June 1 payment of $8681 plus $16,950 to save $35,141 in interest. Total interest saved to date $121,000.

                                321 pledges made for $67,400 vs $9,800 last year.

                                John Pusedu (Land and Development Committee) said the foundation for the sign is in, brickwork to be done soon, letters on order.

                                3 autumn purple ash trees planted @ $135 each; 20 junipers planted 2 $13.50 each; 10 Aspen can be purchased for $100

                                Fr.’s vestments arrived and they fit like a ‘tent’, returned to Gerken’s to be redone and finished in two months.   To be paid for by                 donations.

                                Diocesan Finance Committee approved the expenditure of $25,000 for an organ

                                Ray Moroney recommended all monies go into a general fund with no individual accounts

                                Theresa Evans reported the DCCW meeting will be May 21- program by Dream Weavers and soup kitchen representatives. State convention to be in September financed by patron fees of $1.00

                                Men (cooked Mother’s Day Breakfast) state the kitchen needs a big griddle, 2 more roasters, stainless bowls, plates, silver, warming tray closet, small freezer, stainless steel table and additional electrical outlets.

                                Start own blood bank in September in conjunction with St. Mary-Corwin Hospital

                                Moved to increase the $50 stipend to Our Lady of Annunciation in Springfield (the poorest parish in the Diocese) to $100 per month.

                                Need two more grills for the picnic at the rectory

                                Fr. Jim Plough to fill in during June during Fr. Schmitt’s absence

                                In August Fr. Schmitt will be in Ohio/Iowa for reunion of clergy classmates. Msgr. Delaney here then

                                Mother’s Day Breakfast went well. Parish Mission and growth the highlights of the year.

                                To repeat the Mission every three years.

                                Will announce the acceptance of donations for the organ and Fr.’s vestments.

                                Bonnie Dehn, RE , will do summer program and Mary Jo Kirby to do Youth Group for the summer.

                                Purchased new Conn piano from Gilliam’s Music Co, Pueblo ($1695)

                                Steve Palumbo completed the 3 year program   of   M.S.C (Ministry of Christian Service) designed to train lay leaders in responsibilities of working in and directing some parish ministries. Dan and Roberta Vujcich attended the same program but moved to Washington state after 2 1/2 years. Before moving the Vujcich’s ran the Baptismal program which was later taken over by Fran and Bill Brumjack and Bob and Pat Miller. The Brumjack’s did a ministry mainly to shut-ins as Eucharistic ministers.   Various couples were involved with Marriage Preparation classes.

                                The aluminum name sign was installed on the south wall of the church building and a brick sign with the directory was placed on the southwest corner of the front of the church.


6-30-85                    Income for year:$120,750    Expenses: $120,244   Balance $506

                                                Pastors Salary:   $4560 ($380/mo) Extra Clergy $1300

                                                Lay salaries: $8800, Music $1000, Sancturay $1200, Supplies

                                                $3000,                 Postage $1300, Social Committee $4000, Aid to the Indigent $1080, Mission Adoption $600, Rectory food $2000,

                                                Rectory utilities $1800, Crosswinds $948


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