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JULY 1983 TO JULY 1984


9-13-83                    New Council members voted in in the spring: Mary Ann Roldan, John Pusedu and Byron Antonioni.

                                Received Taxation Exemption.

                                RE: Ken Hudiak the new RE Coordinator to work with 7-12 and the Youth Program

                                Usual teacher workshops one day, four weeks in a row, newsletter for K-6 to be sent home with students. Delmar Archuletta to teach Adult Scripture class November and December.

                                Social Committee lost $26 on the Parish Dance - the crowd was small.

                                Tony Aguerro and Byron Antonioni co-chairs for the New Year’s Eve Dance. Christmas Bazaar in December.

                                Liturgy/Music Committee announced new organist and singers:

                                                Organist:   5 p.  Catherine Tonne      Singers:  Hermina Petric

                                                                       8 a.                                              Joanne Smith

                                                                                                                                     Gerry Trevithick

                                                                    9:30 a. Madeline Santos                     Children’s Choir

                                                                                                                                      Vernon McFarland

                                                               11:00 a.  Folk

                                                                Also added Joanne Benko and Bonny Patterson.

                                Accepted budget for $133,420.

                                Priests salary to $375 in August.

                                Land next to rectory( Lot 27, Block 1) purchased by Diocese for playground and picnic area for parishioners and neighborhood residents. To be paid back in 18 months starting August 1, 1983.  Joe Beltramo donated time and equipment to clean the property, remove a foot or so of dirt to level, prepared for sod and sprinkler system. Unofficially called OLM park. Concrete sidewalks in around the park.

                                Purchased 3 lights (NW,NE,SE corners) from Bower Company ($1555 including trenching)(Note: another reference states purchased from Centel, Southern Colorado Power for $1600). Maintenance $20 per light per month.                 Lights on at dusk, off at dawn.

                                Sink, hand sink, disposal, drain boards and stoves donated for the kitchen. Acoustic ceiling installed by Paul Jensen Inc. in Colorado Springs ($6350), carpet on the walls ($5350), new cabinets and counter made by Chris Pannunzio, paneling on the walls done by John Pusedu and Pete Albanese, carts for tables and chairs made by John Pusedu

                                Debbie Carleo, liaison to DCCW, representative Theresa Evans plus others to attend the November “Our Journey Together” (setting Diocesan goals) at Holy Family church.

                                Delmar Archuletta conduct course on Old Testament for 8 weeks and New Testament for 8 weeks; Sr. Jean Marie to conduct Diocesan Scripture Class mornings in Parish Hall and evenings at St. Mary’s.

                                Fr. writing grants beginning with Knights of Columbus.


10-11-83                 Maximum of 150 tickets @ $25/couple to be sold for New Year’s Eve Dance.

                                45 tables @ $10/ea available for the Christmas Bazaar; to have raffle for Disneyland trip for four(not to exceed $1500), second prize of 13” color T.V. To print 900 books of 20 at $1/ticket. Have  a Christmas potluck supper. 

                                Youth to present talent show for Sharmar Nursing Home in November.

                                Joe Beltramo to pave parking lot, Don Musso planting 10 pinon trres and 4 junipers

                                As of 9-30-83 the Building Fund balance was $17,859.45

                                Zoning Board approved on 10-4-83 the zoning of the property adjacent to the Parish House.


11-8-83                    RE: 271 students registered (254 last year) with 27 classes. Christmas Pageant scheduled for December 18.

                                Youth planned Hootenanny with 30 parishes invited to attend

                                Lot next to parish house has walks and grass. City offered equipment for playground - if can use will need paint. Don Musso installing sprinkler system for cost of the materials only.

                                $18,300 available for capital improvement for basement.  Accepted Savage Company bid for carpet for floor and wall @$6350. Paul Jensen to install washable white acoustical tile in the kitchen and hall ceiling ($5011) to meet Pueblo’s building codes. $1000 donated for the kitchen. Committee of Theresa Evans, chair, Debbie Carleo and Mary Ann Roldan to look into portable steam table (canceled and look into Electric Roasters @ $100 each). John Pusedu to check with Ft. Carson on same. Found stainless steel used refrigerator for $800 and if condition is satisfactory will buy with the $1000 donation.


12-13-83 First open meeting of the Council.

                                RE: Open house for parents in January. Delmar Archuletta to add a Parenting Program.

                                Bazaar had 51 tables (2 OLM), about 800 attended with profit of $927, to do two days next year.  450 attended the Christmas Dinner with $9158 income -$639 expenses. Joan Erjavec won the T.V. and Olga Mesejetic won the Disneyland Trip which donated to the church.

                                Mary Lupton new representative for Youth Group.

                                November building payment of $8681 and $5350 on carpet/tile leaves a balance of $8050

                                475 families in the parish

                                Purchased a 73 Ford station wagon for the parish car - real gas burner.

                                Financial Update: Offertory Envelopes - $4,706

                                                Building Fund - $14,058        Net Income - $22,375

                                                                       Total Working Fund   $8,067

                                                Church:  Priests salary $375   Lay Salaries  $$184

                                                Rectory: Lay Salaries - $627    Food - $210  Total $1,011

                                                Education: $1010    Fixed: $168  Operating Expenses  $12,219


1-10-84                    Fr. Schmitt and Rev. Tapey exchanged pulipts for 9:30 a. and 11:00 a.m. Masses and 10:00 a.m. at Wesley United Methodist Church as part of Christian Unity Week

                                Youth Group viewed James Dobson’s film on abortion. Retreat at Trinity Ranch to be with Fr. McClarey

                                Checking balance end of December $17,429, $12000 transferred to Dain Bosworth for a total of $20,000. Basement all paid. RE expenses met and BDF refunds coming in.

                                New Year’s Eve dance profit $176. 128 people attended.  Sell more tickets next year. Get the same band again.

                                $200 donated for stainless steel table for kitchen

                                Don Musso removing snow on lots free and Fr. and volunteers doing walks.

                                Postponed mission  until next year.

                                Funds allotted to do the Florence Pavilion Chemical Substance Abuse for parish and neighboring churches.

                                BDF target $7173 - $652 over last year

                                Tax notice for $75.35 for OLM park

                                OLM’s turn to hold the Clergy Dinner. About 25 attend.

                                January 30th Colorado Springs officially became the 3rd Diocese in the state. This took away from OLM parishes in Salida (St. Joseph’s) and Buena Vista (St. Rose of Lima). The New Cathedral  is St. Mary’s, the new Bishop is Bishop Raymond Hanifen.


2-15-84                    Decided to do evaluation of 9-12 grades and to keep files and attendance records

                                125 attended the first session of Drug Abuse and 80 the 2nd

                                27 students and nine adults went on the retreat

                                Mary Lupton chair for Youth Committee sponsored spaghetti dinner with proceeds going to general fund

                                BDF- 49 cards returned (39 with pledges, 10 without) with amount pledged of $4907- need $2246 more

                                Chose Pueblo Sheet Metal to install vents ($856) with new proper heat deflectors

                                Tim Vinci hired to  put in sacristy closet with sliding doors 5ft by 8ft 3 in oak to match the cabinets and separate doors on shelves $260 finished; and in cry room 8ft 9 in by 8ft 3 in and 2 ft deep flush across wall divided in the center, hinged doors ( 2 to each section) with 1 section for tall brooms etc and 1 section with adjustable shelves  - oak finish for a total of $1223

                                DCCW national meeting in October in Denver attended by seven women and Fr. Schmitt.  Recommendation was to start programs for the elderly and ill in parishes and for visitation to Veteran’s hospitals in the region Ft. Lyons is in OLM’s region. 18 people signed up for the program, Sr. Jean to meet with the groups and offer input. Elaine Pusedu to assist Theresa Evans. Members asked to support legislation for the protection of renters and to oppose the County Personnel Plan

                                Able to get New Year’s Eve Dance favors now for 20% off

                                Pledge  drive to follow same procedure and timing as last year.

                                Two Redemptorists priest will have Mission in 1985, will involve lay people of parish and will begin 2-3 months in advance

                                To hire 2 people / week at $25/wk to clean church on trial basis beginning March 1st. Youth Group to continue to clean church 1 week each month.

                                Fr. Schmitt and Fr. Raymond Grimes (of the Shrine?) purchased a stencil cutter for $250 to share - OLM paid $125 and cutter to be kept at OLM


3-13-84                    Finance: Regular donations remain steady - building fund slacking off

                                $15250 in Dain Bosworth and $1028 in checking

                                BDF 142 cards returned with 129 pledges with a target of $7173 and $8682 pledged so $1509 over

                                Pat Miller chair with 8 women helping with the Deanery Dinner (1st)

                                RE: Teachers distributed ashes on Ash Wednesday to a good turnout of students. Twelve of the First Communion class will re-enact the Last Supper with Fr. and share a meal afterwards

                                Bob Miller, John Pusedu and Ray Moroney to inspect the kiddie slide, 1 intermediate slide, jungle gym, six-swing set and tractor tire the city has set aside for OLM. City will send installation supervisor and Diocesan insurance will cover.

                                Joe and Darlene Incerto hired to clean the church on a regular basis. Members of the parish to clean church and yard Saturday before Easter

                                DCCW held visitation training sessions for volunteers

                                Nomination Committee elected by Council from Council: Debbie Carleo, John Puseda and Mary Lupton to submit the slate to Ray Moroney, Chair of Council

                                Hall Rental Committee: Joe Huerta, chair; Theresa Evans and Byron Antonioni. To charge $40  for showers for parishioners and non-parishioners until new rules ready

                                480 families in the parish

                                Lenten Mass attendance good, Stations poor

                                Fr. Ralph Diorio had Ministry of Healing ( prayer sessions) sponsored by the Diocese at Massari Gym in April. Father cautioned that 75-90% of healing is psychological and that people who are not healed are no less Christian.


4-10-84                    Elaine Puseda chairperson of the Social Committee’s Salad Luncheon.

                                Plans made to put together a cookbook to sell for $5-6 to be ready for the Bazaar

                                Cass Watson in charge of the summer school, charge $1.00 to cover expenses to end July 1st probably with picnic in the park

                                Budget projected income $120,750, projected expenses $120,244, balance $506

                                Hall Rental schedule:

                                $300/day for large groups

                                                $200/ 1/2 day up to 6 hours, 100 people or more

                                                $50/ shower or small group

                                                $100 damage deposit

                                                Same for parishioners as for non-parishioners; must terminate by midnight, no music during Mass, parking in the back of the church, cleanup included in the agreement, must reserve the hall and pay 1/2 of the rent 2 weeks prior to the event

                                Took CBS Lumber’s bid of $514 for materials delivered for patio roof on parish house

                                Use the same balloting procedure as last year for the vote on new Council members

                                Judy Stefano to continue processing the pledges - goal is $61,000

                                Bonnie Dehn, parishioner,worked part-time in RE office, ran Sacramental program and began the annual 2 week summer school for K - 6 and became Director of RE, Sacramental Program and Summer School.  RE Director Dehn and RE committee exporing restructuring Confirmation Program, texts, etc. Fr. seeking Youth Coordinator to also work with in Parish Ministry to replace Ken Hudiak.


5-8-84                      Outgoing Parish Council Ray Moroney reviewed the duties of the Parish Council:

                                                Decision making for Parish activities- Fr. has veto vote

                                                Constructive communication between clergy and laity

                                                Cooperation with other churches, fund raising, land development etc

                                                Strive for 100% consensus on all policies

                                New Council Chair Tony Huerta

                                Debbie Carleo reported that 21 attended the Salad Luncheon - $45 received

                                Debbie Carleo and Judy Stefano co-chairs for the Cookbook           

                                Ken Hudiak leaves May 13th.

                                Youth group to meet once a week during the summer

                                Finance Committee approved $12,000 for RE Coordinator, Fr. prefers a professional for Youth Ministry for Jr/Sr high, sacramental programs, and possibly Baptism, adult education and teacher training.

                                $46,526 pledged, target $61,000, $50,000 to date, 305 pledges to date   

                                Families in the parish 464

                                John Pusedu poured pillar posts for Rectory patio cover - all to be completed by 5-19

                                Don Musso (Don’s Landscaping) to put in sprinkler system in park before playground equipment from city is installed. Two picnic tables to be added.

                                Hispanic Ministry forming a Deanery Commission- Mary Ann Roldan volunteered to serve on the Commission - need one more from OLM

                                Bob Miller, Kim Giordano and Ray Roroney to review, modify and update By Laws

                                Present and past Board members and spouses picnic June 12 at 6:30 p. Fr. supplied the steaks and burgers, Deb Carleo in charge of arranging for other dishes.

                                Last Parish Council meeting until September.

                                Fr. thanked Ray Moroney for four years on Board and Council and Ken Hudiak for youth work. Prayer offered to Holy Spirit for correct selection of replacement Church people oriented, development going forward with constant growth. All programs should be worthwhile and beneficial.

                                Continue use of yellow pads for biannual sign up for various ministries, training session to be held for individual ministries, and involvement, participation and sharing of gifts to remain one of the parish priorities

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