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JULY 1982 TO JULY 1983


7-13-82                    Crosswinds staff member, Dave Arling, discussed with the Board the dedication material for the paper

                                Joe Huerta presented the 82-83 budget of $53,479 to be forwarded to the Diocesan Financial Board

                                Interior Design Committee made final selection s of furniture and beam stain (Gothic Oak #240-69); interior walls (LE-1), ceiling (#1), spouts same color as background, beams to be of clear fir.

                                John Morgan hired as RE Director , a VIDA volunteer, from Collegeville, MN. To concentrate on Jr and Sr High to adults.  Mrs. Bonnie Dehn to assist two days a week @ minimum wage to keep within the $9000 budget

                                Msgr. Howard J. Delaney joined the staff to take one of the Masses on weekends.

                                Vernon McFarland joined the staff as part-time sacristan, maintenance and lead singer.

                                Charlotte Plutt became full time secretary and then executive secretary for the parish

                                The folk Masses with guitar and other instruments directed by Cass Watson

                                Discussed possibility of Youth Center - have programs for Youth and adults on Marriage Encounter, Parenting, Search, Cursillo etc.

                                Parish sponsored basketball teams in city-wide Fr. John Powers Basketball League. C.T. Fitzgerald and Vic Plutt coached OLM teams.

                                Dedication tentatively planned for September 12, Fr. Schmitt concelebrate with Bishops Tafoya and Buswell. Rev. Tapey of Wesley United Methodist Church, Board members and wives to be in procession.  Dedication Rite 2-5p.m., cornerstone to be laid, no Mass. Expect 800-1000 people. Chairperson, Debbie Carleo.

                                Prior to dedication the pews (donated by three families) to be installed by Modern Fixture Co. of Denver ($20736);Centennial Paving Inc,. to blacktop both sides of church ($18,589), Chris Punnunzio finish building the altar appointments ( he donated), Bill Carara to finish altar appointments ($800, he donated half),organ from Sacred Heart Home replaced by used organ of higher quality ( organ from Sacred Heart Home donated to mission church in Manzanola), kneelers and chairs (donated), plus 400chairs for the basement, sidewalks poured in front and to side of church by Gary Gray Concrete Company of Pueblo ($3106), 52 nylon bronze cushions for chairs donated by Bill and Katie Fertal ( friends of the parish), bronzeware (donated), statuary (donated).

                                Collections down because of layoffs


8-10-82                    Property appraisal done.

                                $50,000 received from Extension Society, put in Dain Bosworth. Mt. Carmel Credit Union interested in permanent loan at 13 - 13 1/2 % interest. Knights of Columbus will set interest rate at closing.

                                Pool table and eight balls donated to Youth Center

                                Need 140 ft picket fence on Milano property to hide “junk”- get supplies on sale

                                Dedication will actually be September 26, to be limited to Our Lady of the Meadows parishioners, invited guests and Wesley United Methodist Church with a total of 1200 expected. Catered buffet dinner for priests September 29


9-14-82                    RE registered 125 students.

                                Made A T & T contract.

                                Selected Knights of Columbus loan for $225,000/13.25%/ 15 years, pay $9000 quarterly. Already borrowed  $25,000 from Buswell Trust. Extra to be used for blacktop and any extra work

                                Have more help for the Dedication than asked for; printing done by Susan Doyle and Chris Maddic; Fr. Schmitt did dedication booklet; OLM picture drawn by Bob Miller for the cover; used harvest theme for center pieces; decoration donated.Board members cleaned the church.

                                Ceremony for dedication will begin outside where all will meet ; Bishop Tafoya bless the cornerstone; Board lay the cornerstone with architect present; architect to present plans to Bishop Tafoya; Mr. Ray Moroney present the church key to the Bishop who will give the key to Fr. Schmitt who will unlock the door and all process into the church; Mass celebrant Bishop Arthur Tafoya, concelebrants Bishop Charles Buswell and Fr. Ervin Schmitt

                                Fr. Schmitt to try to borrow St. Joseph statue for dedication. Clergy special Mass on the 29th followed by cocktail hour/ dinner catered by Collette’s for $3.90 per plate

                                Fr. David Ricken to be master of ceremonies and Vernon McFarland to do the commendation. Board and spouses will lead the procession and sit in front

                                Whitt-Mayflower moved organ and cabinet for $130

                                Walks and retaining wall done for $3000; blacktop for $18,000;  Taylor Fence Company installed chain link fence with 6 ft gate, 2 inch posts and 1 5/8 “ top rail to protect air conditioner and transformer; kitchen counter not done by dedication

                                Moved 11:30 a.m. Mass on Sunday to 11:00 a.m.; other Masses unchanged 5:p.m. Saturday and 8: a.m. Sunday


10-10-82 RE registered 237 students ( 183 last year) with 134 families (115 last year)

                                Added a third 2nd-year class

                                Dedication/clergy dinner expenses = $1016 with $467 donated - balance $550

                                Jim Bishop to install two grates for escape windows at $240 for both

                                Paid Bassett Construction $368,343 leaving a balance of $20,459

                                Joe Beltramo leveled and put slag on back side of the church at no cost

                                Roger Hornsby of Design Studios in Chicago designed the stained glass windows to depict the seven sacraments - three each side of altar and one in reconciliation room and purchased through John P. Daleiden’s (Gerken’s) for $2800. Seven families each donated a window. Windows made in Wisconsin.

                                Statuary made of linden wood from Italy - $10,000. Donated except for plaque of Our Lady of the Meadow`.

                                Woodwork and bronzeware etc. $19,000. Donated.              

                                From Daleiden’s also purchased Stations of the Cross ($2550) made of linden wood to match the statues. Donated by an individual family.

                                Used Msgr Howard Delaney’s speakers for the organ for the dedication - to check on getting own

                                Chris Punnunzio finished the RE Coordinator’s office with paneling the same as behind the altar, walls firred, dry-walled and paneled ($8-9/sheet) on outside wall and the suspended ceiling, window frame and doors done in mahogany

                                Voted to  purchase extra microphones for altar and music group for $425 from Walt’s Radio

                                59 helped with cleaning the church, Debbie Carleo scheduled four people for each week to do

                                25 folding padded chairs donated for the offices- need more, got Father new office chair and to build or get shelves

                                Mr. Sluder took pictures for the Extension Society.

                                Purchased Lawyer’s Title Insurance.


11-9-82                    Received Certification of Occupancy.

                                Mr. Edward Gerken  priced the smaller set of stations at $1600 and the larger set at $3000 and he and Roger Hornsby to check to fit of the stained glass in windows.

                                Contract with Gray Concrete.

                                Console stereo donated to the Youth Group

                                Have a covered dish dinner for the Christmas social event

                                Lead singer to recite the responses before singing them

                                Youth Group sponsored Devil Worship lecture

                                Starting Dec 1st the 9:30 Mass to be geared to children

                                Expanded the secretaries hours to 9a to 3p

                                Parish Council Guidelines lack an elective process - suggestions made included have elections every April, have three members from the Board on the Nominating Committee with the others appointed, president to remain one year in ex officio status in advisory capacity

                                Knights of Columbus loan to close first week in December with $5-6000 left after all is paid. Ordered 400 chairs and  50 tables for approximately $6000

                                Decorating Committee for Christmas - Louise Scherrer, chair; Judy Stefano, Dave Trevithick and John Skerjanec. Madeline Santos gave the Nativity set. Sr. Virginia gave Scripture Lesson an Advent on Thursday


12-14-82 Ron Dehn stated need for two aspects of computer system TRS 80 to be initiated 1) printer for hard copies, 2) disc drive for backup  and storage. Purchase Radio Shack printer ($799) and disc drive ($450) plus maintenace ($30) for a total of $1280.

                                Christmas Pageant attended by 350.  Reconciliation for 18 students. Christmas Masses to be 5 p. for k-6 and the 7:30 for 7-12. Youth went caroling at Sharmar (18-20) and decorated Fr.’s Christmas tree

                                400 chairs actually came to $3052, 50 tables came to $2828, chair truck - $111, table truck - $88 for a total $6078. Received a grant of $5000 to covermost of this.

                                With Knights of Columbus money coming will be able to pay off line of credit at Minnequa Bank

                                Building Fund collection is down, regular collection is up

                                Fr. Schmitt and Msgr. Delaney got an amplifier for $90 and speakers for $100 each

                                Ed Gerken and Roger Hornsby brought the larger Stations ($2550) to be installed on the walls at eye level. The stained glass windows will fit in our frames and can be installed for $100 each if wait until installers are in the area. Three windows have already been donated.

                                274 signed to attend the Christmas Party


1-11-83    Social Committee (started the custom)to start coffee and doughnuts 2nd Sunday of each month starting in February and to run October through May- donations accepted - cost $50-75

                                Finance Committee reported: Knights of Columbus loan was $225,000; construction cost $222,275; on  hand $2700, quarterly payments $8500; will get refund on tax of $3900 which will be put in the Building Fund;$2917 in regular checking, $8362 in Building Fund account plus $2500 deposit; outstanding debt of $3100 for tables and chairs and $3000 to Dalieden’s Church Goods.

                                Kitchen Committe formed of Joe Huerta, Bob Miller and Tony Aguerra to determine the kitchen plans and needs

                                The Finance and Social Committee presented regulations for the rental of the Parish Hall - approved a $10/ hour charge to parishioners, $25/hr to non-parishioners with a deposit of $25 for damages and/or clean-up for small showers etc to be effective until February 15,1983.

                                Mr. Moroney contacted the city about a stop sign at Chickadee Way and Starling Drive.

                                Change from Parish Advisory Board to Parish Council;

                                                Three new members to be elected to the Council each year for 1-2-3 yr terms

                                                Officers to be elected from the Board by the Board - president-elect and secretary-elect. The Council to consist of President, President-elect, Secretary, Secretary-elect, 6 committee chairpersons and three at-large members. Past President and staff to be ex-officio members.

                                Process for at-large members selection: publish term and duties in February, parishioners submit names, names published for four Sundays in March , election first Sunday in April, new Council members to start in May.

                                Applied for Common Venture group to work in the parish (2-3 people) as part of their ministry to take a census, conduct summer Bible school , OLM supply room and board for 6-8 weeks.

                                Regular collections  increased $1200-1300/week. To put $10,000 in Dain Bosworth

                                Tony Aguerro’s RE class will stencil the chairs

                                BDF will start in two weeks, OLM has an increase of $595 over last year


2-8-83                      RE: 45 in First Communion Class; grades 1-6 to sing at 9:30 a. Mass on 2nd and 4th Sunday

                                Fr. Blong to speak at all liturgies beginning first Sunday of Lent and do Lenten Lectures Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.

                                260 attended the Christmas Party out of 270 reservations at a cost of $450 with $600 having been budgeted

                                February calendar:

                                                Feb. 13th Knights of Columbus to present Papal and American Flags to parish at the 11:30 a. Mass

                                                Feb. 13th  Daughters of Isabella to be hosted at 9:30 a. Mass

                                                Feb. 20th 9 catechumenates to be enrolled in the Rite of Election and presented to  the OLM community at 11:00 a. Mass, later in day along with spouses to join in a Liturgy celebration  with spouses and sponsors at Sacred Heart Cathedral, to make a retreat Mar. 26 and be received into the Church April 2nd.

                                Thanks to Jodene Quay, Nancy Maestas and Jolene Martinez  for servers robes

                                Youth made retreat at Trinity Ranch

                                Finance: $16,000 in Dain Bosworth (enough for payment) and to try to stay one payment ahead at all times. Still have $25,000 in Buswell Trust.

                                BDF goal is $6521 - now have 47 pledges for $3000

                                Offertory collections now $9000 over projections so far

                                Short on projection for income from Parish Activities ($7500)

                                Father needs help to count collections and make deposits on Sundays - Pete Castellucci looking into safes

                                Assigned speakers for Palm Sunday Building Fund Drive:

                                                5 p. Roger Bouchers, John Carleo alternate

                                                8 a. Dave Trevithick

                                                9:30 a. Joe Huerta

                                                11:00a. Louise Sherrer

                                Amortization  and information flyer provided all parishioners

                                Hall Rental Guidelines:


                                                Up to 4 hours - $100 ; damage deposit $100 ; non-refundable cleanup charge $25

                                                4-6 hours -        $200;                                                        

                                                                charge $50

                                                All day -            $275; deposit and cleanup charge same as 4-6 hours

                                                For showers, etc (50 people or less- no alcohol) to be screened by Father who can waive the deposit if he chooses - they clean up $40


                                                50% of the above charges, damage/cleanup charges the same

                                Committee developed rules. regulations, set capacity for hall, etc. Contract gives set regulations on security and clearly spells out liability for damages over $100. Person hired to clean the hall to unlock, make general check fordamage and lockup.

                                Locks to be installed on door into church

                                Procedure to follow for the election of 3 members at-large to the Board:

                                                Parishioners to submit resumes for consideration as Nominees to the Parish Council

                                                Board to screen and select 2 nominees for each of the 3 positions

                                                Names to be published in Parish Bulletin for 3 remaining Sundays in March; elections on April 3

                                                Parishioners interested in being a member of the Council must be a parishioners, 18 or older and able to attend the majority of the meetings; members are asked to consider young adult representatives from 16(?)-20 years old to be a member of the Council representing the entire parish.

                                Bob/Pat Miller and John/Debbie Carleo held the first coffee and doughnuts and will set up volunteers for the future. Expect about 1/3 of the 700 estimated attending Masses

                                Parking lot lighting: Need 3 lights at $20 each, poles $15-20 each, wire 24cents/ft installed for $500 or less.

                                Contract with Centennial State Paving for 1982-83.

                                City to study stop sign at Chickadee and Starling

                                396 registered families - one weekend/mo parishioners to introduce themselves to each other. New parishioners will be announced.


3-8-83                      RE: Teachers meeting with 1/3 of teachers in attendance - looking at Sadeler’s books

                                Now  51 in First Communion Class

                                Finance Committee: BDF with 128 cards in with $8106 pledged - $1585 over goal

                                First payment made in the building - print-out to members on breakdown of expenses over actual building expenses

                                Social Committee planned spring dance with a $600 estimated cost

                                180 poeple attended the coffee and doughnut for $67.39 cost (paper supplies for 4 mo) and $26 in donations

                                Kitchen Committee: Existing kitchen inadequate - got with 2 recirculating hoods, 2 residential stoves, wiring for 2 -220 plugs on east wall, the present 220 plug will be left for future expansion, walls to be firred and covered with marlite; tile for the kitchen (Don Pagano) Formica - $195 plus $125 to install; floor $407 installed ( $282 for material only)

                                Diocese approved the purchase of the property next to the rectory- payback schedule for 18 month from now with no interest, cost maximum of $8500

                                “Out Journey Together” meetings in Alamosa 4/23, 5/7, 5/21, 6/11

                                Stained glass windows have been donated

                                Fr. taking extra vacation this year for his Jubilee Year (to Alaska with new camera).

                                A walnut Thomas organ donated by John and Neva Moss to replace our present one which in turn will be donated

                                RE: John Morgan  will leave at the end of the school year. Bonnie Dehn to take K-67 and extend time one day/wk for 7-12 and youth. Fr. to seek another VIDA volunteer


4-12-83                    Bible Study program (5 weeks) start June 27 - 1st week 1-3, 2nd week 4-6, 3rd week 7-8 , 4th week H.S., 5th week adult and teachers

                                Venture Groups to take census in the evenings

                                Confirmation retreat at El Pomar

                                50 Students made their First Eucharist May 8 at 11 a. Mass

                                Hall reserved and band (Manhattan) booked for Parish Dance, Debbie Carleo to obtain license

                                Recommendation made for committees to coordinate events with Charlotte Plutt, secretary for use of Hall

                                Current slate of Board Officers:

                                                Ray Moroney - President

                                                Joe Huerta - President-elect, vice-president

                                                Madeline Santos - secretary- elect

                                                Mary Lupton - secretary


                                                Youth - Rose Spiess

                                                Land and Develpoment - Bob Miller

                                                Liturgy and Music - Dave Trevithick

                                                Finance - Judy Stefano

                                                Social - Debbie Carleo

                                                RE - Tony Aguerro

                                Nominees for Parish Council:

                                                Mary Ann Roldan                                        Theresa Evans

                                                Ron Charleston                                           John Pusedu

                                                Byron Antonioni                                             Delores Nunez

                                Candidates and backgrounds to be in the Bulletin

                                Landscaping - need rock, trees and shrubbery next to building, sprinkler system with timer, correct drainage problem before installing anything


5-10-83                    Ray Moroney welcomed the members to the first Parish Council meeting.

                                Officers of the new Parish Council:

                                                President     - Ray Moloney

                                                Vice-president - Joe Huerta

                                                Secretary - Mary Lupton

                                                Secretary-elect -Madeline Santos

                                Committee Chairpersons:

                                                Land and Development  - Bob Miller

                                                Liturgy and Music -  Dave Trevithick

                                                Finance - Judy Stefano

                                                Youth - Rose Spiess

                                                Social - Debbie Carleo

                                                RE - Tony Aguerro

                                RE expecting 300-325 students in fall

                                Social Committee obtained 160  workers for the committee

                                Parents beat the kids in the baseball game

                                Finance: $12, 175 in checking and all expenses paid. June payment on church is covered. Pledge drive resulted in $50,617 pledged. Income is over the amount projected.

                                Don Musso ( of Don’s Landscaping ) to do landscaping including several tons of Cripple Gold rock, sod, some trees and bushes. Chair Bob Miller with Tony Aguerro and John Pusedu helping.

                                Board chose Formica 132-90F pattern for kitchen counter. To have a roll-up to close off kitchen.

                                Fifty chairs and 5 tables available for loan to any parishioner free or any organization or church is at Fr.’s discretion. Borrower responsible for any breakage.

                                Fr. Schmitt’s Jubilee (actually June 10th) celebrated June 12th with a Mass at 11a. with class mate Fr. James Plough and Fr. Bill Powers (another Silver Jubilarian) with Bishop Tafoya and Bishop Buswell and diocesan priests, OLM and St. Anthony’s parishioners followed by a reception in church basement. A dinner in the evening in the church basement was held for staff, parish council members, committee members,  family and friends. Debbie Carleo headed the committee.

                                United Wesley Methodist Church set aside $200 for trees.  May get other pine trees donated.

                                Checking an acoustical spray to cope with echo in basement.

                                Fr. attended the Clergy Conference in Canon City. New Canon Law Code due out in November.

                                Debbie Carleo  represented OLM at “Our Journey Together”


6-14-83                    RE: 28 students enrolled in summer program . Ordered Sadler books. A 10% increase in the budget = $13,685 (last year $12,327) so will cover the RE Coordinator’s position

                                July dance with Manhattan Band ($330), tickets ($10) and estimated cost of $600

                                To have two uniformed security guards at Parish functions plus own requirements for hall rental when liquor is served or sold. A social affair is the primary objective therefore the first announcement to be for parishioners only, then open to parish guests the following week.

                                A kitchen shower suggested with Hotel Surplus as a registry

                                The Vujcich family donated ceramic chalices and communion plate.

                                Youth went to Sand Dunes, later to Denver to Elitch’s and to see John Morgan. Did bake sale, car wash, odd jobs etc. to raise money. Painted the house and pulled weeds.

                                Finance: $8707 in check book for Building Fund, $10,528 in Dain Bosworth

                                Landscaping - United Wesley Methodist Church donated three linden trees. Bob Miller presented bids for resealing or paving and striping parking lot behind the church:

                                                Seal coat     Canyon Paving     $1800

                                                                         Allied Paving       $3000

                                                Paving         Canyon Paving     $5350

                                Cripple Creek Gold Rock to be used between paving and building

                                Kitchen was functional during the reception. Present ceiling to be removed and replaced with washable drop panels. Need more lights. Need racks for chairs and tables. Need contract for hall rental and inventory of supplies and equipment.

                                Debbie Carleo, Theresa Evans, Art and Anne Shope  attended the 4 day-long sessions of “Our Journey Together”

                                Ken Ginther offered juke box and pinball machine to use with or without money for the hall.  Accepted juke box without money and did not accept pin ball machine.

                                Fiscal Financial Update:

                                                Ordinary Income - $62,261   Offertory envelopes - $56,021

                                                Building Fund - $336,308      Diocesan Collection  $9,694

                                                Total Income  $410,843        Net Income   $ 9,032

                                                Total Working Fund  $10,598    Checkbook Balance  $11,363


                                                Expenses for Church:

                                                                Priest Salary  $3,600  Lay Salaries   $1,521

                                                                Operating/Supplies   $3,790  Transportation  $1,920

                                                                Building Rent - $325  Total expenses             $26,916

                                                Expenses for Rectory:

                                                                Lay Salary - $4,617   Food - $1,199  Utilities - $1,473

                                                                Total expenses   - $7,700

                                                Education/Youth - $12,185

                                                Fixed Expenses - $8,350        Diocesan Collection $9,612

                                                Diocesan Assessment  -  $849

                                                                Total Expenditures - $74,555

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