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JULY 1981 TO JULY 1982


7-81                          Financial Status:

                                                Offertory envelopes - $2525   Building Fund - $10,055

                                                Total Working Fund - $74,224   Check Balance - $5472

                                                Church:   Priest Salary -   $300   Lay Salary - $50 Rent Methodist -$100

                                                Rectory: Lay salaries - $222   Food - $171  

                                                Education: - $204 Fixed Expense - $354 Total Operating Exp. $12,234


7-28-81                    Debbie Carleo volunteered to chair the rummage sale in conjunction with Wesley United Methodist Church Profits to be split 50-50.   Our Lady of the Meadow’s portion to go to the Building Fund.

                                Meeting of   Fr. Schmitt and Ray Moroney with Jim Gardner, architect of Hurtig, Gardner and Froelich, resulted in the following:


                                                Leave capacity at 400, cry room 25

                                                Church to contain 6,125 sq.ft. with a 6,125 sq.ft. basement

                                                Exit doors - 1 each side with wall curvature @ $4000 each using brick and $600 for both using wood. Board decision: Put niches in previous location, leave doors open (exposed) and forget the curved walls.

                                                Have straight step - O.K.

                                                Ceiling in church to be 16 ft. O.K. Over altar add 1 foot for $2-3000 more. Space behind beams adequate to hide altar lights.   Decided to leave sanctuary ceiling same as rest of the church

                                                Windows - louvered, to crank out, to match front windows, use two each side with strip of brick between

                                                Offices- decided to leave all the same except the sacristy which will be 9ft x 11 ft, reconciliation room 7ft x 11 ft.

                                                Windows in offices and cry room to be at bottom and crank out

                                                Ventilation system throughout with exhaust in bathrooms

                                                Fire extinquishers- architect to check requirements and make as inconspicuous as possible

                                                Cornerstone-donated by architect and builder. To include the name, date and box for information - leave to the architect

                                                Entry way - vinyl, asbestos, tile, terrazzo, slate, Italian marble   (12ft x 16ft)- come back with bids

                                                Carpet under pews - get price differences

                                                Air lock doors - no problem to do later

                                                Portable baptismal font   O.K.

                                                Ceiling over altar - same backdrop as beams   O.K.

                                                Duct work over the ceiling O.K.

                                                Eliminate skylights- use spotlights instead

                                                Five 20ft. beams over the aisles- bottom and sides solid- joint where beams join ceiling 12ft x 16ft have 1 inch joint molding

                                                Wood behind sanctuary (27ft) should be same color   O.K. $5000 to panel, leave brick and add later

                                                Speakers will probably all be in the ceiling


                                                Walls 15 ft and   1 ft insulation O.K.

                                                Center and glass above front entrance to be clear or slightly tinted with statue of Our Lady facing out with spotlight behind and planter

                                                Wood under roof - decide color later

                                                Ramp   O.K.

                                                Block/brick ? decide after bids in


                                                Pillars to be moved to outside walls, pre-stressed concrete 24 inches plus, strip lighting

                                                RE coordinator’s office 12ftx18ft- eliminate door to the storage area , square off wall next to storage are and use double door entrance into large room . Enter furnace room through storage room

                                                Kitchen 28 1/2ft by 12ft with counter into large room and back counter with cabinets underneath   O.K.

                                                Bathrooms - 1 sink, 1 shower ($600 ea), 2 stools in women’s, 1 stool in men’s

                                                Storage room   16ftx10ft will accommodate tables, entrance into large room and entrance to furnace room

                                                Knock-out walls, decided these will not be necessary

                                Architect’s fees will be $20,000 total, first installment $12,000

                                Fr. Schmitt reported:

                                                Joe Beltramo will contact architect, Jim Gardner, about digging big hole as a donation, should be under construction by October and in church by Easter

                                                After church is built some leveling and landscaping will be donated

                                                Don Musso will donate landscaping or part of it

                                                Bid blacktop ( 93 parking spaces) and concrete later separately

                                                Donations continue from churches and some lodges

                                                Lorraine Pirc has Craft show underway- church to have pie and ice cream booth

                                                Out of 250 sets of envelopes only six left - to order 400 next year

                                                Fr. Schmitt presented Rev Tapia of Wesley United Methodist Church a clerical shirt and collar

                                                To get extra catalogues from church goods house for everyone to see and to decide on one design to follow so that all donations will be uniform Pictures to be displayed of those items needed. “Donated by” plaques will be placed on the items.


Aug. 14, 1981                         1980 taxes on parish house $955.98 - Our Lady of the Meadows responsible for 30% and the Diocese for 70%

                                                Nine bricks sold at Holy Family booth - $180.00

                                                Building Fund update:   Mt. Carmel $57,000; Dain Bosworth 17,224; Checking $1000 = $75224. Extension Society will give maximum amount of $50,000 when roof is on structure for a total of $125,224.

                                                Refine church sketch:


                                                Move niches to edge of altar - door both sides of curved wall holding statues

                                                Louvered windows to crank at bottom and be frosted- windows in cry room and offices should not open

                                                Offices: Sacristy   8’x11’; secretary’s office 12’x 11’; lavatory 5’x4’;

                                                Storage 4’ and hall 3’; Pastor’s office 13 1/2’ x 11’; reconciliation room 8’x11’ or 2 rooms 8’ x 5 1/2’

                                                Entry way floor should have no grouting

                                                Wood behind altar need not match beams, may be better if different

                                                Leave the speaker locations to professionals

                                                Aisles -center 6’;side 4’; front depth 12’; side front depth 8’

                                                Altar step 11 1/2” or 11 3/4 “ deep


                                                Nine foot ceiling

                                                Move kitchen to outside corner, 28 1/2’x12’ and extend counter into room side (oversize) and have a back counter

                                                Bathrooms each to have 1 shower, 1 sink and 2 stools

                                                Storage room to be 14’x’9’


                                                Ramp = 1” for every foot

                                                Rest remained the same.

                                Mr. Ray Moroney requested that the present Advisory Board be kept intact until the church is built- terms expire 5-82

                                Wesley United Methodist Church and Our Lady of the Meadows to again share the Craft Carnival and Buffet Dinner - our portion to go to the Building fund

                                Diocesan Workroom to be self-supporting- consider purchasing own copier

                                Projected income for fiscal year now $32,800 - parishes and clergy still giving to Building Fund


9-15-81                    RE: Mary Schaeffer back.   97 families registered 161 children with 25 teachers and aides (14 new). All classes have teachers ( 1 temporary). Six OLM represented at the teaching workshop.

                                Building Fund to have a separate budget, need to increase income for the Building Fund. Committee budgets to be itemized next year.

                                Youth Committee will coordinate with RE with session 9-12 on three nights a week and one night of fun to which anyone can come

                                Marlene Johnson and Debbie Carleo investigating the formation of a women’s group

                                OLM workers stayed the full time at the Rummage Sale and shared $281. Leftover clothes given to Church of Christ Disaster Fund and books to the Friends of the Library

                                Fr. Schmitt and Ray Moroney met with Architect Mr. Jim Gardner. All changes incorporated.   Changes to go through Fr. Schmitt or Ray Moroney. Suggestions must go through the Board.

                           Approved transcript agreement from Mr. John Venezia that stock held on front portion is to be exchanged for land if   lease agreement is signed on back portion for 10 years/$100/yr with option to buy in 10 years for $50,000. Land will accommodate church, parking for 130-140 cars plus room for another building. No access to Red Creek Springs Road

                                Blueprints ready for bid in October, groundbreaking in November, in by Easter

                                Extension Society requires picture of the structure with the roof on within one year - 7-8-82

                                Parish fee paid for Diocesan RE Congress at Holy Family.

                                Fr. Louis Stovik at the Shrine will do photocopying for minimum cost if supply own paper

                                Immaculate Conception Lodge #104 donated $434 for purchase of office equipment - desk and chair

                                Pledges very good, most for one year, some for 2-3 yrs. Judy Stefano continues to record the pledges.

                                260 families now registered


10-13-81 RE - 110 families with 180 students registered, need to add 3rd second grade class

                                OLM reserved a table for $15 at the Alpha Mu Delta annual Christmas Tree Extravaganza at the Scottish Rite Temple. OLM also responsible for a decorated tree and craft items

                                Finance Committee recommended decreasing deposits to Mt. Carmel Credit Union and increasing deposits to Dain Bosworth to keep money more available. May need to borrow $3645 from the building fund to make house payment Nov. 10

                                Diocesan Business Manager verified the John Venezia donation of land forthe church structure now and the back land bordering Red Creek Springs Road later

                                In meeting with Mr. Jim Gardner, he made the following change recommendations:

                                                Entrance should be 1 foot wider on each side

                                                Move the beams over the pews instead of over the aisles

                                                Offices and cry room have been reversed because of the slope of the land to allow for the ramp

                                                Basement ceiling to be 8 1/2 ft as needed for drainage

                                                Niches have pedestals with statues partially into the wall

                                                Windows to be arched with brick or block

                                                Roofline will be similar to the cardboard model with the crucifix in the center

                                                Furnace and air conditioner will be moved to opposite ( back) wall and condensers and meters will be on the back Storage area unchanged.

                                                Kitchen planned so everything will fit

                                                There will be 6000sq ft both up and down

                                Future ideas for approach to Building Fund:

                                                Car raffle

                                                Las Vegas Weekend Trip

                                                Las Vegas Night in own facility

                                                Raffle a trip or liquor, or a play house

                                                Candy sales -- too much overhead

                                                Sell recipe books

                                                Provide parishioners with update on Building Fund, one year pledges being paid off - need repledging or extending

                                Youth and RE Committees need very close coordination. Madeline Santos offered to work with interested youth to prepare a music group for Christmas Mass

                                Beginning Sunday, Liturgy changes include having all announcements printed out and read by commentators at beginning of Mass, in future will eliminate commentators and have two lectors instead. Lectors to sit with families and come to the altar, Psalms to be sung five times a year and the song leader will recite the verse, more quiet time allotted for reflection

                                Some changes will occur in the interior appointments of the church


11-10-81 RE family gatherings for Advent :                

                                                The Jesse Tree

                                                Prayer Service and Social

                                                Advent Party for Kindergarden through 5th grade

                                                5th grade to present a play , caroling to follow

                                Finance Committee reported a parishioner donated a TRS 80 computer which with modifications could replace a copier

                                Architect to send out bids

                                Committee for Women’s Group needed co-leaders to work with designated boundary lines and each area group to decide own meeting times and frequencies. Groups to assist in Church activities, progress and needs

                                To survey frontage of church property- may need culvert

                                Need roof over patio of parish house

                                Fr. Schmitt met with grant-writing expert Dr. Hartment at Mt. St. Scholastica’s. She provided input and draft written for requests to be sent out soon

                                $98,000 collected from pledges

                                Six adults and 2 children in Catecumen Program


12-10-81 Ready to order cement, lime and bricks


12-15-81 Finance Committee reported $11,000 taken from Mt. Carmel Credit Union and put in Dain Bosworth = $99,800 with $1000 in checking = $100,000+

                                Realized $249 from Christmas Tree Extravaganza- sold most craft items

                                Fr. Powers Basketball League has 11 kids in 5-6-7- grades, $20 fee donated, $75 entrance fee and uniforms donated. Parish cost $30-50. C. T. Fitzgerald coach.

                                Debbie Carleo, co-chair Bob Miller and John Skerjanec for Las Vegas raffle trip on a Sunday through Thursday.   Bought 600 books (12000 tickets) for $139.

                                Voted to raise secretaries salary from $3.35/hr to $4/hr beginning with first pay in January, to increase hours for a few weeks to type grant letters, to be given $25 Christmas bonus

                                Complied with Diocesan requested questionnaire completed by Board members listing 5-10 priorities of the Diocese

                                Interior Planning Committee: Lorraine Pirc, Madeline Santos, Louise Sherrer, Rose Speiss, Chris Pannunzio members, with Ray Moroney and Fr. Schmitt ex-officio.

                                Decided not to contribute the Wesley United Methodist Church’s remodeling of sanctuary at this time. Give $100 toward Christmas decorations

                                Contractor Bids:  

                                                Whitlock     $417,700     180 days    (less $18,000)

                                                Acorn            392,000     190           (less $12,000)

                                                Bassett         383,700     180            (less $15,150) Selected

                                                Brick inside and out, carpet in the aisles

                                                Outside finished except sidewalk

                                Possible areas to cut:

                                                Performance bond        $3180

                                                                Window wells                    225

                                                                Soldier brickwork                    350

                                                                Beams to dry wall          3500

                                                Showers                    1000

                                                                Front doors ( to                985


                                                                Basement walls               400

                                                                                (to masonry)

                                                                                Entrance/exit ramp        3700



                                                                                                           13,340   Total


                                                Joe Beltrano to grade and ready land for landscaping instead of doing the excavating

                                                The span in the basement to cost $12,000

                                                Niches to cost $1000 each

                                                $200,00 borrowing O.K.’d, have $100,000 on hand, $30,000 pledged, plus Extension Society $50,000 leaves shortage of $20,000.

                                To seek Diocesan approval to borrow $250,000

                                Appointments donated to date : Altar, Podium, lectern material and labor, crucifix, tabernacle (   not definite) , and candleholders.

                                Groundbreaking committee: Judy Stefano, Louise Sherrer, Rose Speiss and to coordinate with Fr. Schmitt.

                                Received $1500.00 for material for altar and ambo. Chris Punnuzio volunteered to build them

                                Daleiden’s Religous Store donated services of interior designer to provide ideas on proportions etc for the interior appointments

                                1982 raffle license received

                                Two grants letters sent, response from El Pomar

                                Christ the King Church donated a   mimeograph machine, Fr. Raymond Grimes donated an Olivetti typewriter

                                Received a donation of a turquoise necklace - deciding how to use it

                                Birthday and Christmas cards with $100 bonus presented to Mary Schaeffer


1-10-82                 Groundbreaking, covered by local T.V.Channel, a first time for this, had a large crowd


1-12-82    Wayne Hand and Tom Welte from Summit Brick brought brick samples for consideration

                                RE Congress   to be February 18-20

                                Raffle Las Vegas Trip to be announced Jan. 30-31, tickets mailed to each family, drawing March 7, dinner for two to the one selling most tickets. Expenses estimated at $325

                                Diocesan Board of Finance approved the building plan, loan from Knights of Columbus and Minnequa Bank, and $238,000 line of credit for the bonding company

                                Received thank you’s from Charlotte Plutt and Mary Schaeffer for Christmas and from Sr. Karen Bland and Police Chief Robert Silva for invitations to the groundbreaking

                                Received responses from 5 foundations for grants -- 3 were favorable - El Pomar, Gates and Coors. Other two - Farley maybe in the future and Boetcher doesn’t give to religious institutions.

                                The Diocesan Development Fund (DDF) is now the Bishop’s Diocesan Fund (BDF) and   OLM quota is $5928

                                301 registered families now

                                Mimeographing own bulletins will save half the money now spent on copies at the Shrine. Look at buying own copy machine

                                Voted on brick #598 for inside and outside of church

                                Interior Committee will have sketch by first week of March, designs, suggestions for altar, carpets etc

                                                Suggest carpet be darkest color, whole church and under pews, sanctuary carpet one shade lighter?

                                                Beams light wood, paneling dark wood, pews different shade of brown, pew ends $75 each so saving if have no end

                                                Statues   to be 1/3 height of walls, Christ 4 1/2 - 5 ft, statues 4 ft full round or 3/4 bas relief, fiberglass or wood, wood $200 more than the fiberglass. Six month delivery unless in stock


2-9-82                      RE has 31 students prepared for First Communion on Mother’s Day

                                Adult Bible Sharing to have two sessions/wk during Lent

                                Reviewed Board members terms and how to get more parishioners involved

                                Have $105,775 in Dain Bosworth including interest

                                Fr. Schmitt invited Rev. Tapey of Wesley United Methodist Church to give the homily on the 1st and 2nd Sundays of Lent, to give $50   stipend from extra clergy fund

                                Lorraine Pirc suggested that the Eucharistic Ministers be assigned to specific Masses versus Fr. having to find someone before Mass. Eucharistic Ministers now include three couples and 1 gentleman

                                Pledge Sunday will include 125 families more than last year’ Joe Huerta to speak on financial situation on Palm Sunday

                                Interior Committee met with Ed Gerkin of Daleiden’s Church Goods and designer Roger Harnsby from Chicago. Following suggestions made in addition to previous statements:

                                                Carpet static free, sanctuary lighter helps those with bifocals,   up 3-4 inches on the brick, up 3 ft in the cry room for better soundproofing, 32 oz so will wear for 50 years

                                                Pews not to be veneer

                                                Paneling to be darker behind alter, either vertical or V tongue and groove

                                                Statues could be hung flat same as Stations

                                                Cross top of church aluminum

                                                Niches could have Holy Family in one and Tabernacle in the other or statues in both

                                                Don’t recess lighting to deeply to avoid shadows

                                                No commitment to designer yet,   to do three dimensional display for $375-600.

                                KLH Engineering will certify survey for $150-200 as needed for the loan

                                Agreed to accept Mr. Milano’s quit claim deed for 25 ft strip of land to west of church which he has used for 40 yrs on two conditions: 1)   that we provide him a license permitting him to use the land until he sells or dies, 2) we remove the cattle guard and fix the 200 ft of fence.

                                El Pomar Foundation will not provide funding, Coors and Gates   yet to come

                                BDF cards sent to 307, 26 pledges to date - if don’t meet quota will need to pay from church funds

                                Cornerstone arrived.


3-9-82                      RE suggested dimmer lights and non-reflective glass for the cry room. Mary Schaeffer leaving after this school year.

                                Debbie Carleo reported the Las Vegas Raffle netted $5762 with a tax to pay of $144.

                                Preparing for Pledge Sunday. Joe Huerta to speak at the Masses.

                                Have $105,670 in Dain Bosworth. Bassett Construction due $25,731 Mar. 15

                                89 BDF cards returned, within $313 of the $5928 goal

                                Building plans on target with July 14 scheduled for completion

                                Sunrise service planned at Wesley United Methodist Church

                                Received $5000 grant from Adolf Coors, turned down by Continental Airlines, Dobbins Foundation and El Pomar

                                Accepted organ from Sacred Heart Home chapel as it closed

                                Cornerstone has been donated.

                                Fr. Schmitt and RE Committee to prepare job description for RE Coordinator plus different possibilities for replacement

                                John Venizia offered to donate uniforms for the basketball team

                                Since OLM has been fortunate to receive land, moneys etc and half of the parish house is paid for, time now to share the good fortune and adopt a parish.

                                Our Lady of   Annunciation in Springfield, Colorado   was adopted, to give prayers   and send $50/mo with no strings attached. Fr. George Raderman, Pastor.

                                Fr. Schmitt celebrated his birthday March 2.

                                400 families in the parish


4-13-82                    RE 1st Communion class making an altar cloth to be saved and used for their confirmation

                                Finance reported the Easter collection $2000.   House payment of $1500 due in May, $125,074 due Bassett Construction and $16,000 due the architect

                                To purchase Sharp 750 copier for $2300 with service agreement after 90 day service warranty ends

                                Lawrence Segura volunteered as lead singer and guitarist

                                Youth group did “Earth and Vessels” song and dance for Easter

                                Fr. Schmitt and Mr. Martin Milano and his attorney meet

                                  Volunteers to remove the cattle guard, fence and posts and erect picket fence- to gravel driveway later

                                Cornerstone is to be set to the right of the door. Chris Punnunzio   made the time capsule which contains history, groundbreaking pictures, constitution and by-laws, first minutes of the Parish Board, articles on the groundbreaking, first bulletin and every six months thereafter, financial statements for each six months and some yellow pad sheets.

                                Set aside $8000-9000 for RE Coordinator in combo or for one person

                                Interior Planning Committee reported that the lead singer and the organ will be to the right of sanctuary on six inch risers

                                The Committee met with Don Pagano and chose a commercial plush pile carpet in rust for the entire church for an additional $4563. $200 more to carpet DRE office vs the tile. Buckskin colored quarry tile chosen for the entry. Bathroom in blue as the discontinued pattern is a better grade tile for the same price. Chose a lightly stained linden wood plaque of Our Lady of the Meadows for the entry way.

                                Note of $25,000 (between Buswell Trust and Diocese) to be loaned interest free approved by Bishop Tafoya to be repaid @ $1000 2x’s/yr beginning April 1983

                                Change of order charge from Bassett Construction to pay $4199 City of Pueblo Taxes , pay now and petition for refund when building is up

                                Fr. Schmitt suggested meeting one time to rap -- share ideas on Parish improvements- spiritual, social, liturgy sharing etc.


5-11-82                    Farewell reception for Mary Schaeffer held in Friendship Hall

                                Paid Bassett Construction $40,857 plus $80,931 from Dain Bosworth leaving $4000-5000.   Moved $25,000 from Buswell Trust to Dain Bosworth. Will need to draw on line of credit at Minnequa Bank.

                                Seeking to change wood for altar from walnut to oak as it is better grade

                                Youth Committee met at the cathedral with Rich Blakely and Phyllis King to assist adults to work with youth   from 8th grade through 25 yrs. Meeting in June to be on the National Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)

                                Financial Building Fund Update:

                                                Base cost         $383,700             Paid Bassett Constr.    $125,000

                                                Architect             20,000              Dain Bosworth                   30,000

                                                Pews                           21,000         Checking Acct                5,000

                                                ___________________                  Extension Soc.                  50,000

                                                Total               $424,700    Paid Gardner                   16,000


                                                                                                                   Total                             $226,000

                                Pews from Modern Furniture

                                Necessary to borrow $198,000 from Knights of Columbus for 15 yrs at cost of $2500/mo.

                                Quit claim deed signed for land by Mr. Martin Milano, Fr. Schmitt to sign

                                Chris Punnunzio made the altar, ambo, bsptismal font, credence table, president’s chair, and three stools.

                                Bob Miller made display   board of pictures of items which can be donated:

                                Sanctuary lamp, pascal candle, holy water fonts, tabernacle, floor candle, processional cross, statues of Risen Christ, Madonna and Child, St. Joseph and Our Lady of the Meadows Plaque

                                Interior Planning Committee and Fr. Schmitt went to Denver- picked out solid oak pews with walnut finish, wooden back with fabric seats (rust #032) and Indian Red naugahide kneelers including screens and book racks. $21,035 installed.   One-third cost of the pews must be sent with the order $7000. Borrow $40,000 to cover cost and keep rest in Dain Bosworth


6-8-82                      Board had BBQ at parish house instead of formal meeting.

                                                Fr. furnished the steaks

                                                Salads- Ray Moroney, Lorraine Pirc, John Skerjanec

                                                Potatoes- Chris Punnunzio, Rose Spiess, Judy Stefano

                                                Vegetables- Bob Miller, Joe Huerta, Debbie Carleo

                                                Dessert- Louise Sherrer, Madeline Santos

                                                Rolls and Bread- Dave Trevithick

                                                Relishs-Chris Barone

                                Chose Director of RE to be John Morgan, assistant Bonnie Dehn

                                Dedication date set for September 12

                                American Board of Catholic Missions (ABCM) gave $40,000 ( part of Diocesan grant)

                                Picture of church sent to National Extension Society

                                Fiscal Status: (for year)

                                                Offertory Envelopes - $2842   Ordinary for year - $39,644   

                                                Building Fund -   $56,967         Diocesan Collection - $6265

                                                Church - Priest salary - $3600    Lay Salary - $600

                                                                Rent - Methodist Church - $1950  

                                                                Operating Supplies - $2515

                                                                Transportation - $1920

                                                                Total Church Expenses $19,173

                                                Rectory - Lay salaries - $2949     Food   $1630

                                                                Utilities - $1401             Education - $8556

                                                                Youth - $128          Fixed expenses - $8750

                                                                Diocesan Collection - $6301    Crosswinds Assessment - $397

                                                                                  Total Operating Expense   $50,119

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