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JULY 1980 TO JULY 1981


7-8-80                     Committees functioning 3 months ahead of expectations.

                                Thirty-four students ( 18 returnees) mostly  pre-school through 8th grade. Minimum pre-school age set at 4 years.

                                Chose to introduce Board members to parishioners at the Masses followed by pictures and name tags.

                                Music Committee to prepare music  in advance for the seasons of the year.

                                To have a social for the children at no cost to the parish.

                                Mr. Chris Pannunzio met with Mr. Jim Gardner, architect, to explore multi-purpose building with basement to be used as church and social hall until able to build church.

                                Assessed $250.00 for Crosswinds.

                                George Alberding requested  budgets from all Committees.


8-80                         Seminarian Richard Thill joined the staff for five months.


8-5-80                     RE has 15 teachers, 15 aides. Need four more teachers.

                                Raffle license applied for in the name of the Diocese at Chickadee address.

                                Youth Committee reported 15 youth attended the social, a total of 70 now signed up. Ten year-old and up planning for the Youth Mass. Planning camping trip before school for 10 year-olds and up before school at no cost to parish.

                                William Thiebaut obtained the following information from the architect on a multi-purpose building: Building of cement block to accomodate 150-200 people 32’ by80’ unfurnished (2600 sq. ft.) @ $32.00/sq.ft. = $100,000 or less. Including kitchen and plumbing and a sanctuary to be closed off, forced air heat and evaporative cooling system.  Paving for approximately 50 cars = $115,000 and to include a basement = $152,000. Preliminary costs for coming year to be approximately $5000 for design, bid soil test etc. Sketch for back of church $250-300. Time, from time of sketch to building, about 8 months. Mr. Jim Gardner, architect, designed St. Josephs’ Church.

                                Requested $5.00/week/family for special Building Fund.


9-9-80                     RE program started with 158 students (K through 12), 19 teachers and 8 aides. Focus on social, intellectual and spiritual activities.

                                Deacon Thill helped with parish survey - 460 families, 1/3 active, 1/3 so-so, 1/3 cold.  200 families registered plus 2-3 families per week.

                                Stoles made and presented to Rec. Tapey of the Wesley United Methodist Church.

                                $100 given to the Bishop’s Search Program.

                                $10,000 as part of $25,000 from the Shrine of St. Therese received through Monsignor George Holland and Fr. Louis Stovic.

                                Only 12 families attended the covered dish supper.

                                Raffle license received.


9-10-80                   Bishop Arthur Tafoya’s installation.


1981-83                   Legal Council  John L. Faricy, P.C. Attorney - at- law


1-81                         Mrs. Charlotte Plutt joined the staff as part-time Parish secretary.

                                Began annual participation in Bishop’s Development Fund (BDF).

                                Did monthly St. Vincent de Paul Sharing.

                                Started planning for new church.

                                Started Catechumenate/Inquiry Classes ( which became annual RCIA).

                                Began year-end tradition of picnic in the park for RE students and families.


2-8-81                     First Sacrament of Reconciliation  classes.

                                Today’s Missal and Music Issue ordered from Oregon Press.


4-12-81                   One plan for church building chosen.

                                Pledge Drive:


                                                General fund raiser outside parish- sale of ‘bricks’

                                                Requests from foundations and grants

                                First church to use the news media to advertise the campaign ( Donated)

                                About 100 participated in the pledge drive on Pledge Sunday  (4-12-81). Drive raised $11,558 cash and $84,193 in pledges, with the brick sales, clergy giving and other churches the total came to $93, 249.

                                Received Extension Society grant for $50,000.

                                Owe National Knights of Columbus $225,000 and the Buswell Trust Fund $25,000.


5-10-81                   First sacrament of Communion for 20 students.


5-26-81                   Pre-school RE classes discontinued until in own building and then have during Mass.

                                Joe Taravella treated and mulched rectory back yard for $276. Sprinkler system installed front and back yard during the year.

                                To do the Building Fund Pledge Drive every year on Palm Sunday.

                                Building Fund Drive = Bricks $8000; Drive Pledges $110,000; pledges from other parishes and priests $5500; cash on hand with Dain Bosworth $16,685 and Mt. Carmel $42,000 plus checking $4600 = $62, 685.

                                Architect Hurtig, Gardner and Froelich drew sketches for church building. Interior sketch: 5800 sq. ft. upstairs and 5800 sq. ft. downstairs, seating capacity 390 plus 18 in cry room @ $40 per sq. ft. finishes with pews included. Engineering fees not included. ( To house, church body, office space, reconciliation room, cry room, sacristy, RE coordinator office, full basement, kitchen/storage area, restrooms up and down with showers down.) Recommendations:

                                                Eliminate outside entrance by Pastor’s office.

                                                 9 “ ceilings in basement and 16” ceilings in church proper

                                                Eliminate center poles in basement

                                                Have skylights over the altar - one facing, one behind

                                                Flat ceiling over five beams over the aisles only (20” - build and wrap with wood)

                                                Narrow window in back of church - floor to ceiling

                                                Two outside exits on either side of the altar

                                                More niches (coves) next to altar

                                                Ask about round instead of flat wall behind altar

                                                Use home-type forced-air furnace

                                                Have furnace vents on outside walls and use for air conditioner also

                                                Have cry room in back on one side of church and Pastor’s office, sacristy, reconciliation room and rest rooms on other side.

                                                Make certain windows open

                                                Check on the roof line

                                                Check location of speakers

                                Fr. Schmitt and Ray Moroney presented plans to Bishop who will approve groundbreaking if Board of Finance approves. To the Board of Finance June 10th. 

                                Judy Stefano volunteered to posting/billing for the Building Fund (Continued to July 1988)

                                Della Skul volunteered to post Sunday envelopes and special collections from the beginning and continued till 1988 when Rita Costanza took over the posting on the new computer.

                                $75 gift certificate presented to Mary Schaeffer as she leaves for the summer. Committed for the 81-82 year.


6-81                         Richard Thill ordained at Sacred Heart Cathedral First Mass offered at Our Lady of the Meadows.

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