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JULY 1979 TO JULY 1980


1979                         Shrine of St. Therese overcrowded.


7-13-79                    Fr. Ervin J. Schmitt appointed first and founding pastor, to start August 1st. During the summer Fr. Schmitt resigned his 11 year position as Director of VIDA (Volunteers in Diocesan Action) and left his pastorate at St. Anthony’s Church.


8-1-79                     (or September 1, or September 15th ?)

                                First Mass within the Parish boundaries at the Boy Scout Shelter at 411 South Pueblo Boulevard for eight people at 5.p.m. Music program by string instruments and a small choir with volunteer commentators, readers and servers.


12-9-79                    First Mass at Rev. Paul Tapey’s Wesley United   Methodist Church, 85 Stanford.


1-26-80                    Fr. moved into new house (built by Tom Hall) at 15 Chickadee Way. Cost $66,400 , Diocese paid half. Furnishings were donated. House warming held. House to be living quarters, office, chapel, meeting rooms, church hall, later to have classrooms and   Religious Education (RE) and secretary offices, to house parish records and office equipment. Week day Masses held here.


3-14-80                    Area know as “The Meadowlands”. Parish boundaries established by Bishop Charles Buswell: Pueblo Boulevard the eastern boundary, south along Beulah/Highway 78, west to the Pueblo City limits and north to the Arkansas River. Parishioners submitted names for the parish, three suggestions chosen with “Our Lady of the Meadows” as the first choice and submitted   to Bishop Charles A. Buswell from which he chose “Our Lady of the Meadows” also and announced on 3-16-80.


5-1-80                      Parish has 180 families.


5-13-80                    First Advisory Board established with 12 members, 1 chair and parish staff. Six committees: RE, Literature/Music, Finance, Land/Development, Youth and Social.

                                Present: Fr. Schmitt, Ray Moroney, Lorraine Pirc, Marlene Johnson, Roberta Vujcich, William Thiebaut, Chris Pannunzio, Rose Spiess, George Alberding, Judy Stefano, Nick Rusovich, Mrs. Paula Hoeschen.

                                Absent: John Skerjanec and Mrs. Gilda Leyba.

                                Fr. commented that first goal is to ‘build community with the Board one of the most important events in the beginning of our community’.

                                Father’s priorities: 1) To visit and bless homes (122) and be available to people in their homes or wherever he can go.   180 families formally registered with approximately 80 families not registered but attending regularly and contributing. 2) RE and Youth high priority, need something in the Liturgy for them, possibly with guitar. Need RE coordinator- 10 resumes received. Miss Ann Byrne from Capulin interested. To be interviewed by Fr., Lorraine Pirc and Marlene Johnson. To be kept in mind that a lay coordinator will cost $12,000- 18,000/yr., a nun $10,000/yr. and a lay volunteer from $5000-6000/yr. 3) Facility for services.   Contracted with Wesley United Methodist Church through Dec. 2. Will probably renew.

                                John Venezio (with encouragement of priests from St. Therese Shrine, the mother church and Associate Pastor Fr. Louis G. Stovik)   donated 3.4 acres for the church on high land in the center of the new parish areas valued at $130,000 - 1.9 acres on Starling Drive now and 1.5 acres on Red Creek Road leased at a pittance for parking until able to build, then will donate it. (Lot 12,Block 1, Meadows Filing No. 4, 23 starling Drive) Church pay for curb and gutter and some black top and Mr. Venezio pay for sewer and drainage ($27,000). If church does it all = $52,000. Bob Provost, Diocesan Business Manager consulted with Mr. Faricy, Diocesan Attorney, for liabilities, none seen.

                                Fr. Schmitt could live at St. Anthony’s or St. Therese Shrine, but he preferred to move into the area so he could knock on doors and be available. Leased house at 155 Tiffany Circle at $400.00/mo.

                                Shrine of St. Therese as the parent church donated $25,000 ($15,000 now, $10,000 to be paid by the Diocese).

                                The Diocese paid one/half of the house at 15 Chickadee Way which cost $66,500. The Diocese to receive one/half of the money received when sold.

                                Wesley United Methodist Church is $75/mo.   Now using for Faith Enrichment Program. Fr. gave occasional donation as a supplement.

                                Dan Vujcich kept books on voluntary basis.

                                Diocesan Development Fund target was $1700.00. Donations equaled $3375 so will get some back from the Diocese.


6-17-80                    88 people involved in various activities - 15 more for manual labor if needed

                                Mary Elizabeth Schaeffer, VIDA volunteer,   hired for RE Coordinator for ten months from August 15, 1980 to June 15, 1981 for   maximum salary of $5537. Decided to purchase Sadlier Books for $3-4.00/student and $5-6.00/ teacher. Classes to be held in the rectory or in homes.

                                William Thiebaut of the Land and Development Committee identified three key issues: 1) acquisition of land adjacent to rectory, 2) the structure ( permanent, temporarily permanent, mobile), and 3) how to finance.

                                Social Committee   looked at ways to raise money- bake sales, carnivals, bazaar, raffle etc.

                                11:30 a.m. Mass to be Mass for the Youth with the Youth preparing the Mass in coordination   with the Music and Youth Committees.

                                Parish gained 10 families during the month.


6-20-80                   Bishop Buswell sent decree formally establishing Our Lady of the Meadows Church.


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