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Whole Community Catechesis (Catechism)

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Whole Community Faith Formation is being restructured
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Total Parish Catechesis

Total Parish Catechesis is faith formation that flows from the Sunday liturgy and Catechism of the Catholic Church, invovles the whole parish - children, youth, young adults, parents, singles, and older adults, and continues in the home throughout the week. No one is excluded. There's something for everyone.

Here's How It Works...

The whole parish gathers on last weekend of the month, after Mass. The format varies each month. After the initial gathering and reflection, we break into small groups for reflection on the Sunday readings, the liturgical year, and Catholic teachings. There are groups from pre-school through adult. A "Question of the Week" provided each Sunday helps to guide discussion.

Why It Works...

It builds community!
The total parish is involved in learning and sharing about the Catholic faith, new relationships are formed, bridges are built.

Focus on development.
Total Parish Catechesis focuses on developing a mature faith with adults who then hand on the faith to others - children, co-workers, family, and friends.

Being Catholic is more exciting.
The Sunday liturgy is more exciting because during the week the whole parish has been studying and praying on the Scripture readings from the Masses. Our lives are more exciting because we know our faith.

Not just another program.
Faith formation and learning is part and parcel of being Christian. It isn't optional. It's central, like being in the assembly at Sunday Mass.

Join Us...

Total Parish Catechesis meets the last weekend of each month after each Mass. All are welcome! 

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