Catholic Principles of Social Justice and Subsidiarity

" ... nothing should be done by a larger and more complex organization which can be done as well by a smaller and simpler organization. "

Jesus never once told the Romans to serve the poor and innocent! But, He'll ask us on the last day how we did!

Voting as a Catholic :


The Church does not tell you how to vote, but every Christian has a moral responsibility to educate themselves and vote with a well formed moral conscience, click here for more information at


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Religious Liberty to serve all peoples

Mother Theresa never once asked the religion of the ones she served. Neither do we.

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King's Korner

 Church and ‘Politics’


Catholics who do not practice the Catholic Faith -- who do not come to Eucharist or discipline themselves in the sacraments -- do not support the Church. Priesthood is not supported, Parish communities are not strengthened, Church teaching on fundamental issues to life and faith are undercut. Time and time again, polls are taken of Catholics on political and social issues that portend to show that Catholics do not support the Church or its Teachings to any greater degree than people who are not Catholic.


As we enter another intense political season, everything

will be done to minimize the ‘Catholic vote’. Catholic Tradition has a great deal of value to say about Immigration, the sacredness of life in all aspects, the care of the poor and helpless, the sacredness of marriage and family, economic/ political injustices ..... The political system has constantly attempted to shut down the influence of the Church. We have historically seen it in dictatorships and other despotic reigns. Amazingly, we are seeing it now in our democratic way. Religious freedoms (basic to the success of our political way of life) are being trampled upon. Independence of church from state is being replaced with the need to meld in with the thinking and practices of general secular society.


The Church -- the Faith -- is the Christian Faith of the centuries. Revelation of God -- Truth -- has been reflected upon by philosophers and theologians. We have clarified often in Doctrine and have thus maintained the integrity of what is believed. Are we to remain silent in the proclamation and application of revealed Truth? -- Sorry -- Not an option!


Fr. Jim