December is the Month of the Immaculate Conception

Prayer to Mary

O God,
who by the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin
didst make ready a fitting habitation for Thy Son,
we beseech Thee
that Thou who didst keep her clean from all stain
by the precious death of the same Son,
foreseen by Thee,
may grant unto us in like manner
to be made clean through her intercession
and so attain unto Thee.
Through the same Christ our Lord.




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Feasts in the Month of December


1. First Sunday of Advent, Sunday
3. Francis Xavier, Memorial
6. Nicholas, Opt. Mem.
7. Ambrose, Memorial
8. Second Sunday of Advent, Sunday
9. Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Patronal Feastday of the United States of America , Solemnity
11. Damasus I, Opt. Mem.
12. Our Lady of Guadalupe (USA), Feast
13. Lucy, Memorial
14. John of the Cross, Memorial
15. Third Sunday of Advent, Sunday
21. Peter Canisius, Opt. Mem.
22. Fourth Sunday of Advent, Sunday
23. John of Kanty, Opt. Mem.
25. Christmas, Solemnity
26. Stephen, Feast
27. John, Feast
28. Holy Innocents, Feast
29. Holy Family, Feast
31. Sylvester I, Opt. Mem.


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