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History of Our Lady of the Meadows Catholic Parish                   Click Here for the 38th year synopsis handout

Our Lady of the Meadows as a parish is now over thirty years old.  It started with “zero” families in 1979, but had a rapid response to the publicity of its founding. For three and a half years, it gathered and worshipped in borrowed space:  first, it celebrated at the Boy Scout hall; then, it moved to Wesley United Methodist Church.  By 1981, OLM numbered about four hundred registered households.  Efforts were underway to build a church building.  During l982, the present structure was built and opened with seating for 320 faithful.  The facility also housed the parish offices.  A year later, the basement parish hall was finished for use.  About 600 parishioners worshipped on any given weekend.  Children’s Christian formation met in various homes throughout the parish.

By 1990, the parish had increased in number to about 750 households.  The church building was getting crowded at half it’s masses.  Parish office space was very inadequate.  The number of volunteer homes for the children’s formation could not keep up with demand.  In 199l, the Parish Center was completed to house office space, a smaller social space, and nine small classroom/meeting rooms.  Moving of parish offices from the church building created room for approximately 80 more worshippers.

In 1996, the pastor and parish pastoral council realized the need to take a good look at the future of parish growth.  Over 1000 households belonged to the parish.  Our social concerns ministry was desperate for space.  Worship and music ministries needed never before allotted room.  Parish social gatherings commonly exceeded hall capability.  Christian formation was fast evolving from a child centered program to a family “intergenerational” process with a Children’s Liturgy of the Word weekend process during all our Masses.  We were running out of administrative space to keep up with demands.  On top on all this, housing growth within the parish was being projected to anywhere from 2000 to 5000 new homes within ten years.  City patterns showed that at least 25% - 35% of them would be Catholics.

In 1998, a $200,000 gift allowed serious planning and a start to cope with needs.  We committed to expand the church building to house a never-before gathering space, same-floor restrooms, and adequate sacristy, with memorial tower, and a general purpose preparation and gathering room. The fund raising campagn became know as OLM 2000. The first phase that added the gathering space, known as the Narthex, and Dovecote was completed in 2001.

A change in economic times, a decline in parish growth and lack of funds forced a retreat from ongoing phases of OLM2000 to expand the size of the church and surrounding facilities. It was decided that a remodel of the interior of the original worship space to add more light and blend the new decor of the gathering space was adequate. This was completed in 2006.  

For a year by year look at the Parish's first 25 years - click here

Sanctuary Crucifix

Every celebration of the Eucharist is a share in the cross of Christ, a proclamation of his death until he comes again. Therefore, the Church desires a crucifix to be placed in every sanctuary as reminder of this saving event. From the time of our renovation in 2006 we have planned to have a sanctuary crucifix. This has finally come to fruition with the installation and blessing of the cross that took place Saturday, August 1, 2009 -- the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of the parish. The cross is collaborative effort by Tim Vinci, a craftsman who took a donated plank and fashioned it into a cross with inserts, Cathy Valenzuela, a fused-glass artist who created the iridescent ruby glass inserts, and Fr. Kevin Novack, who painted the figure of Christ within the area Tim routed out on the main cross upright. The piece was designed to accent our worship environment, and to call to mind the great mystery of our faith. You are invited to step into the sanctuary some time and look at the cross more closely. May it help us to experience more deeply what Our Lord has done for all.



Click Here for the 38th year synopsis handout


We are happy to have our new Baptism/Blessing Font in

place. We were hoping that it would have been ready to go

for Easter; however, construction delays would not allow.

Baptism fonts are best placed at the church’s entrance

symbolizing our entry into Life at Baptism -- the beginning

of our Sacramental Walk and the opening of the Waters of Salvation.

Our thanks to the Parlapiano Family for donating the font

and to all the others donors (most significantly Steve Swath)

who gave to the project; these extra funds were used to pay

for space expanding and installation.

The font will blessed and dedicated at the 11:00 a.m. Mass, May 5, 2019


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